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I’ve actually heard, and read about this place for quite sometime. However, it wasn’t until last weekend did I have the chance to go there, guided by my buddy horng horny who works around the area. Puchong Yong Tau Fu is located rather deep inside Puchong, though not exactly very hidden, it is still a little challenging to get there purely by verbal directions.

Puchong Yong Tau Fu
the yong tau fu place enjoying brisk business

The “restaurant” is more like an over-sized shack with no walls. Seating capacity is rather big, but you might still end up having to wait for a table during rush hour as this place seems to be very popular. The place can be a little too warm on a hot mid afternoon, and probably a little inconvenient during a storm.

Puchong Yong Tau Fu
make to order yong tau fu

That said, Puchong Yong Tau Fu is a rather unique in a good way. The yong tau fu is only cooked just before serving, most all other places just reheat the already-cooked servings instead. In a way, it is a lot fresher, and it does reflect in its taste. A lot more springy, succulent, and not at all stale.

Puchong Yong Tau Fu
i think we over ordered…

We picked two of each 13 different types of yong tau foo for lunch. There were chili, brinjal, okra, bitter gourd, fish ball, dumplings, fu chok, and a few unidentified items. They were all stuffed to the max and rather big in portion.

I also especially love the fact that the soup version is served with plenty of that leafy vegetable typically found in pan mee. It gives your taste buds a refreshing change from the meatier items, very nice.

Puchong Yong Tau Fu
this place is rather close to the LDP cyberjaya toll

The entire meal costs us around RM 20. A pretty decent value considering the huge portion, and we pretty much over ordered anyway.

Other than yong tau foo, they also serve pan mee, paper wrapped chicken, and probably few other dishes. If you want something different when it comes to yong tau fu, this is the place to go.

Puchong Yong Tau Foo
Lot 105, Batu 14,
Jalan Besar, Kampung Baru Puchong

GPS: 2.99551, 101.62375

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  1. This Yong Tau Foo is nice but it’s very hot … like having Yong Tau Foo in Sauna :-p I went there many years ago… hopefully they have improved :-p

  2. amazingly i know where this place is. hahaha

  3. TZ,
    Yaaa, sauna, very nice. LOL

    I’m amazed!

  4. I have been living in Puchong for the past 13 years. Heard about this for a long time. Now I need to go and try it!

    Thanks KY!

  5. aeroplane1234

    watch out. i think Monday not open. next few lots also got another one. but no shade. hujan means u gotta lari

  6. Must belanja me la some day, I can see only now xD

  7. wow…only RM20? So worth it!!

  8. David Chew

    Wah so full of people there sure the food taste good.

  9. kelvin,
    Hahaha you noob! 😛

    Ooo no shade even worse. :S

    belanja you say? @.@

    So full!

    David Chew,
    Yah, very packed 😀

  10. last time i went to the ipoh road yong tau hu in KJ, the shop was hot like hell. could barely breathe while eating. i guess this is almost the same?

  11. I have finally found a use for your Paint maps, KY. My car has finally arrived. Need more detailed directions for someone not familiar with Klang Valley roads. Cheers! 🙂

  12. xin,
    Yah, pretty much!

    Huai Bin,
    Yey! Now go get yourself a GPS device. 😀

  13. crappy booze

    Yey! I had been to this place before – twice!
    *so proud of himself*

    But its the yong tau foo ala sauna style.

  14. walao! u ate all the food you ordered? really over ordered… XD

  15. Shit la wei, I’m drooling over the pictures. I used to have these freshly made & fried yong tau fu in Ipoh. Next time I take you go Ipoh k?

  16. this is my fav ytf stall!!! went there numerous times and brought families n friends along n they brought their families n friends along. blogged abt it too. darn, they got to pay me commission ald

  17. is this the one beside a school? nice place…me and my colleagues drove all the way to this place from cyberjaya :p

    siao ppl we are…lol

  18. foodcrazee

    u really on a makan spree nowadays bro . . .try put on some weight lar

  19. hey, i’ve been there quite a lot of times. It’s always packed and hot even after a storm! i love the stuffed taupok!

  20. crappy booze,
    Hahaha best!

    Was definitely very full!

    Sure! 😀

    Hahaha ask from them!

    Wahh you not bad! 😀

    Still trying. 😛

    Oh yah, very nice! 😉

  21. belanja me~~ hjahaha

  22. yummylicious. guess this is a perfect blog when it comes to food ^^

  23. Robb,
    I.poor 😛

    Thanks thanks. 😀

  24. wah….this is my fav ytf place….since it is nearby to my home only….bring my friends and family to here to eat…they love it so much…

    much better than the ampang ytf one….

  25. Ya, i love the YTF at this place! Particularly the pucuk manis vege in the soup – lots & lots of it, makes the soup very sweet! Just that and the irregular-sized fishballs will make me happy!

  26. vialentino,
    oOO yaa in a way u’re right, except for the heat. 😛

    ohh that’s called pucuk manis? Learn something new everyday. 😀

  27. yeah….if u eat during lunch time…it will be like a sauna in there cause of the zink roof…..

  28. When I went 2 years ago, the taste was great, you knew they used fresh ingredients to make the yong tau fu. But I went again last year, the taste wasn’t that good. Anyway, I still think the Puchong Yong Tau fu is better than Ampang Yong Tau fu.

    BTW, they rest on Lunar calendar 1st and 15th.

  29. Im just few digits me for puchong food next time.

  30. vialentino,
    Haha I know!

    King Kong,
    I think that happens to almost everyone at everywhere.

    Sure! 😀

  31. Went there with my wife and had a sumptuos meal. Each piece costs RM1/- So,it is easy for calculating how much the whole meal is.

    On my GPS, the location is N 02 59.729 E 101 37.435

  32. tmliew,
    Ooo nice!

  33. hi KY..
    is the food halal?
    i’m interested to go there..

  34. elmyra,
    I don’t think it is halal. 🙂

  35. Is it open at night?

  36. Eve-lyn,
    I don’t think so. 🙂

  37. kongloong11

    Hi all,

    There is now puchong yong tau fu branch open in Seri Kembangan. Just went there recently, taste and price is about the same. But now with aircond….direction in my blog

  38. kongloong11,
    Thanks! 😀

  39. is it halal?

  40. Lxandria Lee

    Was searching for the place like crazy using your map provided…. stopped and asked for directions, but still din get to the destination ;( Will def try again next week with this directions from google maps! You might want to update your map too? Ehehe…

    Thanks for the recommendation… The place looks delicious!
    Wish me luck!,+Selangor&cid=0,0,11398072582674935572&ll=2.996592,101.624243&spn=0.008828,0.013711&z=16&iwloc=A

    • Lxandria Lee: Ahh, thanks for the update! I think the square I drew was slightly off. hehehe

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