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It’s always a constant headache whenever we try to decide on where to eat, and asking me for a suggestion without specifying any criteria usually won’t get us anywhere. So when Eiling came over to have dinner with us, I left the decision to her.

88 Seafood Restaurant at Aman Suria
88 Seafood Restaurant, with pictured menu

With her suggestion, we went to this 88 Seafood Restaurant at Sunwaymas Commercial Center (also known as Aman Suria) for some old fashion Chinese food. This was the first time I had any “tai chau” at this area despite staying relatively close by.

It was around 6:30 when we arrived on a Sunday and already the restaurant was over 70% full, with tables set up both under the roof and alfresco style. Business was rather brisk.

guinness pork ribs, asparagus, salted egg squid, tofu with minced pork
Guinness pork ribs, sambal belacan asparagus, salted-egg squid, tofu with minced pork

I like the fact that every entry on the menu at 88 Seafood comes with a picture, so you know exactly what you want to order will look like. That said, like most Chinese restaurants, you can always order out of the menu. We did just that for our fish dish, asked for normal steamed fish with red snapper instead of their Teow Chew style steamed fish.

We also ordered the Guinness pork ribs, asparagus with sambal belacan, deep fried squid with salted egg, and tofu with mince pork to go with rice for the four of us.

KY, Eiling, Carol, and Horng at 88 Seafood Resataurant
steamed red snapper, KY, Eiling, Kerol, Horng

Though service wasn’t terribly fast, the four dishes did come at almost the same time, with the steamed fish some 5 minutes later. This is much better than some restaurants that serves dish by dish punctuated with long waits in between.

As for the dishes, the asparagus was alright, I’d prefer them to be of smaller size; the tofu too was not bad but I think Lucky Loke at SS3 serves up a better tasting one.

That said, the Guinness pork was really good; and the steamed red snapper was very fresh and tasted superb with all the fried garlic and ginger, not to mention the perfect balance of soya sauce and oil to complete the dish.

This was my first experience with the fried squid with salted egg dish, my previous experience has been limited to salted egg with crab and prawn, but this version too passed with flying colors. It was a combination of the richness of salted egg yolk, fragrance of curry leaves, and the spiciness of chili padi that makes the squid tasted so yummy.

map to Sunway Mas Commercial Center, 88 Seafood Restaurant
88 Seafood Restaurant is located at PJU 1/3b & PJU 1/3c

The dinner came up to some RM 75 or so, and considering we had 5 dishes with meat, seafood, vegetable, and tofu, it was rather inexpensive. Most importantly, it was a well satisfying and none of the dishes disappointed us.

I shall return.

88 Restaurant Seafood Restaurant
Jalan PJU 1/3b,
Sunway Mas Commercial Centre,
47301 Petaling Jaya


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  1. Cheong Hao

    Ur post about all those food always makes my mouth. I haven really been going around to find food to eat. Maybe when I settle more about the uni, I should go around the US ti find something to eat…

  2. OOooOO… I like the salted-egg squid there.. yummyyy… but the Guinness pork ribs not so great lahh… Will go again to try their other dishes. 🙂

  3. this was my N times of salted egg squid. but this was one of the very good. i like this the most.

  4. Cheong Hao,
    Do it, make it happen! 😀

    Ooo yah the squid best!

    Oh well I haven’t had it before that! 😀

  5. yeah… this place is dirt cheap for its seafood…
    I remember having a bak sou gong for RM13 only!! But they didn’t warrant any muddy taste la…
    also half kilo of prawn (medium) for only RM26! but that was last year… I seldom dine there nowadays

  6. thanks KY! i will add this to my list of must try restaurant! =)

  7. Fried squid with salted egg …very yummy dish…one of my favourite too! Great sharing~

  8. Aiks, very far from Cheras. When you going to do some review in Cheras? Hahahaha….

  9. Leo,
    Woo, I think price might have increased just a bit since 😉

    you’re welcome!

    Yesss, very nice! 😀

    Hahahah I’m just not very familiar with Cheras!

  10. blink4blog

    thanks KY, another great review and reference for hungry but picky people to choose from.

    i wonder have u reviewed the Tian-Tian Lai restaurant at Bdr Sunway (next to LDP toll at Puchong)?

  11. never eaten b4 Guinness pork ..look good and see you post about guiness dish just mouth watering..guess this 1 can go hunt for..

  12. Mmmm looks good, I wanna go when I get back please!

  13. Used to dine there often previously. Most of the dishes are nice and you get a free bowl of soup during the weekdays.

  14. blink4blog,
    I haven’t been to Tian Tian Lai, nor have I heard of them 😛

    Hahha make it happen 😀


    oOo interesting, didn’t know about the free soup ;D

  15. Sounds good! It’s pretty close to my place too. Guinness pork, now that’s something I’ve never had. 🙂

  16. Aiyoh you just made this place even more popular. Now must go there by 6pm! haha… Ok I’ll take you to tien tien lai. I always go one!

