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One of my favorite restaurants at the Curve is Waroeng Penyet that serves the pretty unique ayam penyet (flattened fried chicken) that was completely new to me only slightly over a year ago. I have been there quite a few times since but always loath the idea of having to brace the traffic and having to pay parking to get my favorite Indonesian food.

So when I spotted this place on the way home after a round of hitting golf balls everywhere at the Sunway driving range, I immediately suggest to Horng that we should just have our dinner there.

Ayam Penyet AP at Sunway Mentari
clean and air conditioned interior

The set up of Ayam Penyet AP is just a notch above your normal kopitiam. There are a few tables alfresco style for those who might want to have puff after meal, and also plenty of tables for those who prefer air conditioning. The restaurant is clean and comfortable tho there isn’t any effort being put in interior decoration.

The menu here is a bit more extensive compared to Waroeng Penyet, other than the standard Ayam penyet, they have beef, cat fish, prawn, bakso (beef ball), mixed vegetable, and a few types soups too.

Ayam Penyet AP at Sunway Mentari
ayam penyet, ikan penyet (keli), and terung penyet

We ordered ayam penyet, lele penyet (keli, cat fish), and terong penyet (eggplant) to go with two rice for dinner.

The ayam penyet (I had the drumstick) was just as tasty as their counterpart at the Curve. Crispy, flavorful, and with that very addictive hot sambal. I also like the fact that they give more crispy bits.

The deep fried cat fish too was not bad in its own, very aromatic and soft in texture. And as a person who loves eggplant, I absolutely adore the terung penyet. The crispy bits and sambal works very well with the contrasting soft texture of fried eggplant. Very delicious.

Ayam Penyet AP at Sunway Mentari
satisfying dinner

Ayam penyet was priced at RM 7 (already the most expensive item in their menu!), the fish was RM 6.50, and eggplant only RM 2.50. Two plates of rice at RM 1.20 each and you have a very satisfying dinner for way less than RM 20.00!

I am sure this is one of the places I would visit repeatedly.

map to Sunway Mentari
you can see Ayam Penyet AP from LDP just before heading up to the suspension bridge.

Other than Mentari, they have another outlet at Subang Jaya (No. 74, GF, Jln SS15/4, Subang), and Bangi (No. 9, GF, Jln 15/1D, Section 15, 43650 Bandar Baru Bangi) as well.

Ayam Penyet AP
No 17, GF, Jln PJS 8/17,
Dataran Mentari,
46150 PJ, Selangor

GPS: 3.076950, 101.613282
Tel: 019-577 5399

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  1. yeah, cheap n good.

  2. Looks nice, more choice too.

  3. YES YES!
    This is ZE BEST!!…

  4. philters

    i pass by this place everyday but have never tried it. thanks for the tip 😉

  5. thenomadGourmand

    Aiyohh..alws pass by, want to try,want to try but yet to try!

  6. Myhorng,

    Yah, and cheaper 😀

    Hahah so near your house right?

    You’re welcome. 😉

    Make it happen. 😀

  7. Precious Pea

    I love Warong Penyet too!! Will give this place a try since it’s as nice. I heart their spicy kicap manis that goes so well with white rice.

  8. yeah ayam penyet my fav! haven’t been to Waroeng Penyet a long time and I miss the Ice Milo Dinosaur and the Bakso.

  9. i like the sambal that comes with it.. i like the chicken.. i like the fish.. the beef.. terung.. i think i like everything there! LOL!

  10. Great place. The one at the Curve, I think its called Warong Ayam Penyet has great stuff too… And you are right about the sambal, very addictive!!!

  11. Precious Pea,
    yess, the kicap manis is nice! 😀

    Milo Dinosaur I make at office on daily basis 😛

    The sambal is very addictive!

    Yess 😀

  12. Jade Zheng

    eh is the terung oily honestly??

  13. looks yummy!

  14. Jade Zheng,
    Not very oily for me. You’re the health freak so it might be too much for you. 😛

    Yes! 😀

  15. wah…then must try it liow ler….thanks for the info…the name penyet also sounds funny

  16. Mellissa

    Ooooo, ayam penyet, yum yum!

  17. oh gosh… ok I’m gonna try it. thanks for the tip 🙂

  18. foodcrazee

    the WAERONG . . . .not really that good. . .will give this a try. thanx for the tips

  19. ooh someone is misusing the free milo at the office!

