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For all Blackberry users, and especially the new comers who’s just signed up via Xpax with their brand new BB Curve 8520, it’s time to update your Blackberry Desktop Manager (originally came with the CD).

blackberry desktop manager 5
notice the IP Modem icon?

With the latest update, the desktop manager not only allows the usual contact sync, backup, application installation, and media synchronization that some of you are familiar with, but also the new IP Modem functionality.

Modem tethering with Blackberry isn’t something new, but it used to be quite a hassle to set up and usually only someone who are quite well versed with the computer could get it done. With the latest Desktop Manager, setting up your blackberry as a modem is made very very simple.


Simply click on IP modem – Configure, then choose Celcom as the connection profile. To connect to the internet, click Connect! That is all.

Do note that data rate and caps apply, for example, Xpax has a quota of 1GB per day for unlimited access, while Hotlink capped their monthly BIS premium at 1.5GB per month. Use wisely, for more comparison, refer to the rate plan comparison post.

A couple of weeks ago I posted Mr. Porky pork crackles, one of the best and most sinful snacks ever. Well, my stance on that claim is still true, but today, I want to introduce a healthier alternative that is almost as tasty, and actually halal too! Enter fried salmon skin!

fried salmon skin
RM 3.90 a pack, whole afternoon’s worth of almost-healthy snacking

You can get this at Isetan KLCC’s sushi counter for RM 3.90 a pack, it is not available all the time nor even everyday, but if you see them, grab one! Sushi Tei at Tropicana City Mall is another place that offers fried salmon skin on their conveyor belt.

Much like pork scratchings, fried salmon skin is crispy with an underlying bits of fat still intact. The best part of salmon skin comes from the belly area. They’re just so yummy, and since it is fish, it shouldn’t be quite as bad for your body. (disclaimer: I am not a doctor I’m just talking out of my ass)

Tips: even though this is a Japanese snack, using it to go with porridge would be quite excellent!


got Blackberry, no life!


Before Cheesie got her Blackberry from Xpax, she was always “why do you always play with your BB?”. Apparently that was because it is sort of a habit that whenever I sit down, the first thing I do is to whip out the BB and check on my twitter feeds, emails, etc. I guess it’s not a very good thing to do when you are among people who aren’t addicted to their phones.

But look who’s talking now. This girl can’t even leave her phone while walking! One of these days she’s going to walk into some smelly dudes with wet armpits, just wait. 😀

PJ is one of the oldest townships in Klang Valley with it’s oldest part aptly called Old Town. In this part of the valley, you can find quite a number of eateries older folks are familiar with.

As a general rule of thumb, older establishments that withstood the test of time usually offers better foods, which is why once in a while we’d head to the food court at PJ old town for some good old fashion hawker food.

stingray curry, vinegar pork, and chicken rice at PJ old town food court
sting ray curry, vinegar pork, and chicken rice

The last time we went was a few weeks ago, and this time around we ordered the curry fish from Gerai Seong Kee. There were a few types of fish to choose from, we ordered a big clay pot of stingray curry mainly due to the lack of hazard in fish bones.

I almost always choose stingray when it comes to ikan bakar as well. It’s just a lot easier, not to mention the fact that I actually love the way it tastes.

curry fish at PJ old town food court
clay pot stingray curry fish from Seong Kee

Rather than ordering white rice to go with the curry fish, we got a serving of pork knuckle with vinegar and a plate of roast pork and roast chicken from Kie Kee chicken rice. This way, we get to have four different dishes with chicken rice instead of plain tasting normal steamed rice.

The concept is pretty much like how you’d dine in a Tai Chow place, except this is actually a food court.

chicken rice and vinegar pork at PJ old town with horng, KY, kerol, and rachel
roast chicken, roast pork, and pork knuckle with vinegar from Kie Kee

As it turned out, the rich and creamy santan based curry fish actually does go very well with chicken rice. Combination of cabbage, brinjal, ladies finger and that soft silky stingray meat mixes well with the slightly oily rice.

