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It’s been a pretty fun 3day 2night trip to Krabi, but the photos and a proper blog entry will have to wait till I manage to gather a bit of time. For now, here are some photos I took during a particular long walk to Melbourne University with Mellissa during my visit last month.

Melbourne University
no pets allowed

Established at 1853, Melbourne University is often regarded as the second best university in the country. The architecture of the buildings is a mix of old and new, some seemingly from Victorian era, while others are ultramodern mosaic of glass and steel.

John Medley, Melbourne University
John Medley

The John Medley building houses the school of culture & communication & political science. This was the building we had to go to submit Mell’s essay, and she claimed that it is always a 50-50 chance to get to the correct side of the building. A walk across the bridge is needed otherwise.

Melbourne University
Old Quad

Old Quad and Old Arts are two of the original buildings from the establishment of the campus. I have a feeling that some the floors might have been refitted, but that did not take away the charm of the architecture. Very beautiful (but I heard, not very comfortable in very hot or very cold weather).

Melbourne University
Old Quad looking out to Old Arts

The little garden between Old Quad and Old Arts is a popular place for students to take a break for a smoke in between classes. Not that there were any students when I was around though.

Melbourne University
the pillars for tomorrow?

The part of Old Quad building featuring many beautiful pillars is a popular place for wedding photos. Just outside the pillars is a grass field where many students sunbath in the summer, if there were any of them.

Melbourne University
between main campus and law building

The university is actually pretty big, as illustrated by the photo above, the walk between main campus and the law building can be a bit of a drag. Luckily the scenary helped a bit. We spent around an hour or so walking around the area before heading back to the city.

Since I am heading to Krabi in a few hours’ time, it is appropriate that I write about the awesome dinners Mell and I had during our visit to Bangkok last February. Something that I shouldn’t have waited so long to do, but there’re just so many things and so little time, oh well!

Pad See Yew at Bangkok
this guy sells a few types of typical Thai dishes

Our first dinner at Bangkok was infact our second night there, after a long day at the city, we came back to our hotel at Reflections Rooms and decided to dine right by street next to the hotel lobby. I ordered two plates of Pad See Yew for dinner.

Pad See Yew near Reflections Hotel, Bangkok
Pad See Yew, with plenty of chili padi if you need them

The pad see yew is basically fried flat rice noodle with vegetable, egg, pork (sometimes substitute with chicken or beef), and vegetable. Fish sauce, soy sauce, and pepper are also among the ingredients that made up this dish. I’ve had pad see yew quite a number of times, and this must be one of the best tasting I’ve tried yet.

The dinner was around 70 baht, water was free.

Bangkok Tomyam Hawker
a stall offering variety of dishes with rice

After having a pretty tiring first day at Chatuchak, we decided to try the other stall right next to the first one we ordered pad see yew from. This is one of the many stalls that littered the streets offering a wide variety of dishes that goes with rice. They only have 2-3 tables set up by the pavement, I guess most of their business are the drive-through type.

Tomyam near Reflections Room Hotel, Bangkok
long bean with chicken, and seafood tomyam

We ordered a bowl of seafood tomyam, and with some sign language mad skills, I managed to also ordered long bean with chicken to go with two rice.

The tomyam was so good! Very sour, spicy, and full of that authentic tomyam that is so tough to find outside Thailand. Though the ingredients were nothing luxurious (some small shrimps, a bit of squid, mushroom, ginger, green onion, shallots, chili padi), the overall taste was just superb.

Mellissa and KY having some spicy tomyam
yes, the tomyam were spicy!

The chicken with long bean too was a very tasty dish that goes really well with rice. Though not quite as hot as the tomyam, this vegetable dish too came with green pepper (jalopeno?) and some chili padi. The base had a strong taste of fish sauce that worked well with the chicken and provided good contrast to the tomyam.

Everything came to only 110 baht, again, ice water was free.

egg, squid with cabbage, and tomyam
fried egg, squid with cabbage, and tomyam

We went to the same place again for the third consecutive night cos the food was just so good. This time we asked for (by pointing and sign language yet again) fried egg that looks and tasted much like our local telur dadar; a squid and cabbage dish that for once, isn’t really something spicy, but pretty tasty nonetheless; and of course, the very same tomyam again.

