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I usually avoid doing food review sessions on my regular sports day, but when Jack from Superdining insisted that I should go to Kura Japanese Restaurant at One World Hotel on a Monday, I couldn’t help but agreeing to it. This was mainly due to the excellent experience I had at Rakuzen Chulan Square and Japanese food being one of my favorite cuisines.

Jack later told me the real reason he wanted me to go on that particular day was due to the fact that they have fresh seafood imported from Japan on that very day. The company usually imports seafood product from Japan twice a week.

Kura Japanese Restaurant at One World Hotel
Kura restaurant and the square watermelon

Due to certain circumstances, YC the penumpang glamor who first appeared on this blog in the Guinness Gastronomic Workshop joined Cheesie and myself and reached One World Hotel after spending the better part of Monday’s sunset stuck in the traffic.

The interior decoration and design of the restaurant was unique enough to confuse anyone who couldn’t exactly understand Picaso’s paintings. It usually takes 2-3 wrong turns to find your table after a bathroom break. However, I must say it is very tastefully done.

Kura Japanese Restaurant at One World Hotel
appetizers, California hand rolls, crab meat chawanmushi, gingko nuts

The restaurant is headed by the very experience chef Hideaki Nakashima who is most skilled in preparing wide range of some very creative Japanese dishes. The six appetizer dishes Nakashima-san served us certainly reflects his ability.

They were oshitashi (Japanese spinach) with fish sauce, tomato and hotate (scallop) with vinegar, ikura (salmon roe) with yam, tako (octopus) with plum sauce, and hotate with enoki and other mushroom. There’s also grilled and slightly salted Japanese gingko nuts.

The appetizers were pretty intricate in presentation and certainly did not lack at all in the tasting department. Each has its individual character and overall they introduced a different dimension in Japanese cuisine to me.

Kura Japanese Restaurant at One World Hotel
Sashimi (including Fugu!), and rainbow roll

Sashimi and sushi are always inescapable when it comes to doing a review at any Japanese restaurants. At Kura, we were served the freshest seafood that had just been flown in the very same day. Fugu (yes, the poisonous puffer fish!), kampachi (yellow tail), tai (sea bream), sake (salmon), tako (octopus), shima aji (yellow jack), amaebi (sweet shrimp), and maguro (tuna).

It was my first time having fugu sashimi, and unlike other raw fish, fugu is best consumed with a little bit of green onion and radish instead of wasabi in order to better appreciate the very subtle taste. It was actually pretty good. The other sashimi and the rainbow roll was as good as you could expect from a top notch Japanese restaurant. Super fresh and certainly of very good quality.

Kura Japanese Restaurant at One World Hotel
the good chef, RM 28 chicken teriyaki set, desserts

Since Cheesie speaks Japanese, chef Nakashima was overjoyed as they went into extended conversation only both of them understood. This certainly made the good chef very happy and soon we were served with extra Carlifornia roll and also the crab meat chawanmushi which were very delicious.

Though located within a 5 star hotel, Kura isn’t only for those who are willing to splurge on a good meal. The cheapest meal full meal, the chicken teriyaki set priced at RM 28, comes with a generous serving of very tasty chicken teriyaki, rice, a small appetizer, chawanmushi, miso soup, and fruits. Very affordable especially in this setting, with these type of quality.

Kura Japanese Restaurant at One World Hotel
YC (penumpang glamor), KY, Cheesie

When we were all pretty stuffed, they brought in some home made Japanese bean curd (with sliced strawberry on top) and several scoops of pretty unique imported ice cream for dessert. The melon and pumpkin ice cream were pretty unique and interesting, while the bean curd certainly different from the local variety in a good way.

Since this was a food review session, some of the dishes provided were actually not found on the menu. However, you could still order them via special request.

Kura Restaurant
One World Hotel
Bandar Utama
Petaling Jaya

GPS: 3.147597,101.617817
Tel: 03-7681 1111

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  1. foodcrazee

    I envy u bro . . . .never tasted fugu . . . .overall experience sounds damn terrific . . .


  2. Hi KY,

    YOu are great. Great food articles and your website has been my guide to search for makan place.I normally view your blog at least once a day to read your makan makan experience.

    Bro, it is possible to state your est cost for each makan makan or state the price range so that we can budget out cost? Thanks

    Keep up the good work.

    P/S : you are my makan guru in japanese food.

  3. foodcrazee,
    You should try it then! After all you’re in the food industry kan? 😀

    The price at Kura is slightly higher than your average Japanese restaurants, but i reckon it should not be more than RM 100 per person for a very good meal, and you can usually get away with RM 50 per pax too. The review session wasn’t from the menu and hence pricing information is a bit lacking. 🙂
    p/s: Thanks

  4. wahhhhhh evil lah!!!!

