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One of the things I miss most about our trip to Bangkok was the foot massage services. I remember how happy Mell and I were when we found this little foot massage place at Chatuchak after 3-4 hours of continuous walking. For 150 baht, we got our legs taken care of by the ladies for a good half an hour, and walk away later totally rejuvenated, it was a total bliss.

Mellissa having a thai foot massage
Mell clearly enjoyed the foot massage service

Back home, while spas and massage places exists, their fees are usually high enough that it is a luxury I cannot afford. Then there’s also the worry that I might accidentally step into one of those dodgy places that I might not know how to handle, and one that Mell won’t take well.

So you can imagine my elation when I was contacted to conduct this review on the new OSIM uSqueez Warm. Finally my very own leg massage machine, sweet!

OSIM uSqueez Warm
uSqueez Warm, in a better shade of maroon

So a couple weeks ago I went to OSIM’s office at PJ and was given a rather comprehensive briefing on the benefit of this product as well as a full demo on how exactly to operate it.

uSqueez Warm, as the name suggests, adds an option of providing warm air to your feet that the previous model lacks. The warmth is supposed to help release tension, allevate aches and release soreness to the muscles. On top of that, the higher temperature help flushes out lactic acid especially after sports sessions or a super long shopping trip (does not release financial tension resulting from the said shopping trip).

OSIM uSqueez Warm
makes a nice ottoman when not in used

As far as the massage part goes, there is the roller contacting the bottom of your feet that simulates the push and release technique by reflexologists. And of course, as the name suggests, there is also the wrap-around squeezing motion that massages the calves, ankles, and the feet all at the same time. This comes in three different settings, firm, rhythmic, or smooth.

OSIM uSqueez Warm
ahhh, this is the perfect zen moment

The one other function I did not expect was the “Turbo Vibration Massage”. The machine basically vibrates and shakes the bottom of the feet in a horizontal motion (3 intensities). After running through the vibration process you actually feel a gush of blood flowing from the bottom of the feet back up to the calf region. A very surreal feeling. This is suppose to break down toxin accumulated at the bottom of your feet and improve circulation. I know it really does feel good.

So, if you aren’t getting your own OSIM uSqueez yet, I can provide the service right here for a small fee. After all, where else can you have your legs massaged facing a beautiful home made koi pond?

Discuss : KY gets his legs Squeezed

  1. melisa teoh

    omg..bro..ur money plant is growing like crazy. do something pls..haahah

  2. ya after shopping like crazy in Bangkok, one really needs a good foot massage! But being crazy shoppers, Eiling and I simply had no time to stop by one and rather spend our Bahts for shopping and more shopping! 😀 Hahaha.

  3. power8003

    Hmmmm, i wonder how is much that machine….. I also would like to get one 🙂

  4. the I-Squeeze my parents bought didn’t work as miraculously as it sounded on TV, maybe U-Squeeze can give a different aroma? haha maroon? that is so cool man!!!

  5. Mellissa

    Dammit, I’m so jealous I’m not there to try it out too 🙁

    Nevermind, 5 more days until you’re here with me again!

  6. ky u lost ur legs wtf

  7. can squeeze other things or not ah KY? got try before? 😛

  8. beetrice

    LOL…I spot the chef! but…er…is that a rubber chicken on the tray?!?

    nothing beats the real thing la….apa guna machine this…LOL…


  10. Ahh so this is the lifestyle of a high powered Malaysian blogger.

  11. so does the usqueez increases one’s sexual libido with the Turbo Vibration Mode and blood circulation?!! Lol..

  12. Tan Yee Hou

    I don’t usually believe in these massage gimmicks, but my aunt’s uSqueeze is something that I actually lik

  13. melisa teoh,
    Lotsa money then! 😛

    Terrible la you girls. Hahaha

    I believe the MSRP is below RM 2k or something like that.

    iSqueez is the older model isn’t it?

    Yes! Very soon baby! <3


    You can try that at OSIM stores. HAHAHA

    Yes, rubber chicken and chef. 😛 Real thing, well, I don't have a budget for Thai massage lady here. hehe

    You so ticklish wan meh? 😛

    Hahah, what high powered? Merely more lucky. 😀

    I don't know about that, I don't have a problem in that department anyway :X

    Tan Yee Hou,
    Yahh quite stim! 😀

  14. does it improve futsal skill?

  15. I know I know…. 😛

  16. i’m still going to use it without paying. IDUNCARE

  17. shag,
    Hahaha, shut up 😛

    Exactly! 😛


  18. Hmm…with regards to Eiling’s comment, I do have problems in that deparment. Lemme try out the chair and see if there’s any…er, improvements. 😉

  19. Huai Bin, That’s a jolly good idea. You’ll never know Osim uSqueez got dual functions!

  20. Yah foot massage is a totally awesome thing, the uSqueez looks quite good.

  21. chun chun…i would like to have one massage machine …

  22. Huai Bin,
    Just don’t use mine. LOL


    Yah, it’s nice after last night’s concert. 😀

    Make it happen!

  23. money plant going like crazy means your MONEY is growing leh…so dun do anything …. perhaps this is a good sign 😛

  24. Wah that Koi pond looks nice 🙂
    So big sommore

  25. Mellissa

    OH I FORGOT! Say hello to Peanut, Butter, Jelly, and Time for meeeeee! 😀 😀

  26. What’s the charge for one session?

  27. ahKOK,
    Hahah thanks thanks, I sure hope so. LOL

    Tian Chad,
    Thanks for the compliment, but it’s actually not very big. :/

    Hahaha except they don’t respond to their names!! 😛

    Simon Seow,
    I haven’t figure that out yet. LOL

  28. I’m second as Horny do! I DUN CARE!
    well KY, are you bringing this to Melbourne for Mellissa to massage?!?!?!
    I tot you will using your tongue??!?

  29. Hi KY~~ i’m ur reader tat greeted u at 7-11 after Oasis concert….so did u enjoy urself? i think Noel was awesome~~

  30. “On top of that, the higher temperature help flushes out lactic acid…”
    Don’t mean to be picky but that should be -help (to) flush out.. 🙂

  31. Oops, it should be – helps flush out…

  32. sotong,
    Cis!! You can help carry them it’s way too heavy :/

    Yah, concert was great, Noel was awesome and nice meeting you too! That was a surprise. 😉

    ooo thanks. 😀

  33. Hey Kar Yeong
    Wassup?? BTW.. love your blog and many of my friends find your blog extremely interesting/useful

    Need your help. My hubby going to Phuket with a bunch of friends who lovesssss food.
    Any place you could suggest? That won’t burn the wallet… and damn good Thai food? Tomyam??

    Let me know man…thanks 🙂

  34. hey KY, am one of your readers 🙂
    this uSqueez Warm looks cool!
    do you find it useful and effective?
    wanna buy one as mother’s day present.

  35. Amelia,
    oOo, I’m not very familiar with Phuket actually. 🙂

    I did find it very nice and been using quite regularly. 😀

  36. I got my own I-medic pro…

  37. DSvT,
    wah you’re more hardcore then!

  38. Hahaha… Just normal lo…

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  41. thinking of buying my mom one but wonder whether i should get if from here in Singapore or from Msia? What is the current price now in Msia?

    May i ask how is it like after using it for like 2 years ?

    • Jerry: I think prices should be similar at both places, it was retailed at RM 1999 a couple years ago but I think slightly cheaper now.

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