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One of my favorite hawker foods from Penang not called char kueh teow would be prawn mee and loh mee. While the those two dishes are related (as served by places such as Mee Yoke), classic Penang loh mee actually do differs from prawn mee in several ways.

loh mee at Penang
a bowl of classic loh mee in an old school kopitiam

The most obvious distinction between loh mee and prawn mee would be the soup. Instead of prawn shell and pork based soup, the soup for loh mee is a gooey broth made from starch and beaten eggs. The chili paste/sauce used for loh mee too is often more fluid, and vinegared garlic is often available as another condiment to add to the taste. Hard boiled egg and pork too are standard with loh mee.

One of my favorite loh mee stalls in Penang would be at Hai Beng kopitiam located just right next to the Goddess of Mercy Temple (Kuan Yin Teng) in Penang.

Loh Mee with pork skin, instestine, and hard boiled egg
pork skin, intestine, hard boiled egg, fried shallots, prawns. yums!

The loh mee here is a s classic as you can get. I love mine with pork skin, meat, and intestine to go with the standard ingredients of hard boiled egg, boiled prawns (prawn mee style), fried shallots, bean sprouts, noodle and mee hun. A good dosage of vinegared garlic and chili paste is essential too.

The smooth texture of the soup combined with the taste of pork and complexity added from the condiments makes it a very satisfying breakfast or late afternoon dish especially if you pair it with a good old fashion Penang black iced coffee.

Hai Beng Kopitiam, map
Hai Beng Kopitiam is located next to Kuan Ying Ting (Goddess of Mercy Temple)

The loh mee goes for RM 3.50 (small), and RM 5.00 (big). Of course, extra charges for extra ingredients. If I remember correctly, the bowl I had was something like RM 4.50?

Now I’m really hungry.

Hai Beng Kopitiam
Lorong Stewart,
10200 Penang

GPS: 5.418358,100.338548

Discuss : Loh Mee at Hai Beng kopitiam, Penang

  1. Mellissa


  2. Looks good, damn le hungries now.

  3. Honestly I never learn to appreciate loh mee. I find the starch horrifying…

  4. Mellissa,

    Yessss, slurpsss

    They’re lovely! very ze nais!

  5. Cruxie Faye

    wow this is very close to the loh mee i miss back home. I can never find this dish anywhere i melb and i miss it dearly. 🙁

    the more vicious the gravy the better. ahhhh.

  6. can find a good one in KL, one of the hawker stalls behind Yut Kee’s back lane 😀

  7. Cruxie Faye

    i mean viscous, not vicious. >.<

  8. Looks good, with pig’s intestines? Does it have the same taste as Mee Suah ah?

  9. dude you tried the black vinegar Loh Mee at Carnarvon Street? It’s out of this world…

  10. Precious Pea

    Never tried this before but it sure looks good!

  11. Cruxie Faye,
    Hahhaa vicious would be funny 😛

    Thanks! 😀

    Different taste I’m afraid. 🙂

    ooo I shall try then!

    precious Pea,
    yesss yum yum yum

  12. Loh mee + chicken feet. Yummy … Wondering when i can eat that !!!

  13. yeah, i saw this, with newspaper cuttings/food guide articles pasted all over.
    but never tempted to try, since loh mee not my fav. dunno lah … the gooey starchy gravy a bit uninviting.

  14. OMG man……..

    Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn hungry now

  15. JC,
    Ooo yesss chicken feet’s always nice!

    Gooey but very nice!

    Chill! 😀

  16. what is “S Classic” ??

  17. thenomadGourmand

    I luv Loh mee too!
    Thks to babe’s comment i knw where to get mah fix in kay-el!!

  18. Tey Cindy,
    TYPO! :X

    Yes, I shall try that too! 😉

  19. eh, the soup texture looks nice…
    didnt know pg got such stall even though me from pg..palia me~

  20. Hmm…we have this “lu mien” in Sibu too, very starchy dish, also seem to taste the same but with no chilli and very thick Hokkien mee style noodles.

  21. taufulou,
    Hahaha now you do! 😀

    Huai Bin,
    oOO interesting, I’m still quite noob when it comes to Sarawakian hawker foods.

  22. It’s the same thing, I wager, except it doesn’t have chilli and it uses different noodles. Damn I should have tapau kampua for you, and see your verdict. It’s damn good noodles.

  23. I’ve got to try all these “drooling” meals when I return to Malaysia! Can’t wait!

  24. waicheen

    hey you should try their chicken feet there as well. its awesome. 😀 i go to that particular place every time i visit penang 🙂

  25. need to pray before makan or not since beside kuan im teng.

  26. Huai Bin,
    or find one in KL! 😀

    Make it happen! 😉

    Nice, shall do that!

    Only if you sinned!

  27. KY try to mix with garlic sos, is awesome.

  28. JC,
    Oh yess definitely!

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