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It’s quite amazing how I completely missed writing about this place despite having been eating here since seemingly forever. The lala and noodles at Mei Yun restaurant in Taman Paramount needs no introduction to many of the dwellers at PJ, having been in operation for well over a decade and still using traditional charcoal fire to cook all their dishes.

Lala at Mei Yun, taman paramount
charcoal powered

Just before heading to the soft launch of Bondai Grill & Pub at the Curve a couple weekends ago, the gang (my ex housemates) and I decided to have a quick dinner. Since we were at the area and lala was in my mind, this place came as a natural choice.

Lala at Mei Yun, taman paramount
lala, more lala, and noodles

For the five of us, we ordered two types of lala. The kam heong (spicy), and siong thong (soup), as well as hokkien mee and wat tan hor (flat noodle with egg) in portions for two person.

It didn’t take long for the siong tong lala to come, and boy the portion was huge. I reckon there must be over a hundred pretty decent size clams in the pot. The soup was pretty subtle and the lala retains it’s natural taste. It was pretty nice as the lala were rather fresh.

Lala at Mei Yun, taman paramount
a bunch of old timers

The kam heong lala, while not as good as the one served up at Alisan SS4, still did the seafood justice. Slightly spicy and a bit stronger tasting than the previous type. Again, the portion was pretty big.

The two types of noodles we had were equally good. Hokkien mee comes with just enough pork lard to give it a proper taste, while wat tan hor was smooth and flavorful, with egg yolks providing that extra color and savory sensation.

map to Mei Yun restaurant, taman paramount
mei yun restaurant is located at taman paramount

The best part was, for five person, that entire dinner only costs RM 42. The shop operates from dinner till late.

Jalan 20/7,
Petaling Jaya, Selangor

GPS: 3.110242, 101.627129

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  1. I been here before.. But not I drive.. How to go there..kakaka

  2. mimid3vils

    xiong tong lala in deep bowl? Normally it served on a plate~~ Sure this have more soup hor..

  3. lala… very long time no eat, but lazy to take them off the shells la.

  4. SS,
    Hahah use GPS!

    Yah, a lot more soupy. 😀

    You’re impossible! 😛

  5. wah…rm 42 for all the foods in there…very cheap ler!

  6. vialentino,
    Yah! I was a bit shocked at the low price to be honest!

  7. PenangTuaPui

    i am lala hunter.. once got lala.. sure order one…

    but sometime need to get fresh lala is kind of difficult….

    but we are lucky to be surround by sea… and I had try the most juicy and fresh lala at teluk intan…. i love it….

  8. The father is a better cook. When he takes a break and his son takes over, the food isn’t that nice.

    Their “stew pork meehoon” and “hokkien fried kuay teow with a raw egg on top” is also very nice.

  9. totally agree… Mei Yun LALA super ho chiak!!!

    still thinks the father is a better cook though

  10. if you happen to be in klang, try to go to New Boston Restaurant nearby The Store. Their siong tong lala is superb too.

  11. yum! i lov lala too..yesh! i’m going to cook it tomorrow! no, actually in a few mins..teehee

  12. PenangTuaPui,
    OoO teluk intan, should be best!

    Interesting! Thanks for the tips. 😉


    Thanks for the pointer! 🙂

    Waaah can cook some more!

  13. hokkien mee………………..

  14. lala ..omgggggg I lurveee lalaa …

  15. hmm….this is my opinion on eating lalas…It’s not that worth it to eat lalas outsiode.
    !stly, it’s kinda expensive sometimes and it’s not that clean because they juz simply clean it as they wanna make business…SOmemore, they love to “cheat by giving in some shell into the dish as an “illusion” to make it look more when it’s served..

    well this is my opinion…any more food blogs that I can read through?? I love food blogs…can U recommend some nice food blogs to this e-mail? my email is Thank you!

  16. pinkpau,
    Hahaha NY doesn’t have! 😛

    Me too!

    Cooking at home is always nicer, but then again with all the hassles… Click on my Malaysian Food Blogs page for more! 😀

  17. i wonder where they’ll serve Lala with only the meat ah? Without the shells. Yum Yum, that would be nice for lazy assholes like me. lol

  18. I need to get a GPS unit for KL driving. Seriously. I would probably have to call for directions every 2 minutes later tonight.

  19. Robb,
    You’re hopeless. lol.

    Huai Bin,
    Hahaha, teruk! 😀

  20. love this place! used to go there quite often some years ago. i remember their hokkien mee is by batch processing, if u order one right after he has finished cooking a batch, then have to wait for quite long for the next bath of cooking

  21. i went back to take my friends and family for the kamheong lala at SS4 but only half the row was there. What happened yea?

  22. heello…i been there b4…last time was damn nice…now not too nice already =)

  23. xin,
    Hahah yah, I think you are right.

    Some days they are off maa.

    Hui wen,
    I guess you must be served by the son? 😀

  24. aeroplane1234

    looked fantastically nice!!! (can da bao to bangkok for me? airport still shut down. celaka!)

  25. No no no no!!! This was supposed to be my meal!

  26. aeroplane1234,
    Hahah you slowly wait!

    Yah you super busy, dare to say!!!!

  27. Jade Zheng

    psst! got one sungai got alot of lala also. sshhh~ wanna go eat? *wtf so mean*

  28. Wah eat so much lala… I’m more interested in the Sunrise Duck location on your map. Lol….

  29. Precious Pea

    So many lala dishes at one go?? Wow..ok…am convinced. Will try it soon.

  30. Jade Zheng,
    Ya lets go! 😛

    Hahaha I had that before too 😀

    Precious Pea,
    Two only maa 😀

  31. the best food here is the pai kuat yee mee

  32. we used to eat at this place often due to their yummy food and reasonable prices…till a few times we found burnt cockroaches in our hokkien mee…haven’t gone back since!

  33. jason,
    oOOo good to know.

    Burnt cockroaches? are they tasty? :S

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  35. thetrystero

    Omg, just ate here. Can’t believe how bad the food is. Lala was completely bland mee was a terrible tasteless gook. Malaysian food bloggers are either dishonest or completely devoid of tastebuds

    • thetrystero: guess we have differing taste or the place has gone down recently

  36. Henry yan

    I went tapao last week, fried kuey teow & hokkien meehoon, taste terrible…feeling vry disappointed…doesnt taste like standard of dai chao…fried kuey teow way too oily…and the hokkien meehoon tasted like steel… although the potion was quite volume they should hv emphasise more on the flavour…

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