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One of the things that Melbourne offers, and KL lacks, is a good cup of coffee. The coffee drinking culture here is very mature, literally a cafe in every street corner within the CBD.

Cafenatics at QV, Melbourne
Cafenatics also offers good sandwiches and muffins

Breakfast places like MART 130 and even chocolate drinks specialists at Max Brenner serve up good coffee, but for really awesome coffee, you have to go to a dedicated coffee place like Cafenatics.

Cafenatics is small cafe chain based in Melbourne CBD, with about half a dozen stores across the city. The one we went to is located conveniently at QV, just a few doors down from Max Brenner.

Mellissa and a cup of flat white
a glass of flat white after a meal, yums

I have taken a liking to enjoy a cup of flat white after a good lunch. Flat white is pretty much the same as latte, but served in a ceramic cup instead of glasses. Both drinks consist of steamed milk poured over a shot of espresso, but due to the smaller size of ceramic cups, flat whites usually end up slightly stronger.

The aroma of coffee here is really good, and with the very fresh and super creamy milk makes the drink very smooth. This of course, is done by very experienced and skillful barista who packed beans properly and made sure the milk is prepared perfectly. Not bad for $3.30 a cup right?

map to cafenatics at QV, Melbourne

For those who are stuck in Malaysia, there’s always places like Cafe Le Passione at Hartamas Shopping Centre.

Red Cape Lane, QV
Melbourne 3000 Victoria, Australia

GPS: -37.810657,144.965587
Tel: 03-9654 9096

Discuss : Cafenatics at QV, Melbourne

  1. You forgot to mention their paninis are amazing as well – chicken pesto is my personal favourite, and the mushroom with truffle oil’s great as well 🙂 $10 for a cup of coffee and a huge panini (can be shared between 2 people depending on your appetite) is not bad a price to pay as well!

  2. that cup of flat white is neatly done! Ah, great coffee is something Malaysia lack of. Starbucks is overrated 😛

  3. Precious Pea

    I was just there on Sunday for a good cup of latte!!!

  4. Ooh the flat white looks good!

  5. I go QV everyday and still haven’t go to this place. must. go. there. soon.

  6. foodcrazee

    looking at the froth . . . .thats creamy and must be damn good. . . . . . .Malaysian dont really drink coffee . . . .STARBUCKS and COFFEE BEANS not selling coffee per se . . .just life style.

  7. yeah i agree, every corner with coffee…

    and every coffee shop’s coffee taste so good 🙂

  8. aww..dimples!
    every time she flashes her dimples…everything becomes beautiful…right ky right?

    sorry to post an irrelevant comment.

  9. ya..totally agree with you, but i enjoyed their latte previously

  10. Eh KY, always lepak around Melbourne Central?

  11. Yeah, I like the coffee culture over there too – literally one at every street corner.

    Mellissa: What punani? 😉

  12. Mellissa,
    That is because we only had coffee there 😛

    Chef Mel,
    Hahah yah you can say that.

    Precious Pea,
    oOo 😀

    Yahh very nice!

    Hahaha yah you noob, go there already!

    That’s very true, life style, not coffee.

    Yah, love it!

    Hehehe she’s very happy when reading this.

    not a lot of difference between latte & flat white yah 😉

    oOo a bit, cos I’m staying just a couple blocks away.

    Huai Bin,
    HAHAHAH terrible!

  13. Coffee here is different, people drink Ipoh style white coffee.

    Can’t find that anywhere else in the world 😀 Or mamak style Kopi O Ais Kau Kau. Each country has it’s own coffee quirks.

  14. ShaolinTiger,
    True, true, and not to mention our Malaysian style kopi+teh+condensed milk!

  15. Hey KY,

    Love your blog! I really like the maps you draw too, so cute! I was just going to say that lattes and flat whites are different, and it’s not just the ceramic cup – you can often get lattes in ceramic cups, depending on the cafe. The main difference is that lattes have a thickish layer of foam on the top (about one fingerwidth), and with flat whites, there is (or should be) very little foam. Melbourne coffee is the best! :o)

    xox Sarah

  16. we local people here prefer neslo and etc … but wat kl lacks is a pure of good coffee….i would need my sister to import some coffee beans from sydney to ere….

  17. technically a flat white isn’t the same as a latte in the sense that their foam ratio is different – lattes are more foamy/milkier. the froth should be silky. if at any time you drink coffee with froth that isn’t silky you are pretty much drinking crap – you know the anyhow super dry foam that they serve in cappuccinos…


  18. also the ceramic that you mention for the flat whites, they are called tulip cups.

    for lattes, they are generally served in glasses or bowls or mugs…but really, it boils down to foam ratio – not too much nor too little/flat.

    and your flat white generally has a 30ml shot (single shots) of espresso while the latte has 60mls. (2 shots)

  19. already in melb I see.. so, nak lepak bro? 🙂

  20. vialentino,
    Hahah yah neslo is awesome 😛

    I think your assessment is generally right, but these days the distinction of flat white & latte is getting more and more blurry

    I’m going skiing!

  21. have fun at mount bullard then.

  22. nah i just pointing it out cos this is a proper food blog and like don’t want ppl to be misinformed…i have to protect my profession’s trade.

  23. Adrian,
    Will do. 😀

    ooo thanks. 🙂

  24. yeah..cant agree more with you.. just that flat white thin layer of froth and latte is more..keke..

  25. zomfgwtfbbq

    +1 to taufulou.

    Remember to go to proper coffee places in Australia KY, and not some franchise cheap ass place example (Croissaint Express, Jesters that kinda thing).

    For $3.30 or so $4ish for a bigger cup it is pretty cheap for a coffee given the prices are based on the local standard of living prices indexed to inflation bla bla (You gt the picture).

    Ask for some latte art next time and see if they’ll oblige. Just say any nice pattern would do so you can at least catologue some.

  26. they dun have our old school kopitiam’s kopi O

  27. U will never go wrong with any s coffee in Australia esp in QV market.. Or u can go carlton where I love the Brunetti’s

  28. taufulou,
    True true

    That’s true, a lot more affordable here than compared to KL, but then again we always have Old Town and the likes 😉

    For that you can always go home 😛

    True true. 😉

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