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Good news everyone!

Today we’re going to give away free tickets, oh yes, movie tickets to one of the most anticipated animated movie this year – Up.

I don’t know about you, but I love pretty much every single pixar movie there is, from the first Toy Story, A Bug’s Life to Ratatouille and WALL-E. I’ve enjoyed every single one of them, same can’t be said with any other movie studio or director (Christopher Nolan not withstanding)

Disney Pixar Up poster
Up up & away!

I expect Up, the 10th movie from Pixar, will again be one of the better movies of the year. My most trusted movie critic Eyeris already watched it and confirmed that Up is awesome, read his review here.

To get your hands on the premier movie tickets, all you have to do is to comment on this post and end it with “up up and away!”, the first 20 person gets a pair of tickets. Be creative or risk being ridiculed 😀

Details of this Nuffnang movie premier:

  • When: 9:30pm 11th August, 2009
  • Where: Cathay Cineplex Damansara
  • Collection Time: 8:30 to 9:15pm, screening day

The movie’s going to be awesome! Please thank Robb for making the tickets available.

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  1. Apple Lim

    So longing to watch this movie. Can’t wait to grab hold of those tickets and then on 11th August i get to go up up and away~~~

  2. Can I has a pair? Up up and away!

  3. Can I has a pair too? Up up and away!

  4. Looks like yet another awesome Pixar movie. Can’t wait to catch it. Thanks for offering tickets.

    Up, up and away!

  5. OMG! i want to watch it up uP UP UP and away!

  6. Oh, look. A flying house with balloons I want to steal. Up, up and away!

  7. matahari

    “It’s a must watch,” said the bro in NYC,
    “Bring daddy too,” he added with glee,
    So Mr KY Teoh, please make my day,
    I want those tickets to take us up, up & away!

  8. silly ppl below me also wants tickets! up up and away!


  9. I hope I can watch this movie and enjoy up up and away!

  10. sweatlee

    ky i want! you don’t give me i’ll up, up & away u wtf

  11. I’ve been waiting for this movie!
    Gimme gimme the tickets and let’s go up up and away!

  12. LOL i want movie tix too 😛
    up up and away!

  13. Jonathan

    It’s on my birthday!
    Gift me the tickets and we’ll be up up and away!

  14. I hope i can get it from ky and enjoy this up up and away!

  15. thanks thanks KY & Robb!
    go go we went!
    see see da movie!
    up up and away!

  16. Small Meng

    Up Up and away and come come here i come !!!

  17. up up and away!up up and away! I love it.. especially if from KY!! up up and away!

  18. Omg! Finally the show is coming to msia. I’ve been waiting for aaaages to see this riot of an old man! Why is the premier so late though? (A whole month away!) No matter this lil bit of news definately brightens my day! Better grab onto some baloons now. Its gonna be quite a ride! Up up and away!

  19. Hope can enjoy up up and away.

  20. Pigs can now fly up up and away!!!

    ok where’s my tickets?

  21. i hope can get this tickets as my birthday present this month and enjoy this up up and away.

  22. Strange show inspiring me to tie baloons to my kancil and see what it does.

    Cheers for the tickets

  23. “most trusted movie critic Eyeris”

    Wah I so honourfied. hehe. I can has tickets too? Oh wait I saw it oledi. LOL.

  24. Jeff Tan

    UP my age go
    UP my weight go
    AND what’s left to do
    AWAY to watch PIXAR’s animation

  25. whoa, KY becomes santa this time. but make sure you drop me some tickets before you go up up and away!!

    Cheers^^ Long time no drop by, say Hello to KY

  26. It’s too late but I still want to go up up and away!

  27. wow…free tickets…dun have my share on it…need to stick at home for the moment…

  28. although i am super late but if i am using the balloon to fly there then i can go up up and away!

  29. It’s screen on my birthday and it would be awesome for me to fly up up and away…

  30. Winners are:
    1. Apple Lim
    2. Nigel
    3. David
    4. KS
    5. Myhorng
    6. Hsu Jen
    7. matahari
    8. CincauHangus
    9. adrian
    10. sweatlee
    11. Joan
    12. sarah
    13. Jonathan
    14. Kahwai
    15. Jack0
    16. Small Meng
    17. Fangyee
    18. Jas Min
    19. Weng
    20. Sai Kua

    Your emails will be sent to Robb at Nuffnang. Please confirm, otherwise those from 21 onwards will replace you.

    Thank you for participating

    Don’t lansi! 😛

  31. Wahh…i just saw this post and all the ticket has been taken?? so fast?? 🙁

  32. Jonathan

    Thanks KY!

  33. Cool!
    Waiting for email.
    Thanks KY and Robb.

  34. Apple Lim

    thanks KY & Robb…so happy..HOHO

  35. Sweet 🙂
    U cheer me up ^^

  36. Fantastic!! Thanks KY!!
    U make me fly up up and away… :p

  37. Crystal,
    Yah within an hour or so :S

    Jonathan, adrian, Apple,
    Congrats! 😀

  38. crappy booze

    guess i’m too late..way lateeee..

    wtf, i’ll just say it;

    up up and away!

  39. Hmm… I am not going for the tickets because I am from east Malaysia.

    We never get to enjoy anything from Nuffnang.

    I just want to say that all Pixar are nice. I extreme like the Wall-E. Hehe…

  40. Owh…too late edi…now go down down and away

  41. hi..greetings from IPOH and first time here via aniletto’s blog.. coming by not to win the tickets but to see what’s up here.. interesting blog.. will add u up.. have a nice weekend…

  42. sorry.. not aniletto.. through patrick teoh’s blog…

  43. Fuyoh so fast~!! Congratz to those who won and fly up up and away~!

  44. Thanks Robb!!

  45. Small Meng

    Thanks KY…. Muacks !!! LOL….

  46. JolynGoh

    awww… i dun get to go… sobs.. pasar malam dvd then.. 😛

  47. up up and away~! just for the heck of it 😛

  48. why you didn’t tell me to be the first reader?!! now my tickets down down and away…

  49. alarr damn fast rite lol 🙁

  50. melisa teoh

    UP is a good movie.. i watched it already..hahah

  51. Ky.. I still haven receive any email yet 🙁

  52. kahwai,
    The email will be sent by Robb, probably a week or so before the movie, be patient. 🙂

  53. Huyyahh.. Just to confirm with u.. tot have sent out and i have no receive.. Thanksss dude.. 🙂

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