It costs a something like 140 baht this time, and oh so delicious!

Dinner by the streets, Bangkok
another stall further to the west of our hotel

Tragically, when we went back to the same place on our last night at Bangkok, we discovered the hard way that the stalls are closed on Mondays. We then walked a few minutes to the west of our hotel (still on Pradipat Road) and chanced up upon this other hawker stall that offers similar type of foods. As usual, my super limited Thai and some hand gestures came to rescue.

Tomyam, Pork, Vegetable, at streets of Bangkok
tomyam, pork with brinjal, kangkung with chicken

We ordered tomyam with fish, a pork dish, and a kangkung with chicken to go with rice. The tomyam was different this time, a bit more sour than previous, less soupy, and a lot more spices. I feel that I prefer the previous version but some might like the intensity of this one.

Cooked with sweet sauce, peppercorn,ย  basil, and a type of brinjal, the fatty pork slices soaked in the flavor and made the pork dishes rather delicious. As for the kangkung, well, it wasn’t very different from what we get here, but did provide a contrast to all the meat dishes we had.

If I remember correctly, this meal was around 200 baht. A bit pricier probably due to the fact hat we had more meat dishes.

Map to Reflections Rooms Hotel, Bangkok
map of Reflections Rooms Hotel

Outside Reflections Rooms Hotel
224/2-18 Pradipat Rd.,
Bangkok 10400 Thailand
GPS: 13.790110,100.545947

This weekend has been a particularly entertaining one. Mell had landed on Thursday, and the gang decided to head to MOS for Chivas Global Underground Party.

The sound system at MOS must be the best of any clubs I’ve been, you can literally feel the bass on the floor. The place was also properly air conditioned, and with indoor smoking disallowed, it was very pleasant even when the crowd came in.

Chivas Global Underground at MOS
Kim said the bass is very sleep inducing?

Mell, Horng, Gareth, Kim, Suan, Selina, and I had an awesome time, with Mell maybe having a bit of a too awesome night (can’t walk and all), and Kim also took the liberty to have a nice one hour nap in the club. It was a while since we had such a fun time.

Saturday we went to Digital Mall to grab a Wii console complete with 2 guitars, Wii Fit board, a couple controllers with nunchuk, and over a dozen games. I had also bought over Gareth’s PS2 since Mell transported her set of mics & SingStar discs.

Guitar Hero Party
Guitar Hero and SingStar Party (notice Horng’s Air Guitar Hero?)

Guitar Hero is the bestest shit since sliced Gardenia Butterscotch bread, the game made a fake musician out of anyone with some decent hand-eye coordination (just maybe not Suan, she refused to play it). I like how the game says “REAL GUITAR HERO PLAYS REAL GUITAR” too.

Well, I guess we’re not playing air guitar hero like how Horng’s doing in the picture above.

When our fingers were all tired from too much guitar playing, it was time for some vocal challenge with SingStar. It is basically like karaoke with a scoreline attached to it. I have to say that now it is confirmed scientifically (at least by PS2), that Horng’s vocal sucked the most, followed by myself, and Gareth. Suan was very good, as with Rachel, Mell, and Kim.

The game also has player vs player and team vs team modes, super fun! Then Gareth had to point out that Meat Loaf’s “I Will Do Anything For Love” always reminded him of anal sex… teruk.

Oh, and lastly, the OSIM uSqueez is not for everyone, especially if you’re super ticklish.

Tuesday Suan, Horng, and I are going heading to Krabi to watch the UEFA Champions League final on the beach. We had won this trip playing flash games at a Heineken event last year, woohoo!

I think off day for most people involves sleeping till at least 11am and then have a lazy brunch.

I am on leave today, I woke up at 5:50 am to the phone call from Mell saying that her plane just landed from Melbourne, almost a full hour ahead of schedule. Hello MAS, what’s with the whole ON SCHEDULE promise? =/

So I quickly got myself ready and drove to KLIA in total darkness, it felt weird a bit weird to be driving in the morning with almost no traffic.

