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On the second day at Melbourne, Mellissa and I went to the very busy Centre Place during lunch hours for some good old fashion quick meal at a fish and chips place called BluFish. The restaurant is located between Flinders Lane and Collins in a quirky small lane packed with lunch crowd.

blufish at flinders lane
BluFish, serving fish, scallops, prawns, and calamari

The menu at BluFish is pretty simple, grilled fish, calamari, prawns, scallops, salmon, chips, salad, soup, and a few choices of burgers. Seats are pretty limited with only a handful of tables, a place designed for express meals or take-away, nothing more.

scallop pack and grilled fish salad
scallop pack and grilled fish salad

We met up with Singz and Greame, two of Mellissa’s friends at Melbourne. Singz, of course, is the daughter of Mama Wong who cooked excellent prawn mee and laksa for us in KL just a month plus ago.

For lunch, the others ordered grilled fish salad ($9.80 alternatively, with chips), while I just couldn’t resist myself with the scallop pack ($13.50).

Graeme, Mell, KY, Singz
look at the big fresh scallop!

I can’t really identify the fish used but the grilled fillet was pretty tasty and goes especially well with their special white sauce that is slightly sourish (not tartar sauce though). The potato salad and coleslaw too were quite good.

Scallop pack came with plenty of thick chips with 5 very good size deep fried scallops. The seafood were very juicy and fresh, with the sweetness of scallop sealed in the batter despite the rather straight forward method of cooking. Again, the white sauce fits perfectly. I had no complains.

map to Centre Pl, Melbourne

BluFish is only open for lunch, close on Sundays.

16, Centre Pl,
Melbourne VIC 3000,

GPS: -37.816624,144.96578
Tel: 03-9663 0738

Discuss : Fish’n’Chips at BluFish, Melbourne

  1. Beautiful food, beautiful people, beautiful place. Yum!

  2. A1 Chiffon Egg Rice FTW! ZOMMGGGG

  3. The scallops looks good! I’m not a big fan of breaded and deep fried scallops in general but this looks nice and juicy!

  4. <3 grilled fish salad, mmmmm 🙂

  5. Suertes,
    Yesss 😀

    LOL you obsessed much!

    Huai Bin,
    Oh yes they’re very good!

    <3 <3

  6. fish n only chips simple n nice. make me think of UK.

  7. wah…nice to see one sweet couple makan at melbourne….wish i can go back to aussie with my wife to dine at there again…

  8. fish & chip is Malaysia is too commercialised.. lack of those personalised touch and the passion while preparing it… except for one in Changkat Bukit Bintang I think…

  9. Myhorng,
    That’s your 10-years ago memory? lol

    Ohh I’m sure you have a chance, this time with a baby too 😀

    Yess, the magnificent fish and chips at Changkat Bkt Bintang is excellent!

  10. wow the food looks good especially the chips! The chips, the chips, the chips!!!

  11. i miss salt pepper dishes! T_____T

    go eat at pacific house if u have not already tried it hehee..

  12. slurps!!!

    i wanna go melbourne too~~

  13. eiling,
    yess, very nais! 😀

    I had, it was nice but I heard the branch at Richmond’s better.

    Make it happen 😉

  14. yeah richmond’s the main branch. where’d u go? toorak rd?

  15. Yatz,

    Near Flinders Lane! 😀

  16. wow thats new hahaha.. i’ve been away too long

  17. jean`,
    Hahha something new everyday!

  18. Robert Tan

    If you are ever in New Zealand, you should give Mangonui Wold Famous Fish & Chips a try. I do love my fish and chips and so far, this is the best that I have had. Nearby tourist attractions is the bay of islands & 90 mile beach. They have their own fishing boats to catch their own fish. So their fish is definately fresh.

  19. Robert Tan,
    Wah interesting, but that’s a bit far. :S

  20. Blufish is great there are other locations as well one just as good as the other

  21. tony,
    oOo didn’t know about that, thanks! 🙂

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