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I was at the Nokia N96 race last Saturday, a race which Cheesie and I didn’t win due to my sprained ankle and her general lack of walking speed. It was a good and fun event by Nokia, but the best thing I got from there was this little experiment thingy taught by Eevon (one of David Lian’s slaves) of Text100.

Palm & Finger experiement
Eevon demonstrating the palm & finger experiement

  • Put your palm together like the picture on the left
  • with your other hand, touch your finger together with another person’s finger as the picture on the right demonstrates
  • move your fingers (thumb & forefinger) up and down the fingers being touched
  • what do you feel?

Try it with your friend, and tell me if you feel weird and freaky!


Discuss : KY’s trick – Palm & Finger Experiement (must try!)

  1. I feel like one of my fingers is missing…

    Interesting trick though. Nifty.

  2. Huai Bin,
    Get to enjoy sensory illusions without being high nor drunk, interesting isn’t it? 😀

  3. Oh-kaaaay… time to find meself a few ‘guinea pigs’… MUHAHA…

  4. Rambling Mind

    Nope. Nothing

  5. Alice Teh,
    Do it!

    Rambling Mind,
    oOoo kayyy…

  6. i don’t understand la teoh kar yeong!

  7. Aiyerrr !!

  8. aud,
    LOL I show you next time ok!

    Hahahha best right? 😀

  9. i wanna try it now!!! but got noone in my room how ah!!
    actually i learned this in pyschology. but it’s a big different. it’s called phantom limb or something!

  10. wat’ll happen? im alone in front of my lappy! iwnna try it~

  11. sweatlee,
    Try it, wake your housemate up!

    mr farid,
    bug your housemate! 😀

  12. Feels like when you’re bored and you sit on your hand for 5 mins and then…well…

    I think it’s called ‘The Stranger’.

  13. Dare I send a life sized picture of myself to your XMAS party? lol

    Can I have my finger back now? 🙂

  14. Woi, the man with 3 Nokia phones.

  15. It felt like I can feel my fingers! Is it supposed to be like that? Ok, next time you try it with me k?

  16. Oli,
    Hahah true true, similar concept.


    Nooooooooo, I don’t have a plotter to print that!

    Simon Seow,
    I don’t laa, the 5800 is for review. 😀

  17. I did that, and I only felt very gay. Haha.

  18. eh where can purchase slaves like Eevon? 😛

  19. Andrew Ho,

    Ask from davidlian!

  20. I was thinking of sending it to you already printed. I have a friend who works at a printing place. She might give me a discount or something … then again, maybe she won’t. lol
    I figure you can hang it on the wall and play Pin the Tail on Dabido or draw graffiti all over it. 🙂

  21. Bidding starts a bajillion dollars =P

  22. Dabido,
    It’s ok! We can do without. lol

    Good luck! 😛

  23. i feel nothings wrong wor~~
    i wonder izzit same feeling wiz ur toe??~~
    ky try lar~

  24. meow,
    Er.. doesn’t work all the time. LOL

  25. please tell me what am i suppose to feel. i try but nothing.
    suppose to have 3 person playing? or just 2?

  26. su-yee,
    You’re supposed to feel weird, if not, then perhaps you are weird? 😛 heheheh

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