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Time to take a little break from writing about Bangkok and lets talk about something closer to home for a bit. After all, this site has the reputation of being a food blog of sort, no?

Well, this dining expedition happened late last year when Kerol decided to lead myself and Horng to this little hideout that is F4 Fish Head at the relatively unfashionable part of USJ, within the light industrial area at the back of Summit mall, otherwise known as the traffic death zone during rush hour.

F4 Fish Head at Subang USJ
F4 Fish head, next to USJ badminton hall

The restaurant occupies a small industrial lot, which is rather big by kopitiam standard. By the time we got there at around 6:30, it was already 80% full despite located in a rather hidden area.

We sat down and ordered a steamed fish head with ginger and onion, a plate of potato leaves with balacan, and a clay pot port belly with salted fish.

F4 Fish Head at Subang USJ
fish head with ginger & garlic, potato leaves, pork belly with salted fish

Food did take a while to arrive but it wasn’t unacceptably long.

The steamed fish head with ginger and garlic(not exactly sure the type of fish used) was very delightful. Now fish heads are usually prepared with curry, but if you have good quality and fresh fish heads, steaming would be a preferred method. The fish was soft, and as it was almost 1/3 of the fish instead of just the head, there were plenty to chew from.

The clay pot pork belly with salted fish too was a very commendable dish. Saturated with the goodness of 3-layered pork that is skin/fat/meat and salted fish in dark soya sauce and dried chili. It was a good contrast to the fairer taste of the steamed fish head.

F4 Fish Head at Subang USJ
KY, Kerol, and Horng

As for the potato leaves with balacan, well, it was decent but nothing particularly outstanding. A good accompanying dish to counter the meat and fish. But I do feel that perhaps a steamed soup might serve us better.

map to F4 Fish Head at Subang USJ
F4 Fish Head is hidden within Subang Jaya Industries Park

Total meal came to something like RM 60, very economical for what we ordered. I need to go back there again to try out other types of fish head dishes they have. They’re open for lunch as well as dinner.

F4 Fish Head
Lot 776, Sub lot 3,
Jalan Subang 4,
Subang Jaya Industries Park,
47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor

GPS: 3.04651, 101.59724
Tel: 012-325 9111

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  1. Tan Yee Hou

    Kerol looks like she’s holding a black dildo in that photo heeheeh.

  2. Excuse me, Mr Tan Yee Hou… I don’t like black fyi… looks geli.. hahaha

  3. Tan Yee Hou,
    Hahah stop being gross.

    white dildo is ok? LOL

  4. do they play F4 songs when you eat? Lol.

  5. Wah… This place is near my house, how come I didn’t go try. LOL!!

    Will try this place out this weekend, if possible. 😛

  6. wah….next to badminton hall sumore….those players must be feeling hungry each time they smells food smell ler…

  7. I have tried the one at Jalan Chan Show Lin…really nice and affordable.i think it’s the same. SO many “copies” nowadays

  8. Robb,
    Hahaha waiting for you to make an appearance ok! 😛

    Angie Tan,
    You didn’t know!? Make it happen 😀

    Yah I saw a lot of players there.

    Hahaha not exactly copy, just a traditional recipe I suppose. 😉

  9. Mellissa

    You know, I never knew how this fish head thing works … I always just eat everything else but the fish, lol.

  10. F4 Fish Head hahaha…
    look around maybe 5566 Lala is around there somewhere

  11. F4 and 5566? What’s with all these Taiwanese bands and their investment in F&B outlets over here? 😉

  12. I just love this restaurant, It’s cheap and good. You should try the pork and yam dish the next time. It’s da bomb!

  13. used to eat there =]
    until more people came in and made us seatless =\

  14. I’ve been here b4!!! Not too bad lah. I wonder how the name F4 is derived?

  15. Jenson Tee

    there is a restaurant and bandar puteri puchong which also served ginger fish head and other dishes,which is very is their 3rd outlet and the other 2 is in Klang which they is located on the same row with citibank, end lot.

  16. Mellissa,
    Hahha, they have plenty of fish meat here too, not just the head 😀


    Huai Bin,
    Economic slow down.. you know.

    Ooo thanks! 😀

    HAHAHaa tragic!

    I have no idea, maybe it’s the zoning. 😛

    Jenson Tee,
    ooOo interesting!


  18. like makan in gudang. fun.

    the name F4 a bit not very errr….

  19. Looks decent, would like to try their curry fish head.

  20. cocoadeluxe

    I have been there last year. The food was just so so..nothing really much to shout about. The place was really crowded and we have to wait for about 15 minutes for our table even we had made booking earlier.

  21. They serve awesome food with affordable price. I tried the ‘yin yong’ fish head. It was GOOD! Shall I dinner there tonight? =)

  22. I didn’t quite like F4 though but perhaps because we had the CNY set meals… and you know the deal about CNY set meals.

  23. I read that there’s another place also sell a few types of fish head near Kuchai Lama.

    Ciss 😛

    Hahaha yah, the name a bit weird.

    Yah lets make it happen!

    ooO that’s not very pleasant

    Make it happen! 😀

    Yah you’re right. 😉

    Simon Seow,
    Oo there are alot of places.

  25. this place is always full of people. whether for lunch or for dinner. the price is reasonable too.

  26. Jade Zheng

    pork belly with salted fish. ooohhh yummmm *lick lick!

  27. jolene,
    Yahh, correct. 😀

    Jade Zheng,
    Yess stim! 😀

  28. I knew this place since last year. It’s always packed. The fish head is super duper awesome. Try their Yin Yong fish head..Im drooling now. LOL..

  29. Andy Liau

    Thx for your sharing infos.

    Jst tried, fish head so so only. Beside, smell muddy.

    If u want something above average, u can try Man Kee Steam Fish Head at Happy Garden near OUG, the stall along road side surronding by a row of food stalls.

  30. Sue Me,
    glad you like it

    Andy Liau,
    a bad day perhaps? I’ve heard about the OUG place tho 😀

  31. Andy Liau

    Almost gone through all ur threads. Fruitful!

    If u plan to go during dinner time, u shld go before 6pm to avoid heavy crowd.

    Man Kee Steamed Fish Head at the only row of food stall at Happy Garden. Sure u will get it, opposite is a dim sum shop.

    Perhaps u can try the salted Egg Yolk fried chicken wings too.


  32. Andy Liau,
    thanks for the tips! 😀

  33. I just came across your old thrade on this F4 Fish Head. They expended their place from 1 light industrial warehouse to 2 lot…

    Well, What can i only tell you all that this restaurant die die must try. Of course their signature dish is the Fish Head which you can select many varity of way to cook it. Mine, i like it steam with ginger and extra added pork lard. Yummy……

    There are others such as their home-made tofu and pig nuckle….
    Yet the price is resonable as well. I always go there if i have any customer from local or from overseas since is near by my office and my weekly badminton game.

    So must try. Thumbs Up

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