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I was invited for the third Friday Wine Lunch at the Japanese restaurant Tykoh Inagiku last Friday. The Friday Wine Lunch series is hosted by Pernod Ricard Malaysia, and I was invited by the good people at Millennium Associates. As I tend to look like a lobster after half a glass of any alcohol, I took half a day off from work to attend this event, and it was well worth the effort.

Jacob's Creek Wine at Tykoh Inagiku
Cabernet Sauvignon, Reserved Riesling, and Reserved Chardonnay from Jacob’s Creek

I didn’t know the existence of Tykoh Inagiku prior to this event. Located at Menara Keck Seng right next to Westin Hotel at Bukit Bintang, the restaurant has a pretty classy set up with comfortable chairs and tasteful furnishing while not being exuberant.

We were served Cabernet Sauvignon, Reserved Riesling, and Reserved Chardonnay from Jacob’s Creek, accompanied by some pretty fine Japanese dishes.

Jacob's Creek Wine at Tykoh Inagiku

We started out with Sea Urchin and Fresh Tofu with Ponzu Jelly to go with Reserved Riesling. The appetizer consists of a generous portion of sea urchin on tofu with a little piece of kiwi, and a dash of smelt and salmon roe, you can feel at least 4 different textures play in your mouth. Pretty creative.

Fish Stock Soup with Takenoko (Bamboo Shoots) and Mushroom also includes seaweed and a very small slice lime to freshen up the taste. It was a fresh departure from the standard miso soup, I like it quite a bit and actually had two bowls (since there was an absentee). The soup reminds me of the set we had at Ninja Jones.

The Reserved Riesling goes particularly well with our third dish, Sashimi Salad. The fish were either raw or slightly seared and served with different accompanying ingredients in a very fine-dining style. Something closer to fusion than pure Japanese, but I think it worked out pretty alright.

Jacob's Creek Wine at Tykoh Inagiku
Grill Lobster with Miso Sauce & Char Grilled Wagyu Beef with Wasabi Sauce

I chose the Grilled Lobster with Miso Sauce as my main. Half a lobster grilled with miso, cheese, mushroom, asparagus, and a few other condiments. I find the lobster meat fresh and very delicious, but the miso sauce slightly too salty at times. Luckily the Reserved Chardonnay does well to cut through the grease a bit.

As my luck goes, there was an extra portion of Char Grilled Wagyu Beef with Wasabi Sauce unclaimed, and of course we did not let it go to waste. The beef was done medium well and very, very succulent. Wasabi sauce provided a tad of spiciness while leaving the original taste intact. If you go to Tykoh Inagiku, this is the dish to order, and it would be a good idea to have the beef with Cabernet Sauvignon.

Jacob's Creek Wine at Tykoh Inagiku
Yours Truly, the dessert, and Lionel of Millennium Associates

Lunch was capped off with Lemon and Yuzu Sorbet and Macha Dumpling. The sorbet was so sour it practically cleaned my tongue anew, an experience not dissimilar from the lunch I had at Lafite. The taste of strawberry with powdered green tea and macha dumpling with the renewed taste buds was much better than having them straight after the hearty main dish.

map to Menara Keck Seng
Menara Keck Seng is located right next to Westin Hotel

As always, this Friday Wine Lunch session was marvelous. For RM75 per pax, I think it’s a steal. Do contact Millennium Associates if you are interested in the next session (usually held on the last Friday of the month).

Tykoh Inagiku Japanese Restaurant
2nd Floor, Podium Block, Menara Keck Seng
No. 203, Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

GPS: 3.147919,101.714913
Tel: 03-2148 2133

More photos can be found on my flickr set

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  1. Jade Zheng

    KY i’m the 1st agen! i think we update / check our blog(s) the same time. hahaha! y makan alone tak ajak ka? ish! jahanamnyeeerrrrrrrrr~! +o(

  2. foodcrazee

    this is definitely a good restaurant. RM75 for lunch is a steal alright.

  3. Ah tis the life! Skive off work for an afternoon of fine food and wine! We should ALL be so lucky!

  4. Drooling~

  5. Jade Zheng,
    Ahh this one I wasn’t in the liberty to invite maa what to do. 😀

    Yes, very good deal!

    550ml jar of faith,
    Hehehe you can be!

    Hee-hee 😀

  6. We missed the PJ one so sad, was gonna go but saw the address in KL again on Friday afternoon – mafan!

  7. Pictures like these are torture when you’re faced with eating porridge for a week…like me. Sob sob sob!

  8. all the posh places and pricey foods…

    I doubt whether I know how to taste them @@

  9. lucky you-for rm75/ it is a steal

  10. Oooh, lucky u! Wagyu beef looks terribly inviting! I like the Jacob’s Creek Rose.

  11. Nice! RM 75 per pax is pretty good for the stuff you’re getting! 🙂

  12. Hi KY! The food looks great as always… can I ask if you use a macro lens with a DSLR? Or just a point and shoot?

    P/S: I think i played futsal with you and ur friends on Thursday…


  13. thenomadGourmand

    ya lorr..nvr knew this plc existed! the Sea Urchin and Fresh Tofu with Ponzu Jelly looks so colourful!

  14. ShaolinTiger,
    Ahh next time!

    Chubby Zebra,
    Hahha why so tragic!

    it’s not hard to taste them, just put into the mouth and chew. 😀

    Yes! and I didn’t pay for it. :X

    The wagyu was excellent!

    Huai Bin,
    Oh definitely. 🙂

    Thank you, I use a Canon 400D with Tamron 17-50 lens on most of my food pictures. 🙂

    Yesss. now you are in the know. 😉

  15. Wah looks like you’re going to be the wine connoisseur soon! But I have to convert you to french wines later!

  16. eiling,
    Oh no, that’s not exactly an inexpensive hobby. :X

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