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My futsal buddy (don’t judge a person by his look, he’s a much better player than me) Shiang has been asking me for a dinner at his family restaurant Tram Car for quite a while. I finally managed to find time and two pretty ladies and headed there some two weeks ago for dinner.

Tram Car is actually run by the same people who ran the old Cable Car at Jaya just down the road (now Jaya 33)

Tram Car at Jaya 32, PJ
Tram Car, the “new” Cable Car

Grace, Eiling, and I met Shiang at the restaurant on a Thursday night and business was pretty brisk. The restaurant is located just opposite the big Toyota showroom and service center at Seksyen 19 so you actually have a choice of pretending to be a pontential Toyota buyer and park your car there for free, or by the road, or pay for it at Jaya 32 for a safer choice.

Tram Car at Jaya 32, PJ
Escargot, prawn cocktail, soups

We started off with garlic breads, salad, and a dozen escargot. The garlic breads were actually pretty nice, but I only had a bite in order to save my stomach for more. Escargot is always one of my favorites and I think I must have had close to half a dozen snails to myself while the girls finished the rest. I like the cream sauce that goes with it.

Tram Car at Jaya 32, PJ
garlic bread, pandan sago dessert, salad

Next came three bowls of soup, sharks fin with crab meat, oxtail soup, and French baked onion. I find the soups pretty thick, and if I try to finish the whole bowl I probably could fill my stomach pretty good with the accompanying garlic bread and salad without going for the main course. They are, however, pretty flavorful though.

The nicest appetizer we tried was actually the shrimp cocktail. Generous portion of prawn on fresh vegetables with home made thousand island dressing and topped with ebiko. The dressing tasted very sinful and I think the ebiko is a really nice touch.

Tram Car at Jaya 32, PJ
baked fish, steak combo, seafood platter

I think I was already half full when the main dishes came. Eiling got the baked fish (which is covered with white sauce and mushroom, plus a baked potato), Grace had the seafood platter, and I went for the the steak combo.

I took a bite of the baked fish (kurau filet), though aesthetically not very pleasing, I must say it actually tasted pretty nice. The steak combo I had was very rich, with two huge tiger prawn that are absolutely delicious, and a piece of steak that proved to be a bit too much for me. The seafood platter was not bad at all either, according to Grace.

,Tram Car at Jaya 32, PJ
grace, shiang, eiling

Tram Car priced themselves rather reasonably. The soups are from Rm 6.90 to 11.90, baked fish, seafood platter, and mixed grill are RM 17.90, 27.90, and 45.90, a dozen escargot for RM 26.90. Well, you get the idea.

Other than western foods, there are plenty of local delights like fried rice and various noodle dishes too. There are also lunch specials at RM 14.90 (and lunch can be quite packed)

map to Jaya 32
Map to Jaya 32 at Seksyen 19, PJ

If you’ve been to Cable Car before, Tram Car would be very similar.

More photos at here.

B-11-01, 32 Square,
No. 2, Jalan 19/11
46300 PJ, Selangor

GPS: 3.111131,101.631936
Tel: 03-7958 8588

Discuss : KY eats – Tram Car at Jaya 32, PJ

  1. Jade Zheng

    pa kah chenggg! this post definitely makes me so hungry now!! ISH! =pPp lolz~

  2. recession coming. hv to eat less of exotic and fine cuisine.. lol

  3. Not bad! Was wondering what happened to the Cable Car restaurant in Jaya Supermarket.

    Looks like they upgraded from a cable car to a tram!! 😛

  4. Does Tramcar copen till 11pm on thursday nights?

  5. Jade Zheng,
    Eat eat eat eat! 😀

    Hahah this one not too exotic maa. 😉

    Angie Tan,
    Yah, they got rid of the cable, hee-hee.

    I think they open till 10pm.

  6. hrmmm…. must go try… went pass before but never tried.. LOL =D

  7. Tan Yee Hou

    OMFG Cheapskate weh you, pretending to be a Toyota customer!!

  8. andrew,
    Do it! 😀

    Tan Yee Hou,
    I memang drive a toyota ok. 😛

  9. Ah. I’m glad they’re still around. BTW, isn’t the place called 32 Square? (3 Two Square)

  10. What’s next? Monorail?

  11. ohh.. shiang is cute! ;P

  12. Sounds like a great place…though I don’t know how far Jaya 33 is from SS 6.

    Family owned restaurant eh, sounds great.

