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The last time I wrote an entry about Ming Tien was over a year ago on the Bak Kut Teh and Dumpling. To be frank, I am not a very big fan of this big hawker center despite the fact that is is located within walking distance. I usually go there out of necessity.

I went there with my housemate Rachel a couple weeks ago with Rachel due to laziness to drive for a quick dinner. Not knowing what to order, I took up Rachel’s advice to share a pot of Curry Fish Head.

Update: Unfortunately Ming Tien food court is now closed permanently

Curry Fish Head at Ming Tien
Curry Fish Head stall at Ming Tien Food Court

Apparently this particular Curry Fish Head stall is pretty new at Ming Tien that escaped my notice the last time I went (months ago).

For the two of us, we ordered a pot of curry fish head with rice.

Curry Fish Head at Ming Tien with KY & Rachel
a big clay pot curry fish head, yums

The fish head came in a clay pot, which is actually pretty nice to keep the warmth in. Other than pieces of fish head and meat, there are long beans, okra, tau pok (deep fried tofu), and brinjal. The broth is santan (coconut milk) based, and I find that it could be slightly spicier. Then again, I am from Penang and we generally like our food to be spicier than native Klang Valley dwellers.

Though the fish itself was just average, overall taste was pretty decent. Not great, but not bad either. For around RM 10 per person, it was actually a pretty good value for money.

Ming Tien Hawker Center
Jalan SS24/8, Taman Megah,
Petaling Jaya, Selangor

GPS: 3.114334, 101.611658

Discuss : KY eats – Curry Fish Head at Ming Tien, PJ [Closed]

  1. Mellissa


  2. Mellissa,
    Hehehe, I love the “Vote for Mell” T-shirt ok, it’s mine now. :X

  3. Mellissa

    Grr, that’s my only memory of my Student Council President stint! And it’s by Melinda Looi also okay 🙁

  4. I’ve been to Ming Tieng before but haven’t eaten the curry fish head. BTW, copywriter spotted this:

    I went there with my housemate Rachel a couple weeks ago with Rachel due…


  5. zomg, now oni i know that you stay near my old place.

  6. Mellissa,
    Heehee, oh well you’re gonna be always with me so it’s all good ya <3

    Huai Bin,
    Hehehe ok let me correct that now! Thanks. 😉

    Small world ya? 😀

  7. Looks not bad, haven’t had a decent curry fish head for ages.

    I miss the one at Kampung Attap and the one at Jalan P Ramlee.

  8. The last time I was at Ming Tien was after your Xmas party. I can still remember Rachel puking and Huai Bin passing out. Lol…

  9. ShaolinTiger,
    The one at Kampung Attap is definitely better tho!

    Hahahaha, tragic!

  10. I think I only went there once to eat after futsal. Too far from Cheras ler…

  11. Myhorng

    still not walking there.

  12. JD,
    Cheras is far, definitely!

    You’re just too goddamn lazy!

  13. I used to ate there when I study at KL. 🙂
    Miss KL food lo…

  14. Jade Zheng

    eee… nice meh! ming tien’s food. =x

  15. aeroplane1234

    ei… almost walking distance from your house woh. got wifi also. like that place.

  16. allie,
    Oo, KL isn’t too far away is it? :/

    Jade Zheng,
    Some of them, yah. 😀

    But you have to pay for toilet! The world is not perfect, oh well. :S

  17. its been so long since i last stepped into mingtien too. the fish curry is quite cheap eh? usually one pot can easily cost rm30-40

  18. xin,
    Yah pretty cheap but not the super awesome quality type tho. 🙂

  19. go n try the tender chicken at taman bahagia….allison coffee shop(in front of wai sik kai)then u will really know what is tender chicken….

  20. ben,
    where is this taman bahagia wai sik kai u’re talking about? I stay at taman bahagia! just behind LRT

  21. […] be quite delicious, and definitely spicy. For RM 13 a pop it is definitely not very economical (the curry fish head stall at Ming Tien sells for about RM 10) but the portion is pretty big, and the quality of fish was […]

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