The pork knuckle was fatty and quite strong tasting, just the way I like it. The best thing is, alternating the few dishes ensures that your palate doesn’t go dull by having the same taste throughout the entire meal. It was good.

Best of all, the lunch session didn’t exactly cost us an arm and a leg, it’s in a food court after all. However, the serving from Kie Kee seems to be getting smaller and smaller while the price basically remains rather cheap. I guess you can’t escape from inflation after all.

Intersection of
Jalan Othman & Jalan Selangor
Petaling Jaya, Selangor

GPS: 3.087519, 101.645948

Among countries in South East Asia, Singapore is perhaps the only country that Malaysians often argue with when it comes to origin of food as well as who has the best of certain dishes. Truth is, while a lot of famous “Singaporean dishes” probably originated from Malaysia, our southern neighbors do have quite a lot of original food worth sampling.

teow chew pork noodle at Ponggol Nasi Lemak Centre, Singapore
Teow Chew pork noodle – pork ball, meat, and liver

The day after the first ever Nuffnang Awards, instead of following the tour, we decided to head to Ponggol Nasi Lemak Center at Upper Serangoon Street to try the pork noodle for brunch. According to Cheng Leong, this is the absolute must have whenever he comes to Singapore.

Though being in one of the only two professions that can legally lie, we trust Cheng Leong the lawyer when it comes to food.

Singapore Teow Chew Pork Noodle
Ponggol Nasi Lemak Centre

Ponggol Nasi Lemak Centre is just a short walk from NE13 Kovan station. The smallish hawker center houses over half a dozen stalls with at least a few operating around the clock. We ordered from AMK House of Teochew Noodles that operates 24 hours a day.

The stall offers a few dishes, but everyone ended up ordering the same dried version of Teow Chew pork noodle for $3 a bowl.

teow chew pork noodle, haze, KY, FA, Gareth, Kim, Cheng Leong
Haze, KY, FA, Gareth, Kim, and Cheng Leong

The dish is basically similar to wantan noodle but with a healthy dosage of pork meat, a few pork balls, liver (if you prefer), mushroom, some vegetables, and plenty of deep fried shallots in a vinegar based sauce with a bowl of soup at the side and some red chili padi as condiment.

Even with a heavy dose of skepticism at first, the pork noodle turned out to be really nice. It’s a combination of taste that I never really had before, and I really liked the sauce that works not unlike the experience you get from having xiao long bao with vinegar. It was very tasty.

ponggol nasi lemak center map

If you’re around Singapore, this would be a decent place to eat. I’ve read that the nasi lemak is pretty good too.

Ponggol Nasi Lemak Centre
965 Upper Serangoon Rd,
Singapore, 534721,Singapore
GPS: 1.361822,103.886611
Tel: 6281 0020‎

The must-have applications on BB 8520

For those who just bought their Blackberry 8520 from Xpax and are new to Blackberry, here’s a few applications that I consider a must have. These are the software I advised every BB users to install, and they are all free (as in free beer type of free)

1. UberTwitter
This is of course, a must have for anyone with a twitter account. Twitterberry might have a cooler name, but UberTwitter absolutely pawns in terms of functionality and user friendliness. It supports basically everything twitter has to offer, including picture upload, geo tagging (with cell towers or GPS), RT, reply all, DM, etc etc.

2. Opera Mini
While the Blackberry built in browser is pretty decent, Opera Mini offers a much better user interface in web surfing. The browser also goes through a proxy that compresses and reduced image size for faster downloading. Other than that, the wealth of short cut keys make web browsing a much simpler affair with less fiddling on the trackpad/trackball

3. BBM version 5.0
The BBM version 4.6 that comes with Blackberry 8520 is perfectly usable, but the upgraded version offers a better user interface, ability to add display picture, and also the very interesting Blackberry Group that allows calendar, task, and file sharing capabilities.

