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If my memory serves me correct, this should be the third time Cheesie and I went for a seafood dinner. Together with Cindy, we decided to give South Sea Seafood a try instead of Lala Chong, which we went on the first two occasions.

There are a few more seafood places in the vicinity and I have a feeling it’s only a matter of time before we sample all of them.

South Sea Seafood kampung subang
South Sea Seafood, very big selection of live seafood

South Sea Seafood is located just next to the runway of the old Subang Airport, parking is a relatively painless affair as the restaurant has a dedicated free car park right across the road with friendly parking attendance ever so eager to assist you. Definitely a plus point.

There are plenty of aquariums with live and some pretty exotic seafood on display at this restaurant, snow crab, abalone, mantis prawn, geoduck, etc. Pretty similar to Pantai Seafood in this regard.

South Sea Seafood kampung subang
baked crab, steamed red snapper with ginger, two-style kailan

For the three of us, we ordered a couple kilograms of baked crabs, a pretty good portion of steamed red snapper, and a two-style kailan to go with some rice. Crustacean, fish, vegetable, balance and complete.

The size of the baked crabs was very good. The top half of the claws were as big as Cheesie’s oversized shades, and most importantly, they tasted so succulent and flavorful. By having crabs prepared this way, you get the natural flavor of the seafood, and thus freshness is most important since there are no strong spices and other ingredients masking the original taste. For good quality crabs, avoid having them with fancier preparation methods.

South Sea Seafood kampung subang
Cheesie, Cindy, and Yours Truly having a crabby time!

The steamed red snapper is topped with a layer of finely chopped garlic and spring onion. The greenish sauce goes well with the fish and gives it a slightly spicy and fresher taste.

Deep fried shredded kailan leaves topping the more conventional sauteed vegetable of the same kind looks like a pretty weird combination, but they actually tasted rather nice. The crunchy deep fried leaves carries a texture not unlike dried Japanese seaweed and gives the normal kailan dish another dimension. I liked it.

map to South Sea Seafood at kampung subang
South Sea Seafood is located by Subang Airport runway

The girls had some ice cream as desserts to conclude the dinner. Everything came to a total of a little over RM 100, a pretty average bill for what we ate. Cindy also wrote about the experience here, where she tried to play with a small boy during our dinner (small boy didn’t want to layan her).

No 229, Jalan 2A,
Kampung Baru Subang,
40000 Subang, Selangor

GPS: 3.140688,101.54691
Tel: 03-7846 1401

Discuss : KY eats – South Sea Seafood at near Subang Jaya Airport

  1. Jade Zheng

    hai…sien. i thought sumbaday wants to OFF comment at 1st! hahahaha~~~ Yay! I’m da 1ST this time. ;P

  2. Ohh…looks yummy

  3. seafood..definitely will go try..
    is it near the papa mama western food?

  4. hi ky,
    my office just nearby, many tourist bus come here for seafood ever since terminal 3 is operating.

    I like to recommend Kwai Lam Seafood restaurant which is further in Kg. Baru Subang. Kwai Lam is more known to people here in Kg. Baru Subang. My fav are fried chic wing, lala meeboon, sweet & sour crabs and fried sotong.
    I thought you might be interested. Cheers!

    here is the link 😉

  5. Jade Zheng,
    Hahehe, no laa it was a mistake during posting. 😀


    Further inside, about another 1/2 km or so. 🙂

    Thanks! I think I might have been there a long time ago but I shall do it again. 😀

  6. u cut hair ar!

  7. big boy should layan her. hehe.

  8. u cut hair wtf LOL

  9. aud,
    No laa that was almost 2 months ago!

    Undoubtedly. hahaha

    LOL Shhh

  10. Subang! Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    I hate Subang. I get lost in Subang.

  11. should have gone to Lala Chong instead, since you have two lala muis together….one even wore sunglasses for dinner at night! LOL

  12. Huai Bin,
    Get GPS! 😛

    Hahahha, the sunglasses is only for photo sessions though. 😀

  13. Hi Bro! As for me, no more visit fto Lala Chong cause my last visit their food was just average and expensive!

  14. fie the elf

    nose nose nose nose


  15. Lucky guy!!! Dinner with two pretty girls huh???

  16. Big Boys Oven,
    ooO bad experience for you ya..

    fie the elf,

    Hehe thank you thank you.

  17. Went to Lala Chong before but din notice about this shop..

    Food looked impressive and I think I should off to try it out soon…

    Hopefully it is as nice ya!

  18. Good food and good company! Lucky-nya. Lala Chong is overrated & expensive!!!

  19. the fish doesn’t look too happy.

  20. I went last night with some friends and here’s what we ordered :

    1) Chilli crab (1 crab)
    2) Steam crab (2 crabs)
    3) Cat Fish
    4) Steam egg
    5) Spinach (fried with garlic)
    6) Sotong bakar
    7) Fried rice (3 adult portion)
    8) Endless Crysanthemum can drinks – i think the girls are gonna get diabetes soon.

    Bill came to about RM303.00


  21. how come my point number is so cool.

  22. my point number 8 damnit

  23. aeroplane1234

    ha, never really pay attention to shops after lala chong, all the shops further looked so crooked like con shops neh

  24. Jade Zheng

    sien. i want bird park! )=

  25. desmond-t,
    this place is slightly further inside.

    ooo definitely. 😀


    Very cool emoticon kan? hehe, That catfish and sotong bakar probably cost quite a bit. I never really fancy “pak sou kong” myself.

    HAhahaha be more open!

    Jade Zheng,

  26. nice meeting u at the nokia event! n no..i dun always spill beers! =P hehehe

  27. The seafood posting reminded me that of my seafood experiences in Sabah . You can eat some bake lobster Kota Kinabalu with a reasonable price.
    But my greatest experiences is eating barbeque squid after snorkeling where the squid was hunted on the spot by our tour guide .

  28. huei,
    Hahaha I SURE HOPE NOT! 😛

    OWooo Sabah, yes yes I can hear youu

  29. Hoong Foong Dim Sum at Subang Jaya is nice too!

  30. very crowded n nice …..

  31. jutasik,
    ooo I see, thanks!

    Yaa 😀

  32. Only one word to say – EXPENSIVE!!!

  33. SL,
    not too bad for RM 30+ per pax considering the huge crabs tho. 🙂

  34. This place is a rip off. They con ppl not only by their expensive prices but also by the seafood’s weight. They served us a 600-700 grams Patin fish but charged us 1.1/1.3 kg. I’ve read others whom visited this restaurant and got conned of LOBSTER’S (weight) as well… PFF.

    • Jh: if they rip off people by falsifying weight of seafood then it’s a ground to actually file consumer complain. Luckily I didn’t have that kinda problem there before tho.. I’ll be more careful, thanks for the feedback. 🙂

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