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The one place at Bangkok every girl must visit is of course, the Chatuchak weekend market. 15,000 stalls selling everything from accessories, clothes, furniture, decorative items, to pets and food. Everything that you ever need, you can find them here, and usually cheap.

Mellissa at Chatuchak Weekend Market
Mell picking up some 10 baht a piece earrings

Our first trip to Chatuchak was on Saturday just before noon. It was way too hot and the girl somehow decided to buy 4 pieces of mugs for 15 baht each (a very good deal, I must agree) among other stuff which kinda made carrying the spoils a bit too tiring. We ended up spending half an hour for foot massage, nice!

We went there again on Sunday evening after spending some time in the city. This time around we got quite a bit more than previous trip (but no clay kitchenware this time), Mell got some 20 pieces of clothes and I got myself 3 pieces yey!

Mellissa at Chatuchak Weekend Market
that small pile of 3 shirts was what I bought, the rest belongs to Mell

After 3 days at the funky room 202 “Hong Kong Pat”, we moved to room 303 “Medicine Machine” at Reflections Rooms. Instead of the converted shop lot, this room looks like it was a small office, about the size of 2.5 standard hotel room. Will have more pictures posted soon.

Room 303 at Reflections Bangkok
Room 303 – Medicine Machine

2 more days in Bangkok, and it’s been as awesome as it can get. I think a trip to the city is in schedule tomorrow, perhaps to catch another movie and visit the Ocean World at Siam Paragon. Be back soon with proper naisss photos!

Discuss : Chatuchak Weekend Market and Reflections 303

  1. i mahu souvenir~~ 15 baht one also nvm. lol

  2. wah….holiday with ur gf at bangkok …nice….i miss chatuchak…lots of stuff to be bought there…enjoy ur trip…

  3. 20 shirts ratio to 3??? Wow girls are shopaholics~~~~ enjoy chatuchak~

  4. wow naiss shopping there! can’t wait. hehe…

  5. Robb,
    Hahaha ok!

    Thanks 😀

    That’s after watching the movie! 😛

    Make it happen 😀

  6. I Love chatucak! I remember I was there with 2 british indian gals who shopped and shopped till I almost fainted!

  7. Go to Ocean World – is the best aquarium so far! Largest in SE Asia if i’m not mistaken.

    But could be quite expensive – 890 baht i think.

  8. if got time, may drop by the femes “Cabbages & Condoms Thai Restaurant” in Bangkok…hehe

  9. Wow… I miss shopping in BANGKOK too!! Do you get me anything!? I’m waiting! =)

  10. Chatuchak market is a crazy place! They sell so many things, but I only got a few only cos most are not up to my standards. Haha! But for those who like shopping, can spend hours and hours there! Feel like going Bamgkok again! : )

  11. i also want souvenir!! and why the hotel so fuxxing nice wan!!! i also wanna go!

    oh ya have fun on the rest of your trip, lovebirds:D

  12. hehe… me will b going for 8 days on end of april… bes….

  13. I’m seriously intrigued by the themed hotel rooms. I’m planning to go to Bangkok and stay there. I like the concept of the hotel. Very nice indeed.

    I would stay in a different room every day.

  14. Souvenir pls!!! Waa looks like a good shopping spree huh??

  15. hahaha… LOL =D like huai bin said… must plan plan abit go stay there!! =D

  16. Jade Zheng

    i’ve wanted to go to Chatuchak since the day Pink Pau blogged about it soooo many years back! buy me earrings too 10q veli much. =p

  17. wow… nice… ky… please introduce some of the restaurant in bangkok… coz i am going to bangkok next month… any suggestion? 🙂

  18. nicktay,
    Almost fainted cos you had to carry their stuff? lol

    Yes we went! 😀

    Hahaha didn’t have time! 😛

    You’ll see 😉

    Your standard too high lo. 😛

    Hahaha Mell got you something!


    Huai Bin,
    Except they don’t allow you to change room everyday :/

    OH yesss 😀

    Make it happen! 😀

    Jade Zheng,
    Opsss lets see! Go go go

    Restaurants? We eat by the streets. 😉

  19. Firdy takes 5

    What did u guys buy for me

    i made u guys a big card u know, i put music in it, when open ah, the card can sing, very cute one

    some more, i love u guys so much

    yay! i got some souvenir right


  20. i love chatuchak too… going to thailand again this may but no chatuchak-ing for mi coz no~~~~~~~~ weekends!!!! ah!!!

  21. Can buy those Croc clips for me?

  22. souvenir kalo? 😛

  23. Niceeeeee………I’m a sucker for romantic just-the-two-of-us holidays. Glad to hear you guys had fun!!!

  24. eiling… we’re going in March!!!! :D:D:D

  25. hope to c more of ur bangkok trip pics soon…

  26. June,
    No weekends? Oh nooooo

    Simon Seow,
    Er.. croc clips from electrical shops?


    Thanks thanks, me too. hee-hee


    Will do in a jiffy. 😉

  27. woo! i’m going to bangkok soon too, i guess. hahahaha. i want to stay in Reflections but then tight budget. ahahaha. a 250bath room will do too ;p

  28. foodcrazee

    good to see u so relax and enjoy ur hols with MELL . . . .

  29. Hi you’re visiting Chatuchak too? Yea, should definitely not give it a miss. I’ve been there 3 times in less than a year. Normally, I would buy clothes and taste the hawker fares.

    JJ apparently has a very nice park attached to it. Both locals and tourists can be seen strolling and picnicking by the lake. One can try out the gym sets at the far corner or go boating too. Else, people watching and enjoying the serenity like me.

  30. mimid3vils

    Oh…I missed this place, when can I go back again??????

  31. vvens,
    Hahaha 250 bath’s not gonna make it there :/

    Thanks 😀

    Gym set? Are you crazy? hahaha

    How can you go to Bangkok and miss that place! 😛

  32. mimid3vils

    Haha, I went Chatucak but now I missed it …

  33. midmid3vils,
    Do it again! 😀

  34. […] having a pretty tiring first day at Chatuchak, we decided to try the other stall right next to the first one we ordered pad see yew from. This is […]

  35. You know, reading this post again (cause someone clicked my link here), I just realized I have no idea where the hell those slippers are, or all the damn mugs or ashtrays. Or actually a lot of those random knicknacks I bought …

  36. Mellissa,
    Terrible, same goes with half the cloths you bought from god knows where, I bet! 😀

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