  17. ayam hungry~~~~~

  18. Tien Tien Lai sounds like a restaurant in Bidor. 🙂 been there for so many yrs.

    salted egg with anything is the IN thing it seems. chicken, squids, crab, prawns, and even vege!

  19. Huai Bin,
    yah, can ALMOST walk there right? 😀

    Hahaha this blog isn’t that influential ok


    Hahah yah, sinful and yummy!

  20. Cheong Hao

    Well, PJ really has a lot of good and yummy things to eat…i always hear my friends said about food all the time…but i havent been there…how unfortunate…maybe when i go back to m’sia next time, should stop by at PJ…

  21. That area seem to have a lot of good places to eat. I must have been taken to 5 different ones, and still have no idea how to get there!

  22. Cheong Hao,
    Ah, but of course! 😀

    Hahahah, it’s a little tricky to find to be honest. 😉

  23. Cheong Hao

    Maybe I might even need a tour guide to take me to eat all the good foods around PJ…haha…How convenient…

  24. lotsofcravings

    im sure this wont b ur last time when it comes to salted egg yolk squid..there r addictive!

  25. tried it before long time back.
    still can remember its butter crab (wet type).
    but i hear it is more expensive now lioa.

  26. Cheong Hao,
    Hahaha good luck, Texas boy!

    I’m sure! 😀

    As with every place I guess. 🙂

  27. the food here is really cheap and quite good. but it’s really dirty. got worse with time. there was once my parents went there for dinner and they found lipstick marks still on the tea cup and when i went there were dried rice still stuck to cutlery. hopefully they got cleaner now.

  28. The food at this restaurant is indeed, pretty good 🙂 I went there last week and sat at the exact same table as yours. LOL~

  29. Cheong Hao

    I am not yet a Texas boy yet. They dont recognize me as one. Haha.

  30. Kev,
    Oo perhaps the cleaning person took leave of absence when you were there. Luckily our experience didn’t involve anythingl ike that.

    Hahah small world.

    Cheong Hao,
    Soon la!

  31. Cheong Hao

    maybe can be malaysian texas boy!

  32. finally got time to visit ur food site….lots of nice food at sunway mas….if u need any car fix, my cousin mechanic shop is next to the old town kopitiam only…

  33. Hi KY,

    u know next to the 88 restaurant, there’s hawker centre next to it selling damn good wan tan mee from morning till 3pm, normally weekend damn a lot of people. And their noodle is crunchy, char siew is almost as good as seremban char siew shop nearby, wan tan also good… got time really have to try it. But remember spend half an hour to wait for the wantanmee come…. haha

  34. Cheong Hao,
    Hahahha teruk.

    ooo small world!

    Cool, shall try that, but the whole half an hour wait thing is making me a bit apprehensive. hehe

  35. Really good brinjals here! Cheap too.. but always packed!

  36. Jac,
    yess! always packed!

  37. little wind b'day gal

    Bad Service at 88 Seafood Restaurant

    Last sunday was my birthday, both of went this restaurant for dinner.
    Reach 6:50pm,waited 10mins only come to serve us.
    Each of us order single set dish with rice.
    we waited for 45 minutes with hunger.
    then the waiter come and tell us the kitchen
    do not cook single set during peak time.he told
    us 2 wait for another 30 minutes if we want..
    i was so angry + hungry.
    we ask the lady boss to come and explain how could this happen..
    ME: hey si tau poh, how do you manage ur business at this situation?
    Ladyboss: i do not need u 2 teach me how 2 deal with my business. ( BAD MANNERS TO CUSTOMER )
    They even charged me for the drink, we so mad till walk away from this restaurant.
    Especially during your birthday with hunger…

  38. little wind b’day gal,
    wahh that sucks, haih, services in m’sia still has a long way to go

  39. Anti 88!!! Bad service… very LCLY!!!!! no more next time!!! Why we malaysian consumer must always look at those service provider’s mood and LC face? “can’t wait don’t wait” PAYING FOR SEEING THEIR LC FACE!!!!!! WTF!!!!!!!
    Aren’t we the boss to them? 88, penang food, ipoh food, wat ever, so long is LC, we consumer should not let them to continue doing this to us…unless you all still wana manja them…sendiri amm dui…
    ANTI LCLY service provider…ANTI 88
    SHARE TO ALL, until they improve their service

  40. Well this restaurant was better than Restaurant Ming Heong which is situated nearby. Restaurant Ming Heong food sucks, not fresh, bad service n pricey compared to 88. Pls dun waste your money in Ming Heong!

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