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It’s been some three months since I had the string of Guinness food posts in accordance to the Guinness-infused Christmas main course promotion last year, those were some food with more than decent deals.

Most of us have heard about St. Patrick’s Day, it is a big celebration in Ireland (a national holiday on the 17th of March). With Dublin the home of Guinness, it is natural that the most popular international black beer celebrates this occasion across the world, with many promotions during the whole month of March.

Here in Malaysia, the celebration is in the form of Guinness Shamrockin’s St. Patricks with events, celebrations, St. Patrick’s collectibles, and of course, Guinness Infused menu (with those mouth watering Guinness Infused sauce used in the recipe!) in participating restaurants. In fact, the Shamrockin’s event was launched just a last Friday at 1U, which unfortunately I had to miss due to some personal reasons.

Boston Grill at Solaris Mont Kiara
Gimmi a black one!

One of the restaurants that participate in the Guinness Shamrockin’ St. Patrick’s promotion is Boston Grill at Solaris Mont Kiara. The deal is very similar to the previous one, order a main course from the Guinness St. Patrick celebration menu and enjoy a half pint Guinness Draught for free (you are required to fill up a redemption voucher).

Boston Grill at Solaris Mont Kiara
Boston Grill at Solaris, Mont Kiara

I’ve heard quite a bit about Solaris at Mont Kiara with the various new restaurants that sprung up there in recent months, but this was actually my first visit to the area. Parking is a pretty simple affair as there are underground car parks just directly underneath the restaurant.

The restaurant has a pretty big indoor dining area as well as several tables outdoor if you prefer to dine alfresco style. Interior decoration is very classy if somewhat unconventional (reminds me of hotel lobbies). There’s a very well stocked bar, LCD TVs for sports, sofas, and the more conventional dining tables.

Boston Grill at Solaris Mont Kiara
Buffalo wings, the very awesome garlic bread, and mushroom soup

For dinner, Amanda and I ordered two main courses from the Shamrockin’ St. Patrick’s menu, the blacksmith’s bronze plate (grilled lamb chops) and giant prawn, bbq style. We also ordered some buffalo wings as appetizer.

The mains came with a bowl of pretty thick mushroom soup with mushroom bits that was pretty decent, and three slices of garlic breads I can’t help myself from eating. Soft and fully flavored with butter, garlic, and the aroma of spices (coriander I presume), very delicious.

The buffalo wings too did not disappoint (though they somehow arrived in between our mains). The wings were soaked with the sweet tangy sauce and topped with some sesame seeds. We didn’t even need to dip it in the chili sauce provided.

Boston Grill at Solaris Mont Kiara
Black Smith’s BBQ Giant Prawn and Lamb Chop

The Black Smith’s Giant Prawn, BBQ was absolutely fantastic. The tiger prawns were as big as my palm, grilled to perfection with the Guinness infused sauce and served with fries, steamed broccoli, and very interestingly, cherry tomato with bits of sour plum (Amanda pointed out) in it. The black beer adds character to the sauce and gives it a slight sweet bitter taste that contrasts well with the prawns.

The prawns went very well with Guinness Draught, grilled seafood with black beer does make a good combination.

Boston Grill at Solaris Mont Kiara
A half pint of Guinness comes free with the main course

Black Smith’s Bronze Plates is basically a grilled lamb chop served with the same sides and Guinness Infused sauce as the previous dish with an addition of half a corn. The lamb was rather juicy and flavorful, most importantly it was not overly done either.

Scrumptious would be the right choice of word to describe the meat, I think it was even better than the lamb chop at one of the bars at Bangsar where I reviewed the previous Guinness promotion. The corn though, were nothing to shout about, slightly too soggy to be honest.

map of Solaris, Mont Kiara
Solaris is located at the far end of Mont Kiara

Total bill came up to RM 162 with 10% service charge and 5% government tax. The giant prawns at RM 88.95, lamb chops RM 33.95, and wings at RM 17.95. But hey, those prawns were really huge, and the two glasses of Guinness were free. The overall dining experience was certainly worth the price paid.

More pictures are available on my flickr set

Boston Grill
J-01-13, Soho KL,
Solaris Mont Kiara,
No.2, Jalan Solaris, KL

GPS: 3.174689, 101.659595
Tel: +603 6203 0830

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  1. damn prawn is big.

  2. Mellissa

    The prawns look so yummmyyyy!

  3. Man that’s IS some crazy ass prawn.

  4. Myhorng,
    It was!

    Very yums! 😀

    Super HUGE!

  5. foodcrazee

    delish . . .when r u gonna invite me to makan with ya . . .?

  6. Thank goodness I don’t have internet in my office now, if not I would be drooling oredi!

  7. where is ze Guinness beard?!!

  8. dragoncity

    yeah..the prawn so big… =.=”

  9. foodcrazee,
    Aren’t you upstairs? 😛

    Hahhaa so tragic!

    Mustache you mean? 😛

    Yess stim!

  10. yeah sorry…

  11. the food looks awesomely good, wish it was 1 pint on the house! lol!

  12. eiling,
    Heheheh 😛

    Big Boys Oven,
    Hahaha order 2 main dishes then 😛

  13. Laparlah T__T

  14. haven’t tried the jumbo prawns (looks tempting, almost lunch time now..getting..hungry…) but i sure liked the mushroom soup there. overall, decent place. not overly priced and doesn’t try too hard to impress.

  15. wooo guinness… hahaha.

    There is a way they fill up the cup to enhance its taste. Guinness are special!

  16. Until when the promotion?

  17. wahliow…prawn is my favourite seafood ler…..yum yum ler….

  18. ahlost,
    Makan 😀

    Yah, I agree, very appropriately priced. 🙂

    Perfect pint!

    Simon Seow,
    End of the month.


  19. those prawns are really something …. though at RM90 per platter, that’s understandable. 🙂

    with Guiness some more … hmmm…

  20. J2Kfm,
    Yah, very good indeed. 😉

  21. hei there, when i’m looking at the picture you taken, it just makes me feel soooooooooo misssss Malaysia.

    i’m currently workin in China now. It is great to read your blog.

    Anyway, what kinds of lens an camera you are using on shooting those pictures in BOSTON GRIL? it just seems so nice…

  22. ADAM ONG,
    Which is why I’m staying put in Malaysia! I’m using a 400D with Tamron 17-50mm 😀

  23. Are the Guinness menu still available after St Patrick’s? What other menu do they have? Can you tell me more because I plan to bring my friend there for his birthday. Your thoughts are appreciated. Thanks in advance.

  24. Peggy,
    I think the promotion ran the whole of March and thus it might be over by now. You can still call up the restaurant and ask though. 🙂

  25. Dear KY,

    Thanks for replying my question. I’m using 400D too with Sigma 18-200. That is so far my first DSLR and soooooo regrated to have this lens…

    I beg you got at least a second lens beside the 17-50 right?

  26. ADAM ONG,
    Hahah yah 18-200 is a bit too ‘general’, I have another 90mm macro but currently it’s out of commission. :/

  27. the food was really nice but the service was quite poor as the waiters were foreigners who couldnt speak english

  28. ali,
    Ah that sucks, it’s a trend that is not going away I guess. Very annoying

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