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By now most of you should be rather familiar with the stray dog incident at Pulau Ketam that happened a little over a month ago. The residents at Pulau Ketam basically rounded up some 300 hundred stray dogs on the island and sent them to fend for themselves in a small mangrove island called Pulau Selat Kering. This was their way to solve the ‘stray dog problem’.

The news spread from twitter to blog to facebook and mainstream media, and it all started off from one particular person – TV Smith.

pulau ketam dogs

Through his website at (which is a wonderful resource of everything Malaysia), pictures and videos of the abandoned dogs struck many of us in a very personal and direct way that a side column in newspaper can’t. From there hundreds of blogs and news sites picked up where he started and ultimately the rescue mission went underway, and is still on going.

To donate or sponsor (time, material, or money) for the cause, please check out donation information on furryfriendfarm.

TV Smith
picture from

TV’s contribution in bringing this awareness to the public and tireless effort in the rescue mission is something I truly admire and applaud.

So when I came across Honda Challenging Spirit website, TV’s name came up immediately as someone who fits right in to the word Dedication. My nomination goes to TV Smith.

Do help towards the cause.

Discuss : the Pulau Ketam dog rescue mission

  1. TV Smith! I haven’t seen him since PPS 2005.

  2. so kesian la the dogs. KY, go save them!

  3. How can i save the dogs??

  4. Huai Bin,
    oOoo, been a long time heh.

    Very kesian indeed.

    You can donate to furryfriendfarm. 🙂

  5. I’ve been asking my friends to donate to them (FFF) as well. I kinda feel disgusted when i saw SPCA using TV smith’s pictures for their own and asking for donations.

  6. Jade Zheng

    oh my god… the 1st picture. i thought it was a monkey by glance. gasps man..

  7. foodcrazee

    am worried KY might even braised them . . . .sob*sob*

    Just kidding . . .dont get angry at me all . . .

    its kind of difficult for the island ppl to get rid of the strays and most of it from their own doing. . . .govt should do something to educate these islanders…

  8. Jane,
    I think if they’re working towards the same cause it’s all ok to me. 🙂

    Jade Zheng,

    Hahaha, dog meat.. emmmmm

  9. i just read today’s paper, it says ” ‘dog eat dog’ ‘man killed man’ in pulau ketam ” ..sad.

  10. lb,
    Ahh, that’s most unfortunate. :S

  11. I thought your post was gonna be something like… “KY eats – Pulau Ketam Claypot Dog Rice” or something.

    Seriously, I was really expecting to see a post like that. LOL~

  12. titoki,
    You’re terrible. lol

  13. Pulau Ketam – BLACKLISTED

  14. Thoma,
    But I’ll still have pulau ketam steamboat. :X

  15. Diane Levinson

    I had wanted to visit Pulau Ketam but now I am going to boycot that island for their inhumane and cruel treatment of all those poor dogs. I will not spend a penny on that island. I will instead send the money to the rescue operation for these poor dog. BOYCOT PULAU KETAM! DO NOT VISIT THAT ISLAND!

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