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I had a very early KFC dinner yesterday and got myself pretty hungry while skyping with Mell later at night. And since I had finished the big can of Hello Panda biscuits Eiling gave me a couple weeks earlier, it was time to have some instant noodle.

The amazing spider-man instant noodle
the Amazing Spider-Man instant noodle, with Mell on skype

It wasn’t just any instant noodle, but the Amazing Spider-Man instant noodle Cheesie bought me all the way from Universal Studio in Japan!

When it comes to instant noodles, I guess you got to give it to the Japanese. This little cup of noodle comes with corn, spring onion, salted vegetable, pork (yes pork!), and little spidey faces that are probably made of fish paste.

The amazing spider-man instant noodle
spidey faces, and pieces of pork too

3 mintues of boiling water later, it was all ready. It was a little salty (perhaps I didn’t put enough water) but otherwise rather tasty. The bits of pork really gave the noodle that extra kick that is often lacking in instant noodle.

Thanks Cheesie! Now I think I should go to Isetan to look at their non-halal instant noodle section. 😀

Discuss : KY eats – The Amazing Spider-Man Instant Noodle with Real Pork

  1. Wah naked online!

  2. no wonder Mel so happy Eiling.

    spider roll better…:P

  3. Spiderman and Skype ftw!

  4. real fish paste? or preserved things that pretends to be fish paste? i love cup noodles, but i know the ingredients 😛

  5. Mellissa

    Tskkkk indecent exposure on cyberspace baby 😛 Hee hee. The little spiderman things are damn cute, I’ve seen some here before with Hello Kitty face on them (OMG AUDREEEYYYY!!!!) hahahaha.

  6. eiling,
    Not naked ok! 😀

    You and your spider roll. ciss

    Oh yesss! 😀

    Fake fish paste, of course, but real pork! 😀

    oOO Hello Kitty? How can anyone eats cattt! Mwahs 😀


  8. shaoweii

    Omg omg omg. Wtf wtf. When can we see this in malaysia huh. haha

  9. Cheesie,
    Why you so cheesy?

    I don’t knowww, but I think isetan got some pork instant noodle 😛

  10. drewnity

    wwahh.. so cute one.. LOL =D spiderman with pork… do they even make sense at the first place?? haha…

    anyway, am quite a fan of cup noodle once.. ehehe… =D i also want!! LOL

  11. Nice! Spider man instant noodles. I love the Japanese instant noodles with lots of packets of stuff. If there’s more than 5, that’s good enough for me. 🙂

  12. matahari

    Got Doraemon boh? 😀

  13. ish somebody oredi took my “eee naked online!” comment haha!

    anyway colouring is bad for your health. throw it away.

  14. I thought the pork should come in a Barbie pack instead of a Spiderman pack.. (barbie ->babi) haha ok I’m being lame here.

  15. drewnity,
    Wait till your hair starts to drop 😛

    Huai Bin,
    oOO 5 is a lot!

    Haha you’ll have to try to find them, I won’t be surprised if they have it. 😀

    Hahaha, coloring makes you less pale 😛

    Hahahah that was lame 😛

  16. Ok half naked.

  17. whoa!!! when are they making green curry for the hulk????

  18. hey! thanks for dropping a comment on my blog ^^

    lol instant noodles takes up 2 daily meals xD so i must get those super cute spiderman cup noodles! lol, or else so boring right?

  19. spider man man man…
    spider man man man……

  20. spiderman noodle…..cute leh…got real pork meat sumore…yummy ler…feeling hungry now

  21. ooo…..the person who eats that instant noodle better not be suffering from arachnophobia :p

  22. Pork Burger

    Hi KY,
    Here’s a restaurant that may interest you. I tried it recently and their pork burgers are superb. Here’s the site :-


  23. japanese products are the coolest!

  24. awww…wat a cute noodle u got from Japan!!!
    would love to get it if it’s in Mickey Mouse pattern since i m a Mickey lover~~

    anyway, thx for sharing!!

  25. foodcrazee

    om goodness . . .too much good food eh ? now makan instant noodle . . . .lolz

  26. eiling,

    Hahaha that’ll be awesome.

    Shu Fen,
    Wah that’s a lot of instant noodles!

    Don’t go crazyyyy

    Real pork is nicee 😀

    panda aka racoon,
    Hahahah true.

    Pork Burger,
    Interesting. 😀

    emmm :/

    Can’t say I disagree. 😀

    Hahaha I’m sure they have those.

    Hahha must tone down a bit. :X

  27. haha, trust the Japanese to come up with the kookiest ideas …

    bite into them spidey faces … 🙂

  28. The Japs invented Instant Noodles,of course they’re good! lol

    Btw,I’m also a snake so we are 2 generations away in CLHS…lol

  29. eh KY, why are u half naked ? hehee…


  30. J2Kfm,
    Yah, crazy japs 😛

    Hahaha, 1 generation only ok!

    Shhh. :X

  31. philters

    topless blogger in da house! *woot!* *woot!*

  32. Foodpromotions

    Oh, i loves imported cup noodles. The best i had is at Hong Kong. You would be able to get lots of variety from their 7-11 🙂

  33. philters,
    Oiks! 😛

    Yah, true, I think generally 7-11s here are pretty disappointing. :/

  34. why they never sell those in Msia?!!

    i wan pork instant noodle too ahah

  35. Paul Tan,

    Cos we don’t have Universal Studio here? Hehehe, but I think you can get pork instant noodle at Isetan. 😀

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