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About a gazillion years ago (which means slightly less than half a year in late January), a bunch of us decided to give Pinky a farewell dinner at Xiao Fei Yang steamboat restaurant prior to her departure to Melbourne for further study.

The restaurant is located just behind Berjaya Times Square on Lorong Thambi Dua, not far from the best roasted pork in town at Wong Mei Kee.

xiao fei yang steamboat
the condiments and two types of soup, spicy!

Though located in the older part of KL with horrible parking situation, Xiao Fei Yang benefits from having an empty lot just right next to the restaurant. If you’re willing to part with RM 1-2, there shouldn’t be a problem.

While not decorated with fancy furniture and design, the restaurant is clean, air conditioned, and pretty comfortable. But as with most Chinese buffet that is in air conditioned area, you risk smelling like what you just ate since Korean-style ventilation is non existent.

lamb, beef, fishballs, mushroom, noodle, fu chuk (tofu skin), etc

Steamboat at Xiao Feing Yang is closer to Sichuan (like the one at Jin Shan Cheng, Sunway) and Mongolian (check out Inner Mongolia steamboat at Pudu) style. The restaurant claims that the soup is boiled for 12 hours with some 30 different Chinese herb, it is supposed to have beautifying and healthy effect on you.. but I only worry if it’s tasty anyway.

Mell, KY, Pinky, Tim, and Audrey having steamboat
Mell, KY, Pinky, Tim, Audrey

The ten of us ordered lamb, beef, and possibly pork. There were also fish ball, meat ball, two types of tofu skin, cuttle fish, mushroom, vegetable, seaweed, and noodle. There were other more exotic ingredients but I guess some of these guys aren’t exactly the most adventurous when it comes to food.

As for the soup, we had both the herbal and the spicy version. Basically the spicy version is just the herbal soup with chili oil added. They come with quite a lot of herbs I can’t name (I remember seeing green onion and red dates), and they add up to give the soup a very sweet and rather sumptuous taste.

Xiao Fei Yang steamboat with Firdy, Robb, Zach, Vernice, Carol
Firdy, Robb, Zach, Vernice, Carol

The thing that I like most about the steamboat is the condiments. Chili paste and fermented tofu paste with freshly boiled lamb or beef can be very addictive. A word of advice though, always start with the clear soup and work your way to spicy but not the other way around.

map to xiao fei yang steamboat at Pudu

It was a pretty satisfying dinner even though we didn’t order anything luxurious (ie: more meat, maybe seafood too?). The bill came to be around RM 20 per person if memory serves me correct. Xiao Fei Yang is not very different from the other two steamboat places mentioned, a place that is worth going if you’re into spicy steamboat with plenty of meat.

Xiao Fei Yang restaurant,
18, Lorong Thambi Dua,
Pudu, Kuala Lumpur 55100

GPS: 3.139616,101.713185
Tel: 03-2142-6789

Discuss : Xiao Fei Yang Steamboat off Jalan Pudu

  1. i din know KL also got XiaoFeiYang. one of the steamboat chains i always go when i was in China. they were good. but the one in HK sucks n expensive. wonder if they do have as much variety of sauce as in China.

  2. Mellissa

    Melbourne also got a Xiao Fei Yang (the place we went which didn’t allow photos) but I don’t think it’s the same thing 😛 Common name for steamboat, me thinks!

  3. Mell and KY ahhahaha i remember that night after that! hehhehehe i discover the stealth thingy! so happy! happy times. Mell faster come back to melbourne!

  4. Crap, now I’m hungry and I’m still at work. Off to get some food then. 🙂

  5. I had my first taste of this Sichuan steamboat when I visited China two years ago. And ever since I’ve been searching for something like it back in KL. Have tasted some but those there wasn’t one that came close. Will try this one out when I get the chance. Thanks for posting this yeah!

  6. why am i drooling…over that..lousy looking pickles…

  7. halal is it??

    psstt.. what’s the update bro? 😉

  8. best! 1 day let’s go whack again

  9. Myhorng,
    I wonder if it’s the same franchise.

    Yah that place was grrr, I can never understand why any restaurant would deny picture takings.

    Hahhaa awesomest! 😛

    Huai Bin,
    Stop working so hard!

    I guess the authentic China style should be better, sourcing of ingredients isn’t exactly easy here.


    Don’t think it’s halal. Well you should go to Zehan’s blog 😛


  10. had my steamboast last nite and it was bad! i think my friend would love it with the spicy’ness of the soup base~

  11. Looks good…especially the spicy soup. Hopefully my gastric is recovering soon so that I can eat all these stuffs!

  12. aud always looks so blurr! hahaha~

  13. there was a time when I used to eat in Pudu area, but that was 7-8 years ago…
    after reading your blog, I know that I have to come here once again!!!

  14. taufulou,
    ooO interesting. emmm

    Hahah, I can’t have it too spicy too much either.

    Tey Cindy,
    LOL biasa lo 😛

    Make it happen. 😀

  15. and what should I do in her blog? still waiting for the email laa 😉

  16. OMG! KY the TOP Blogger linked me….!!1

  17. Ooh looks good!

  18. it’s VERY expensive to eat Xiao Fei Yang in HK! surprisingly cheap here.
    the lamb’s the main selling point.
    though I see resemblance to the one at Inner Mongolia.

  19. J2Kfm, HK XFY just freaking expensive and not good. and you have to kns Q for your seats. damnit.

  20. Adrian,
    Hahha leave comments 😛

    Hahaha shut up 😛


    Yah, similar type of soup. HK is a bit crazy

    Haha yah you’ve been to HK so many times you should know.

  21. dude… that would so random… you intro laa…

  22. Adrian,
    That’s cos she wants to see what you’re made of! 😛

  23. are you serious? told you rite I dont have facebook or a blog? it says here for me to leave a comment I HAVE to sign up with zanga… aiseh man… you serious she said that? 😉

  24. Adrian,
    She didn’t say anything. @.@

  25. hmm.. so how now bro?

  26. […] pig stomach, fried fish maw, foo chuk, vegetables + 4 boiled rice. You can check out my review of Xiao Fei Yang at the Pudu branch. This deal is for their newer Damansara Utama branch. Head over to check out the deal and grab it […]

  27. went to xiao fei yang with a bunch of friends recently for a birthday celebration! really liked the yin yeong steamboat…. but my favourite was the dessert…. d yam n sweet potato with the sticky sugar that u’ve to dip into ice cold water! absolutely yummilicious! 🙂

    • julie: i’m glad you like it! looks like I’ll have to order the same dessert next time 😀

  28. Just realize ill be going for this tonight. When friends mentioned the name of this place I thought its some Chinese dinner thingy, turns out its steamboat. Hmm let’s see how it goes.

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