  20. There are quite a number of ayam penyet outlets in sunway and subang these days… glad that indonesian food is gaining its popularity. after all they’re not too expensive.

  21. vialentino,
    Haha, yah it is a bit funny. 😀

    YUMS! mwahs! <3

    Make it happen. 😉

    Hahah, you're welcome.


    Yah, I have yet to try others tho. 😉

  22. aeroplane1234

    thts insightful, now i learned a new malay – penyet….. if i want to scold some one i can say “im gonna penyet your balls”. … damn..

  23. Firdy takes 5

    looks yummy!

    i want!

  24. aeroplane1234,
    Hahaha that would be interesting, but don’t just say, do it! 😛


  25. yummoooo… =)

  26. Looked it taste Good…

    Ky, recently I into cooking by myself at home…
    have a look lo…

  27. Ist halal ky?

  28. jolyn,

    Wah, cooking, nice! 😀

    I believe so. 😉

  29. i saw 1 outlet at serdang

  30. I wonder when will someone open a restaurant and sell babi guling here.

  31. Jolene,
    Yah I think they have an outlet there. 😀

    Simon Seow,
    Ohh I’m waiting!

  32. looks tasty

  33. Looks good, an affordable indonesian cuisine. How is it compare to the one in Curve?

  34. mknace,
    It is pretty nice.

    Big Boys Oven,
    This place feels a bit more “authentic” and of course, quite a bit cheaper. 😀

  35. why they named it penyet??

    but it looks damn nice…is it goreng atau bakar atau apa apa??

  36. hitomi,
    penyet is flattened in indonesian. 😀

  37. just went last nite for dinner,….did u notice the amount of flies there? O_O
    alot leh….so pesky

  38. tried it already… at least in my opinion, nowhere near as good or tasty as the one at the Curve.

    I think the one at the Curve has more variety too as they have grilled items like satay and grilled fish which are absent from this joint. Everything here is either fried or souped :p

  39. anna,
    Ooo did you sit outside?

    Ahhh, but they have eggplant! I like eggplant! 😛

  40. I like eggplant too!

    but I’m not gonna go all the way there just for eggplant! lol

    for some reason that just sounded corny

  41. Enoch,
    Hahhaa, but it’s nice!

  42. wah now sell ayam penyet also need AP

  43. Paul Tan,
    Hahhaa yah these days! never know!

  44. hi guys..
    have u try Ria Ayam Penyet?
    in that area too, but facing sunway pyramid..
    just’s so delicious..
    I’m a reguler consumer there:)

  45. elmyra,
    Ahh, haven’t tried that one, perhaps one of these days. 🙂

  46. […] I went on ahead. Luckily I had the GPS coordinates for Ayam Penyet-AP I got from KY Speak’s website, which pointed me to the wrong building block of the place. Duh! Anyway, AT managed to find the […]

  47. me also agree with elmyra,
    so far ”ayam penyet ria” is the best in town =D

  48. susan,
    Will give that a go when I have a chance, thanks. 😀

  49. iniemailgue

    Elmyra is correct, before AP was better then Ria, but since AP open 4 branches, their food quality went down the hill, not as good as before. Seems like the cook so many chicken and use less seasoning. All their cooking is centralized at sunway mentari, other branches just get the chicken and fry it.

  50. iniemailgue,
    So i suppose the AP at Mentari will still be ok?

  51. iniemailgue


    Depends on who is cooking that day, seriously, If the indonesian cook back to indonesia, then the taste will be off also. Last year, during the raya, I went to their first outlet in SS 15, the sambal taste was off, I ask the cashier, she said, Yes….we know….because the indonesian cook went back for raya. hahahaha…..

  52. iniemailgue,
    Hahah interesting, thanks for the tips!

  53. Dato Dereck Stephen

    very bad service workers there sit down, laugh laud, need to call for menu or bill then they move. I like the expensive item bawal fish and many other on the last food page alwayz dnt have !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! why????????? went there 6 times coz my wife like to eat there but alwayz dissapointed wen ordering……..!! very terrible service and place smelly like no aircon or rubbish bad smell…… something or you will see more comments on other blog !!! thanks.

    • Dato Dereck: I think you’re right, service is not exactly great at all, and sadly that is true for most places around here.

  54. Asri Leon

    change the manager/supervisor if can all the workers there tak boleh pakai !!! local oso same foreign pun sama.

  55. I had my first try today at Festival City, Setapak – Ayam Penyet and Ayam Masak Habang. The meat was dry and the taste was bland too. 🙁

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