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This has gotta be one of the more interesting development in the local Telco scene, for the first time ever in Malaysia we have a prepaid plan for Blackberry offered by Xpax. No longer is there the big debate on the long term unlimited BIS (blackberry internet services) commitment, the blackberry ownership barrier just got alot lower.

the blackberry curve 8520

Details of the plan aren’t out yet, but it is confirmed that Xpax will be pairing the plan with the new mid level Blackberry device that is built with prepaid customers in mind, the BB Curve 8520.

I’ll be one of the firsts in the country to get a unit, reviews and more information on this baby will be posted here soon enough. Pretty soon this elusive communication marvel won’t be exclusive only to big dollar corporate guys!

BIS wants liberty!

Discuss : Blackberry now on Xpax Prepaid

  1. Cheesie,
    BBM for the win! 😀

  2. Dangerous Variable

    BB are awesome. I am addicted to my BB Bold 9000. Can multitask which is a plus point to the iPhone 🙂

  3. Dangerous Variable,
    Yaa the bold is quite an awesome device yaa

  4. Yeah, I can’t wait to get my hands on it! =D

  5. Huai Bin,
    It will be glorious!!

  6. Hmm…iPhone vs BB again? Both have it’s own pros and cons lar…

  7. The Faux Fashionista

    Yayyy, I’m excited! But then it’s not fun anymore cos everyone will have it, haha.

  8. JD,
    That’s true, very different functionalities, personally I prefer the BB though, but I can totally see why some people likes the iPhone.

    The Faux Fashionista,
    Hahaha don’t need to be all exclusive, then who’re u gonna BBM with? 😛

  9. Rmb tell us the price and package 😀

  10. uLi,
    Will do when it’s out. 😀

  11. Oh my god i so have to have it!!! cant wait… are so lucky KY!

  12. Crystal,
    thank you thank you, indeed sometimes i am 😀

  13. I am really waiting for the prepaid plan! ahh finally celcom answers my prayers! Yay… my blackberry curve now got

  14. Because of facing stiff competition from Maxis iPhone? 😛

  15. eiling,
    Hahha yah, you teruk. 😛

    Simon Seow,
    Very different phones for different type of people I believe.

  16. Cheong Hao

    we have the exact model of the blackberry in the states a few months ago. haha. can;t believe Malaysia is going to have it as well. cool.

  17. Cheng Hao,
    Ooo, neat! Yah Blackberry’s from Canada so I guess North America would get it first. 😉

  18. it will gonna be a while b4 i go for blackberry.

  19. myhorng,
    Oh well, different ppl different needs. 😀

  20. let’s hope hotlink prepaid gets the same soon.. no BIS with a BB Bold is just killing me!!

  21. chee-w,
    haha no BIS very sien!

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