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On the first day at Melbourne, Mell and I met up with Margaret and Kerol. Margaret is a dear friend who came to Melbourne more than two years ago to study and was last seen on this blog on the pudu Mongolian Steamboat place we went for her farewell.

It has been over a year since we met in KL, I think I still had a different (and some said very tragic) hairstyle then.

Red Silks Restaurant and Bar
KY, Mell, Kerol, and Margaret at Red Silks, Chinatown @ Melbourne

Chinatown at Melbourne is located at Little Bourke Street from the intersection of Swanston (the busiest street) to around the intersection with Exhibition or Spring Street. Red Silks is technically not really in Chinatown anymore as it is located in a little mall at Bourke Street half a block away.

The closest tram stop to the place would be Swanston/Bourke.

red silks restaurnt and bar at Melbourne
braised preserved vegetable with pork belly, eggplant, clay pot tofu with seafood

The restaurant offers quite a wide variety of Chinese foods; from noodles to single serving vegetable-on-rice to the more common “tai chau” style dishes, they have it all. As a licensed bar, they do serve beer & wine too.

For lunch, we ordered 3 dishes to go with steamed rice for the four of us.

red silks restaurant and bar at Bourke Street
lemon honey tea & iced milk tea, glorious fatty pork belly

I of course, ordered the braised preserved vegetable with pork belly (mui choi kao yok). While slightly too salty to be eaten alone, the dish goes very well with steamed rice with its fatty pork belly. If only they had chili padi..

The eggplant with minced pork was quite a strong tasting dish that goes well with steamed rice, I do find it a bit too heavy after a while though.

The clay pot tofu with seafood came with good size prawns, cuttle fish, scallops, crab sticks, green peas, and a generous portion of Japanese tofu in classy yummy gravy. This dish was as good as I’ve had from anywhere else.

red silks restaurant and bar at melbourne chinatown
Bullens Lane is at the heart of Chinatown

The portions were quite large and we actually did not manage to finish all three dishes. The bill came to about A$17 per person, still rather affordable in Melbourne standard. Other dishes in their lunch specials menu goes from $8 to $10.5 and like most other places around here, water is free.
map to red silks retaurant and bar

Red Silk Restaurant and Bar
101, 1st Floor
200 Bourke Street

GPS: -37.81284,144.967357
Tel: +613-9663 9922

Discuss : KY eats – Red Silks at Chinatown, Melbourne

  1. you had a tragic hairstyle one year ago??? really?? show picture..!

  2. pinkpau,
    It’s the longer hair laa all over the archive. :X

  3. no durian pancake there? 😛

  4. Oh No. I’ve got to get out of here. All those pictures of those food to go with the steamed rice is going to make my digital scales tip even further!

  5. power8003

    You are really funny. have chinese foods in Melbourne :P. i think you should eat more lamb and beef there 🙂

  6. beetrice

    I just noticed something amusing – the map you drew of Aus looks so much neater than the ones of the places back home… 😀 because everything in Melb is in neat perpendicular lines? LOLOL…

    btw, don’t forget to try max brenners while you’re in Melb! the strawberries and chocolate dip – to DIE for.. 🙂

  7. Yah go to Melbourne to eat Chinese food wtf, don’t have enough of that in KL?

  8. Robb,
    Haha haven’t seen any!

    LOL the scales, they are evil

    I had those too. 😛

    Hahaha everything’s in square grids here! And yah Max Brenners is awesome. 😀

    This is an asian city what to do. ;X

  9. Precious Pea

    Their portion so big right? We used to call Little Bourke Street as “Siu Pook Kai”.

  10. chinese food FTW!!!

  11. KY’s tragic hairstyle = Aaron Kwok old school hairstyle… (but Aaron is more lengjai!) 😛

  12. Precious Pea,
    Yah the portions are huge!

    Hahaha it was all your fault. 😛


  13. wah..the roads/streets in aussie damn tersusun wei!! unlike our roads…. :p

  14. Nice KY! Thanks for the good memories. 🙂

  15. Jade Zheng

    glorious fatty pork is KY. =PPP

  16. Bullens La! That’s like Malaysian style man…

    Q: “Where’s the restaurant??”
    A: “Bullens LA!”

    Haha, I find their abbreviations esp road signs very funny. Like when I was researching on places to go in Perth, I saw google map with street names like St. Georges Tce. I thought so hard… how to pronounce “Tce” not knowing it was an abbreviation. Until I asked a friend and he said “Terrace”. Ohhhhhhhhhh chehhhhhh.

  17. i read about this seafood rest called claypots in st kilda…app it’s a really casual festive restaurant with really fresh seafood…daily menu on a chalkboard that gets erased as stuff runs out..grilled fish, stirfry mixed shellfish, claypots of sea food with rice (i guess it’s like our claypot chicken rice) with diff flavours eg cajun, etc ..some rave reviews on the internet…

    was planning to go there when i visit melb in a week’s time…you might wanna check it out…or maybe mell might have heard of it?

  18. ah you went to dondon, one of my favourites!! simple, but most importantly, very tasty foods and super super fast service!

  19. wah pork belly! Wow KY now draws the map of Melbourne streets! Kudos

  20. panda aka racoon,
    Hahah yah you’ll never get lost

    Huai Bin,

    Jade Zheng,
    Oh yah!

    Hahaha that’s very tragic. 😛

    ooO interesting, too many places to try! 😀

    Yah Dondon was very nice! 😀

    Hahaha cos it’s all squares 😛

  21. Chinese food in Melbourne is fantastic! I think that’s because the seafood, vege, meat, etc. are all succulent and fresh. Not to mention Aussie rice, much, much better than ours here.

  22. ronin,
    I guess it’s partly due to the fact that most chefs are actual imports from HK & China too. 😀

  23. the map must be the whole of Mel-burn? LOL

  24. […] lunch at Red Silks in Chinatown, like most people who has nothing better to do, we look for a cup of after meal coffee […]

  25. Myhorng,
    Almost. LOL

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