  13. thatjames,
    It could be. lol. 😛

    LRT, MRT too. hahaha

    Haha no kidding. 😀

    Huai Bin,
    Very near by!

  14. foodcrazee

    What happened to our BRO Shiang ????? OMGoodness!! so the round . . .opposite u KY

  15. kimberlycun

    shiang got restaurant? wtf? why never ask us go one! WTFFF

  16. Thanks for the heads-up.. was wondering what had happened to the old Cable Car after Jaya closed..

  17. KY ate with pweety chics again! Why always like that? The food looks yummy tho!
    Shiang, we demand for one dinner too!
    P/S: KY, do ur thing! =)

  18. Wah this time the backlogs are not too bad. At least not until it’s 1 month ago. Lol… How come my expression like that? What was I doing?!!

  19. Delicious! Quite a large portion of food too.

  20. foodcrazee,
    Hahaha he’s on a mission to lose weight though!

    His family’s! You faster pwn him!

    Now you know. 😀

    Hahaha you tell him yourself ok 😛

    Hahahah shhhh. Your expression? Lansi maa. 😛

    ck lam,
    Yes most definitely. 😀

  21. sotong – paiseh la…

    foodie – bro yes laaa.. lets not talk about it.. but then ky ain’t as skinny as u think la.. it’s the photo whoring skill and abit of that PS knowledge 🙂

    Kim / Rach – can! will arrange another yah! anyway ky constantly insist on dining with hot chicks… *winks* eeling&grazie…… i think it had something to do with his street credentials…

    eeling – yea :)what we said about his backlog the other nite worked didn’t it.

  22. Hey KY…hmmm the map bit it next to Jaya33?…keke..where is exactly

  23. hey ky….next time bring me and my wife to makan at nice place yeah! this place is nearby my parent house but i din notice it in section 19….

  24. wah hungry looking at the escargots (and i just had chuyokfun for lunch). damn i wish my family owned some restaurants!!!!!!!

  25. everyday chiak Ho Liao ah =D

  26. shoot.. so yummeh delicious!

  27. Hui wen,
    Nearby! Use the GPS 😛

    Hahaha, please ask the boss. 😛

    Me too!



  28. Shiang, yeah… next time we use the same tactic on KY. It sure works. Thanks so much for the wonderful dinner.

    KY, must you show the world I my LC face?!!

  29. mimid3vils

    ur mixed grill looks great!!!

  30. Can bring me along next time?? *hungry mode*

  31. KY, u r very lousy futsal player…hahaha =P

  32. Another not so cheap restaurant I guess XD

  33. agree with rui xD not so cheap one

  34. Now small train on a tram car. Next is Victoria Station? lol …. by the way my office is just a stone throw away from 32 Square. Their set lunch are very affordable and tasty too.

  35. eiling,
    Your LC face nice maa 😛

    It was pretty good. 😉

    Come! hehe


    mid range I’d say. 😉

    Not expensive either lo. They have cheaper dishes too!

    Ah, nice! 😀

  36. From the look, it’s way better than The Ship. The Ship’s quality has gone down the drain. Sigh.

  37. ish ish Ky i tarak GPS la..hehe

  38. dang..i dont even know this place existed….working to near the place….
    must give it a go 1 day

  39. Simon Seow,
    Hahaha perhaps.

    Hui wen,
    Got GPS coordinates ok! 😀

    Now you are in the know 😉

  40. wah, food looks good and at a reasonable price too. definitely gonna give Tram Car a go 🙂

  41. Hoho just saw this post. By the way, something to make you feel good: my sis’ reaction when she saw this post was, “Wahhh…how come his photos so nice wan???”

    Eiling, did you notice the increase in the number of photos he posted this time? Our comments must have hit a nerve.

  42. horizon,
    Yaaa, do it. 😀

    Hahaha photos nice but models also very cun lah. 😀

  43. actually hor, the place is called Three Two Square, not Jaya 32. Just thought u should know.

  44. just got back from this place….nice!!

    hehehe…tho i can’t say the same for the bill though…bill for 15 ppl…go figure how much the bill came up to in the end

  45. evr,
    Ops :X

    Hahaha 15 people sure a lot of moneyyyy

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