  5. Hahaha… I saw my nickname! wow… it’s Kura Japanese Restaurant! Hahaha… people just love Kura-Kura I think =)

  6. PenangTuaPui

    we always a bit “jealous” when ppl got invited for food review while we din have….

    and we wait patiently for our turn, and here come our first food review invited by one Vietnamese restaurant.

    We hope to get more like you do… our next target, Jap food review too.. yum yum

  7. Try the square melon la. Hahah

  8. wow… jealous

  9. yeah, i like rakuzen food…nice nice…esp their unagi…..

    i wonder if i sell jap food (other than luk luk) on mobile van, will it be a successful business?

  10. wow…fugu fish… we heard that’s really quite expensive rite?? *sweats*

  11. thenomadgourmand

    Pumpkin ice cream?? Must try lohh.. do they serve the Square watermelon?? ;p

  12. xin,
    Hahah why I evil!

    Hahaha most definitely. 😛

    Woo, good luck and way to go! 😀

    Hahaha, otherwise it wouldn’t be a well rounded experience? 😛


    Yah, I have been their frequent customer for a long time. Mobile van? good luck! lol

    Yah i think those are a bit pricey here.

    Haha we didn’t have the square watermelon.

  13. wow that sure looks appetizing! 🙂
    anyway mind to do Link Exchange?

    hit me back! 🙂

  14. wahh..very the horny porny…
    i mean the food la of course…
    time to eat liao…

  15. Sashimi.. Definitely my favourite…

  16. wakaka! so many delicious food!!!!

  17. geez! Look at that salmon!

  18. Wow…sumptuous Japanese meal.

    Wanted so much to try the puffer fish but never had the chance yet. Admire your courage to try this fish which can be hazardous to health if not prepare properly.

  19. k-tuck,
    Yaa sure was!

    Hahahah I’m sure.

    Mine too! 😀

    Oh yess

    Salivating, no? 😀

    ck lam,
    Hahaha we had only 1 piece each, migthy safe. 🙂

  20. tsk tsk tsk…
    why never tapao for me~~~~
    my sashimiiiii…
    ya ma deiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  21. supposed to come here for dinner but urghhh messed up, only to turn up at Shogun. Bleh.

  22. foodcrazee

    KY . . .used to be in the food industry . . now in Marketing . . . .and soon to be in Education . . . . . .mail or call if u want more info . . .hehehehehe

    Still I live to makan but kinda worry about FUGU. Not sure if the CHEF is licensed.

  23. wow…a frequent customer….must be tasting good and fresh….i love sushi and fresh sashimi…very important to me is the freshness….

    yeah, mobile van business….will be a luk luk seller, hahaha…that time can give u FOC to makan and write review of it…

  24. chriso,
    Hahah Shogun? Pleaseeee

    Well it’s good to change! This particular chef is from one of the most famous restaurants in Japan and has been doing this for over 20 years, and of course, licensed. 😀

    Hahahaa we shall see 😀

  25. aeroplane1234

    how’s the gingko nuts taste like?

  26. Fugu!
    Hey, what’s with all this food invite sessions? I gotta get in the loop. Hook me up, Scotty. 😉

  27. Fugu is to die for. Like, seriously.

  28. aeroplane1234,
    like, good!

    Huai Bin,
    Hahaha now still limited to hot female, which unfortunately you don’t qualify, yet. 😛

    oi why steal my quote! @.@

  29. goshh!! yummy yummy!! =D as usual… am still *waitings*

  30. omg..looks soo sedap.. hohoho.. btw KY a.. the hand rolls’s name is not california hand roll la.. I working at sushi know abit abit about sushi la.. california hand roll is a hand roll and the ingredient is kani(crab meat), ebikko(red egg kinda thing), shredded cucumber, mayo and tamago(the sweet egg)hohoho..not that i wan to show off or correct you..just sharing.. hohoho.. ur fan!! coz im fat and i love to eat..hohoho..

  31. wow..the food looked good. Maybe when I get my bonus, I’ll go there and try it out!

  32. crabmeat chawanmushi i want!!!

  33. Fugu reminds me of that classic Simpsons episode where Homer eats the apparently poisoned fugu… and has only 24hr to live :-))

  34. But nowadays, they can rear poison-free Fugu… so is that what they are serving there??

  35. foodcrazee

    Suertes, is there such a thing ? POISON FREE fugu ? kidding me, right ?

  36. andrew,
    Heheheh 😛

    Well the chef told me it was california hand roll. :S

    Bring me! 😛

    Very nice!

    Hahaha Simpsons is classic!

    I am not sure about that.


  37. when i get my bonus la… if not i need you to bring me. lol

  38. crappy booze

    fugu fugu, never tasted any before.
    *crappy booze stick his face on the glass window drooling over fugus*

  39. Haha. I wonder how they taste like.
    And how they cut into pieces? Omg? Cut it half?


  40. eiling,
    I’m waiting for your bonus then! 😀

    crappy booze,
    Give it a try! 😉

    There are a lot of things I don’t know. 😛

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