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Hello everyone! Just landed at Melbourne late last night thanks to Air Asia’s 2 hour delay. Didn’t manage to get the Wifi key at Mellissa’s last night.

We went to a satisfying quick lunch at this grilled fish salad place called Blue Fish at Flinders Lane this afternoon (will write about that soon enough) and then a cup of flat white at Cafenetics, QV. I think the milk makes all the difference, nothing beats wholesome fat laden milk in your coffee, yums.

Mellissa and KY at Melbourne
a very rare Starbucks Cafe at Melbourne

Just got back to the apartment after watching Public Enemy (Jonny Deep & Christian Bale), a pretty good show albeit a little long. A$16 for entrance, gotta say cinemas in Malaysia are still better, but at least nothing is censored and there’s no subtitles taking up 20% of screen space either.

Going off for Mellissa’s Birthday dinner and a bit of drinking in 20 minutes with the gang in Melbourne. Will write more soon. Have a nice weekend guys!

Discuss : Hello from Melbourne version 2.0

  1. wah i first! haha you look so touristy with ur bigass camera!

  2. go see some kangaroo and eat the meat. eat the koala also can.

  3. have a nice, nice weekend too KY. please help drink some Koko Black for me.. sigh~

  4. Precious Pea

    Welcome welcome!!

  5. makes me nostalgic lar..have fun in melbourne:-)

  6. did u think of me when u saw starbucks 😛

  7. Drink more coffee for me! missing the coffee there!!! 😛

  8. You were on the same flight as me! Yeah. The flight was delayed. Crazy long! Have a great time in Melbourne!

  9. Welcome back to Melbourne, KY! 🙂

  10. enjoy your day in Melb! more postings ok bro?

  11. i still like starbucks… only for the green tea frap though… hahaha

  12. 16 oz bucks for 1 or 2?

  13. Mellissa


  14. Happy B’day Mellii

  15. aud,
    Cos I am one!

    I rather have pork heehee

    Tey Cindy,
    OK will do!

    Precious Pea,
    Thank you thank you

    Air fare’s cheap now!

    Naturally. 😉

    Not too bad, but ya cold!

    Hahah just had!

    Small world!

    Ee Vonn,
    Thank you 😀

    Will do will do.

    Hahah yah that’s one thing others don’t have.

    For one!

    Hahha you were!!!

    I’m sure she reads this. 😀

  16. Have a happy holiday!

  17. Cruxie Faye

    what a coincidence, i also watched public enemies last night as well. loved bale in there!

    you should try koko black or maybe even at the new lindt choc cafe down in collins street. loved the hot drinks there!

  18. JD,

    Cruxie Faye,
    Ooo interesting! Yah heard about the new Lindt choc cafe. 🙂

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