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Last Friday I was invited to my very first Friday Wine Lunch, a monthly event arranged by the Millennium Associates and Pernod Ricard Malaysia. The venue was Carat Club, a place at Pavilion I mistakenly thought in a bunny friendly way until very recently.

As it is a wine lunch, importance is placed not only on food and wine, but the combination as well. We were introduced to Montana, wines from vineyard in Marlborough, New Zealand, to go with some very fine foods from C. Club.

note: carrat club is closed, replaced by Ben’s

Wine Lunch at Carat Club, Pavilion KL
Montana Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir

The event was very classy and it was almost out of place for me, but I was seated close to the brand manager of Pernod Ricard and the chief sub-editor of a major English daily who were both very friendly people. The host Mr Lionel Lau made the event a learning experience for me with his knowledge in wine and the ways he could explain which wine goes with what type of food, and the “why”. Very interesting, and I shall learn more.

Wine Lunch at Carat Club, Pavilion KL
grilled tiger prawn and chilled rocket vichyssoise

The first two dishes were Chilled Rocket Vichyssoise and Grilled Tiger Prawn to go with Montana Sauvignon Blanc. The vichyssoise, a type of creamy soup with almond and diced potato; while the grilled tiger prawn came with apple and cider sauerkraut, with some lemon butter beurre blanc.

The soup was an interesting experience as it was served cold, not bad, but just different. The tiger prawn though, was fantastic with the creamy lemon butter base and mixed well with the apple cider sauerkraut. But most importantly, the white wine goes very well with the two creamier food, cutting through the texture left on your tongue.

Wine Lunch at Carat Club, Pavilion KL
Citrus Tea Duck Breast, Salmon Rossini, and Chocolate Fortress

There were two choices for main dish, I chose the Citrus Tea Duck Breast and bypassed the Salmon Rossini. Little did I know the salmon was actually served with foie gras, one of my favorite sin foods, but then again, the duck did not disappoint, so all was was not lost.

The Citrus Tea Duck Breast is served with carrot and celeriac braised savoy cabbage, earl grey orange glace and topped with shiso. It carried a tangy taste to the tender duck breast. Instead of white wine, we had Pinot Noir served at about 16-17 C to go with the main dish. It was a good combination with the wine being not too sweet nor too acidic, just nice to neutralize the slightly fatty food.

Wine Lunch at Carat Club, Pavilion KL
Friday Wine Lunch at Carat Club

Dessert was C. Club’s Chocolate Fortress, a concoction of chocolate mousse on moist chocolate cake with raspberry. I always love the contrasting taste of the rich chocolates with the sourness of raspberry, and the wine made a good compliment to the entire package too.

map to Pavilion KL
map to pavilion KL

The lunch package is priced at RM 95 nett with free flow wine, very good deal I think. It only happens once every month though and space are getting limited as they are getting more popular. Check with Millennium Associates for the next one if you’re interested. I hope they invite me again. 😉

more pictures here

Carat Club
Lot 5.11 & 6.11,
Level 5 & 6, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

GPS: 3.148872, 101.713368
Tel: 03-2141 5302

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  1. The lunch package is priced at RM 95 nett with free flow wine…..worth leh! RM 95 for those fine dining food….yummy ler!

  2. aeroplane1234

    i was there. how come i didnt see u ? were u in some doraemon Halloween costume?

  3. vialentino,
    Yah, very good deal, but only once a month and the venue changes.

    I was in the VIP room, hee-hee

  4. wah somebody has gone high class now – dining with wine. So how come you post this so fast? Thought you’ll probably procastinate till next month.

  5. KY: Sipek ‘kou tong’ lol. But I think for $98++ it’s a fair price.

  6. Wow, that’s expensive but people of your standard, no problem la…

  7. eiling,
    Hahaha, I learn from you ok!

    It was RM 95 nett! no plus plus also 😀

    Hahhaa, don’t say like that lah.

  8. gimme the salmon rossini pls!!!!

  9. KY…keep me update on the promo….sms me at 012-2049325 if u r ok with it….i bare the sms charges….hhehehe

  10. First, thanks to KY who came to the event with us, thank you so much for posting so many pictures.Hope I can still invite you to come to other event in future.

    Vialentino, If you are interested and would like to join our event, you may text me and email with your contact details, then I can send the invitation to you to join us. my contact is 016-3131873.

    For who ever are interested also may contact me through the number above or email me at

  11. the Chocolate Fortress look so yummy..

  12. I walked pass the other day when I had my holiday in KL… Found this place, and was thinking this must be some high class fine dining restaurant. 🙂

  13. vialentino,
    I’ll try! 😀

    Yik Peng,
    Thanks for inviting, I’ll certainly try to make it to future events. 😉

    Oh it was yummy!

    It’s a bit up market but the food is fabulous. 🙂

  14. I have dine there quite a few times. The foods are superb. Beside that, they also have good champagne. I agreed with KY, it is a bit up market. But it is worth it 🙂

  15. power8003,
    I’ll have to agree. 😀

  16. Dear KY,

    Thanks for coming for lunch!

    Btw, I tagged you on our blog.


  17. Mabelle Me

    erm – those were my food servings hor….
    so Lionel taking you for the next lunch too?

  18. thecorkbrothers,
    Thanks for inviting! 🙂

    Mabelle Me,
    I hope so. 😀

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  20. Is RM95nett lunch with wine still valid now??

  21. Sharon,
    That was a one time only offer. 🙂

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