Update 30/6/2017: They’ve moved back to Klang, check this post

Char Kueh Teow at Restaurant Seng Lee
wholesome char kueh teow

The journey back to her place fixed that tho, the Sprint highway was a bitch and we got stuck a good extra hour on the road jamming to The killers, as well as other morning commuters. The former is always awesome, but the latter, heh.

So after she dropped off everything and got freshened up, we decided to stop by Restaurant Seng Lee for breakfast and let the traffic ease up a bit before heading off.

I’ve heard a lot about this particular char kueh teow stall, and the reputation was not unfounded. Bean sprouts were fresh, crunchy and juicy, prawns were relatively big, the kueh teow fried to the right moisture content, and with the egg, chives, and the bits ofย  “chai poh” (preserved turnips), garlic. Everything was done just nice, it would have been perfect if only the cockles were bigger and juicier, but I guess you can’t have everything everytime.

Mell and KY at Restaurant Seng Lee
Mell is back!

The Penang’s favorite hawker food at this place goes for RM 4.50 a plate, and I’ll be back for more! This is the place that can replace my then-favorite PJ state keuh teow stall that went missing (anyone know where they’ve moved to?)

p/s: Apparently I’m supposed to be exploring the Damansara Heights area more. hehe

Damansara Height Map
Restaurant Seng Lee is behind Klimts and Hock Lee

Restaurant Seng Lee
8-6, Jalan Batai,
Damansara Heights
50490 Kuala Lumpur

GPS: 3.149558, 101.661386
Tel: 03-2094 2154

Hello ladies and gentlemen, today’s lesson is how to be a a standout in life.

According to my very handy WordWeb dictionary, Standout means

  1. Be highly noticeable
  2. Distinguish oneself
  3. Steer away from shore, of ships
  4. Be stubborn in resolution or resistance

In today’s lesson, we’re going to concentrate on the first two definitions of the word.

woohoo off the boat!
flipping myself into the water of Krabi

Well, one way to be highly noticeable is to do something crazy or daring, like doing a highly untrained somersault dive from a rather high speed boat deck. It was a sure way to capture anyone’s attention, especially if you manage to land (bad pun) on your back creating a very loud SPLASH, and end up with very red and painful back.

KY, Robb, and Ginny as Rock Stars!
wanna be rock stars Ginny, KY, and Robb

Another way to be a standout is to be performers, or more specifically, rock stars!

Even though I basically can’t sing nor play the guitar (except for guitar hero on Wii) , I did not give up the dream to be a rock star for well, 10 minutes. I lip synced my way with Ginny and Robb at the Nuffnang Music Bash and had a small group of people wondering what we were doing, but it was a moment to standout, no?

Pinky and KY at Kakiis dancing
Pinky was my partner in crime on this competition

To be a standout is to not back down from any challenges. Late last year, there was a call for volunteer at the Kakiis’ event at MOS. I went up the stage, and discovered that it was actually a dancing competition. No matter, Pinky was made victim of the day but at the end of the day, I won a 16GB thumb drive.

Being a standout sometimes gets you prizes, yey!

Can you do this cycling thing?

Last but not least, it helps to be able to do some tricks that no one (or almost no one can). One of my most awesome tricks in my bag would be tis finger cycling thing. Check out the video above. Can you do it?

Mellissa was impressed (don’t let her response in the video fooled you ok?!), and I am sure if you have an ability like that, you’d be able to impress lotsa people and be a stand out too!

Tiger Stand Out Party
Stand Out with Tiger & Nuffnang

So, this bring us to the message of the day that is the Stand Out party with Tiger & Nuffnang. This is an exclusive event for outstanding bloggers only.

To get an exclusive invite, follow these instructions (detailed instructions on the minisite)

  • Write a blog post about how you are a standout in life (ability to lick your own elbow perhaps?)
  • Once posted, send permanent link to
  • Embed the picture above (optional) to stand a chance to win a Nintendo DS Lite
  • First 100 bloggers win an exclusive invite (priority to Glitterati members), invites will be sent out via email from 1st to 3rd of June, 2009.

There are prices to be won too! Head to the minisite to find out how you can win a HP Notebook, DS Lite, Coach Bag, Xbox 360, and more!

See you there. ๐Ÿ˜€