4. Google Apps
Google Map, Gmail, Google Latitute, Google News, Google Readers and more are available for your BB 8520.

5. Blackberry App World
For everything else, there’s the Blackberry App World.

I am one of those people who loves variety when it comes to food. In a typical week, I probably had Malay food, a variety of hawker food, maybe even Japanese, Taiwanese, Italian cuisine. It is very rare that I have the same dish more than once in the same week.

Cristang P7 pork burger with petai, bacon, cheese
Cristang pork burger P7 (by request, not on menu)

But once in a while, a particularly dish come along that is so awesome I just had to have it twice in a row. The latest of such phenomenon come in the form of a very unique pork burger from Cristang Restaurant.

The first time I had it was on Wednesday, I went there again for the same dish on the very next night for dinner, and there is no doubt I would go to Cristang again many times more.

Cristang restaurant at Avenue 8, PJ State
mushroom soup and bacon ribs curry (non spicy)

Cristang Restaurant is located at 8 Avenue in PJ State, a stone throw away across the big Police Station that handles all sorts of traffic accidents in PJ. 8 Avenue itself is a relatively new shop lots that has paid parking much like the concept of Plaza Damas.

The good: there’s always parking spaces

The bad: you have to pay around RM 2 for the spot

Cristang pork burger, Weihenstephaner beer
pork burger P7, Weihenstephaner beer, pork burger P5

At Cristang, their specialty is pork, and oh, they do serve beer, including the 3 types of Weihenstephaner.

The menu is actually rather extensive, you can find pasta, fried rice with bacon & Chinese sausage, pork bacon soup, pork noodle soup, Portugese laksa, and even Bak Kut Teh noodle.

KY, Terence, and Gareth at Cristang
KY, Terence, and Gareth gobbling down our pork burgers

Then there are the 6 different types of pork burger code name P1 to P6.

Every type of burger comes with their specialty pork patty made fresh and grilled when order. The differences are:

  • P1: pork patty (RM 16.80)
  • P2: P1 + back bacon (RM 19.80)
  • P3: P2 + minced pork chili con carne (RM 23.80)
  • P4: P3 + petai stuffed in patty (RM 25.90)
  • P5: P4 + grilled cajun prawns (RM 28.80)
  • P6: P5 + grilled fresh cut pineapples (RM 30.80)

Missing from the menu is P7, by special request, is basically a P4 plus melted cheese. This was the burger I ate twice in 2 days.

kerol, kim, jeff, shiang, cheesie, and jaclyn at Cristang enjoying pork burger
kerol, kim, jeff, shiang, cheesie, and jaclyn

To say the burger is unique is probably an understatement, it is a creation of art, something so ridiculously out of this world I am suspecting the chef probably has a very weird sense of imagination.

Who would have thought a little bit of diced petai in pork chili con carne (something similar to pork sambal at 6-10 nasi lemak , except actually better) with melted cheese, bacon, and that oh-so-juicy pork patty and buns could result in a burger that tastes so good?

My favorite animal meat in three different textures and three different tastes, with that fresh yet slightly pungent smell of petai, then there’s the cheese, the onion, tomato, and pickle. It’s just so goooood!

map to Cristang Restaurant

Did I mention that the wedges accompanying the burger is one of the best I’ve tasted from anywhere too? There’s a hint of rosemary to the potato, a mark that the chef doesn’t prepare the wedges just for the sake of serving the burger with some potato.

Well, other than the burger I’ve tasted the mushroom soup and the bacon ribs curry, they are good too, but I’m not sure when I’ll order other dishes and forgo my stomach space for P7 yet. We shall see.

Cristang Restaurant
Unit B-G-19
8 Avenue
Jalan Jernih (8/1)
Petaling Jaya, Selangor

GPS: 3.09985, 101.640208
Tel: 03-7956 7877