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I must be one of the luckiest guy around. In conjunction with my unceremonious birthday, I had a total of 6 free meals from my closest friends. Steamboat from Suan, late night porridge from ST & Kim, Wendy’s thanks to Douglas, Zanmai from Ringo, lunch at Ah Yip soup place from Lorna, and last but not least, Ninja Jones courtesy of my ex-housemate Kerol. What more could a man ask?

Wait, it’s actually 7 meals altogether with Eiling’s pre-birthday dinner at Il Divo Italian restaurant, which I have yet to blog.

Ninja Jones at Mid Valley North Point
beware of the automatic sliding door!

Anyway, we went to Ninja Jones on a weekday evening. The restaurant is located at NorthPoint, just across Mid Valley Mega Mall, you have keep to the right and go into NorthPoint’s parking lot lest having to walk all the way from the main mall via the not-so-well constructed pedestrian bridge.

The restaurant is located on the ground floor, with a pair of automatic sliding door leading to the dark but very well decorated interior. We were seated on the first floor. There were really some waiters dressed up as Ninjas, though none of them looked remotely Japanese.

Ninja Jones at Mid Valley North Point
chawanmushi, salad, soup, tofu

The menu is rather extensive, you can find kobe beef, sashimi, sushi, noodles, sake, and many set meals as well. I also like the fact that most entries in the menu is accompanied by a photo.

We ordered two set dinners for the night. Kerol had the Ninja set while I chose something that is priced just below RM 50 with a name that escaped me.

Ninja Jones at Mid Valley North Point
grilled chicken on hot stone, beef cubes, sashimi

Kerol’s set came with a lemon soup served in a teapot, soft shell crab salad, grilled chicken on hot stone, tofu, tempura, smoked salmon, and some sushi roll (my camera ran out of battery when they were served).

The soup carries a slight lemon taste to it and were pretty unique and refreshing, and I really love the grilled chicken. It was done in a minimalistic way and yet very very delicious. Of course, smoked salmon with vinaigrette never disappoints.

Ninja Jones at Mid Valley North Point
kerol enjoying her favorite cuisine

The set that I had came with salad, chawanmushi, miso soup, sashimi, rice, and grilled beef cube. The sashimi was fresh and really good, especially fatty cuttings they gave for the salmon.

However, the best item on my set had to be the beef. They were really succulent and carried none of the foul smell. I can only imagine how the Kobe beef version would taste like if this version is already so good.

map to Mid Valley North Point
Ninja Jones is located at North Point

The total bill came to slightly above RM 100. It was good ambiance, good food, and good company. A place worth revisiting

A-G-5, Ground Floor, Northpoint,
Mid valley City,
No.1 Medan Syed Putra Utara,
59200 Kuala Lumpur.

GPS: 3.120346,101.677834
Tel: 03-2288 1646

Discuss : KY eats – Ninja Jones Japanese Restaurant at Mid Valley NorthPoint

  1. Eh KY,
    All these shots are taken using the same manner? As in the flash? Hmm…

  2. all the food for only rm100+? i tot that place is insanely expensive?

  3. Omg, u finally went to the place with the Indian ninjas! Heheheh! Did u spot them?

  4. kelvin,
    Yah, off shoe flash with st-e2 and 580exII. 😀

    I find the price not too bad actually. 🙂

    Hahhaha yes!

  5. I think I might just go to see the Indian ninjas.. 😆

  6. been heard bout this Ninja waiters/waitresses restaurant quite some time dy..i heard it’s a bit hidden and if you really dunno, you wouldnt know it’s a restaurant?

  7. foodcrazee

    me too lazy now to update blog . . . .u r having good life eh ?

  8. Angie Tan,
    Hahaha do it!

    Well, there’s this huge menu outside the door though. 😀

    Life, well, is pretty busy but can’t say I have anything to complain. 😀

  9. Automatic sliding doors are scary. Especially if they don’t have proper sensor alignments. I was stuck between the closing doors of a lift when I was a little kid. Scarred me for life. 🙁

  10. Lucky you. So many people waiting to buy you dinner. Lucky I didn’t disappoint you with my introduction of a new makan place for you eh… Anyways, the jap food looks good. For RM100, I’ll still prefer to stick to Jogoya for now till the promotion ends. Lol

  11. Foodpromotions

    This place is exclusive and hope to visit it soon 🙂

  12. Huai Bin,
    Hahaha, I know your weakness then!

    Jogoya? Different type of experience maa, the sashimi in Jogoya aren’t exactly good IMHO. 🙂

    Do it. 😀

  13. waaaaaaaa oishii sou…
    i m a fan of japanese food too…reminds me of my trip to Japan 2 yrs ago…

  14. Still haven’t explore Ninja Jones yet. Too many Japanese restaurant to go already nowadays.

  15. Hey KY, I’m coming to KL for good (as in to work) this Friday. Come we go makan when I get settled down. Will be living in PJ.

  16. This is a very nice restaurant… I went there once and the food quality is good too :-> Price wise a little bit on the high side thot… Yummy! I missed Japanese food… Hardly could get Japanese food in Uganda…

  17. Irene,
    ooO, I went to Japan 2 years ago too!

    Simon Seow,

    Huai Bin,
    Sure! I live in PJ too.

    Uganda, poor guy! 😛

  18. mimid3vils

    Soup in a teapot, so special huh…

  19. i always kena seduce by ur nice food pics….!!!

  20. midmid3vils,
    Yah, pretty interesting concept.

    Eat, eat, eat! 😀

  21. i know i know…u went during spring right for sakura season…saw ur previous post. But i went during mid-winter in January for Japanese New year… freezing cold…

  22. Irene,
    Yaa correct. 😀

  23. is it ninja tones or ninja jones?

  24. veeanne,
    Ninja Jones! 😀

  25. Kelvin Goh

    Went there last week. The food is good, service is superb (can even see the Ninjas running around serving food). A bit pricey but worth it. Tried the beef cubes and love it.

  26. Kelvin Goh,
    I’m glad you liked it. 😀

  27. hi KY,
    nice to meet you there..i also dining there before, it is so nice and the decoration is wahhhhh… but do you think the price expensive? cos my bill is RM350 (2 PERSON).

  28. Mandy,
    Wahh I think you must have ordered pretty exuberantly, but food was great wasn’t it?

  29. ya…. hehe.. bu the food really great. when is your last time to visit there? cos i know they had changed their menu and the so called Robata counter had changed t Teppanyaki style oh…

  30. Mandy,
    Last I went was October 2008, looks like I should make another trip there sometimes soon. 😀

  31. ya… i very like that place.. haha.. hopefully we can meet there.. haha

  32. Mandy,
    Hahah we shall see! 😀

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