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Sometimes last month, one of the readers of this blog, Lilian, sent me a “be a member for one day” coupon to Shangri-La hotel for the second time in as many years (Thank you Lilian!) Since I have dined in their Japanese restaurant Zipangu before, I decided to head to their acclaimed French restaurant, Lafite

Showcase lunch at Lafite, Shangri-La
Lafite at Shangri-La, KL

The membership benefit works a little differently at Lafite, 50% discount is provided for lunch, while only 20% for dinner (for 2 person). I figured dinner would be too much of a drag for the wallet and decided to try their showcase lunch instead.

The very sweet Grazie decided to join me for lunch since both of us work not far from the hotel, and Lafite is closed for lunch on weekends.

mini loaf, appertizers, seared tuna, salmon
mini loafs, salmon sandwich, seared tuna, beef

The whole lunch process is a little different here. To start with, there’s the familiar mini loafs with butter, then some 10 different appetizers and teasers from the showcase (ala buffet style), a main course we get to pick from 6-7 choices, and finally a predetermined dessert as the conclusion.

Grazie and I must have tried at least half a dozen appetizers, I find the beef and seared tuna to be particularly good, and the salmon sandwich pretty special in a slightly odd way. The mini loafs were really good as well, but due to limited stomach space I only had one of those.

duck confit, citrus scallop
main course: duck confit & citrus scallop

I ordered Duck Confit (duck thigh) and the lady went for the Citrus Scallop. The duck is served with pomme puree with mushroom ragout and some green beans. While I normally think duck breast tastes better, the duck confit was surprisingly good. Very savory and tasty.

The Citrus Scallop was very good as well. Seared scallops with orzo, lemon, and tomato olive reduction. The sweet seafood taste of scallop mixes well with tangy citrus reduction, unique, light, and delicious.

dessert with Grazie
Grazie and Damon’s dessert sampler

To conclude our lunch, Damon’s Dessert Sampler is served. The server politely told us that chef recommended dessert to be consumed from right to left.

The first item was a sort of sorbet that is very, very sour. The sort of sourness that makes a 3 year old goes all wrinkly. As it turned out, it was a perfect way to wash our taste buds anew for the next item, a creamy hot chocolate. Then came a little piece of sweetish pastry, strawberry with cream, and finally a soft candy. It was all presented very nicely with the taste that matches.

Map to Shangri-la Hotel, KL
Shangri-La Hotel is just a short walk from KLCC

Full price for the showcase lunch is RM 68++ per person. With the 50% discount, lunch for two came to less than RM 100, a pretty good deal for the food, the ambiance, and of course, the company (your mileage might vary).

Shangri-la Hotel
Jalan Sultan Ismail
Kuala Lumpur

GPS: 3.152139, 101.709419
Tel: 03-2032 2388

Discuss : KY eats – Showcase Lunch at Lafite, Shangri-La KL

  1. Okay, KY had promised to spend me a dinner at Lafite on my coming birthday.. yay!!!
    Thank you Mr.KY… you’re so HANDSOME!
    p/s: you guys don’t get jelus ya! 😛

  2. think lafite is fusion now, isn’t it? Thanks for the tip – the last time we went it was alacarte… oh, and that’s a HOT dress on Grazie.. not bad attire for work 😉 lol

  3. wow she’s hot!

  4. sotong,
    I never made that promise, don’t put words into my mouth, hahaha.

    Well most places are fusion these days, depending on your definition of fusion. 😀

    Oh most definitely!

  5. doesn’t look like enough food there… 😛

  6. She’s very photogenic 😀 Took your SLR for once eh.

  7. this is awesomely delicious, some more accompany by a gorgeous gal! wow, what more to ask right! 🙂

  8. wah hot food, hot restaurant and hot girl! Now you know why I heart Lafite. It’s gotta be my choice of restaurant if only I can afford driving all the way there often and having enough zeros in my bank account! RM68++ is also darn good value!

  9. suanie,
    I didn’t put up all the photos from showcase though. 😀

    Yeah, brought the camera to work.

    Big Boys Oven,
    Hahaha, correct!

    I’m sure you have plenty of zeros, eiling, don’t be so modest now 😛

  10. crappy booze


    I’ve heard all things good (the food, the wines!) and one thing bad (the price – for me)…

    will pump up some cash for a dinner someday…

  11. wow..all those food really look delicious…

  12. the dessert is pretty unique eh?? *stares at pic in amazement* :p

  13. crappy booze,
    Wah, dinner! You rich! 😛

    They were!

    Ya, it was an experience. 😉

  14. Can still apply the membership?

  15. I’m not modest. If you count the zeros behind the dot then I probably have quite a number. Lol So when you buying me half price Lafite lunch?!!

  16. KY: Yumzzz……… to both the food and the company. 🙂 u lucky devil you.

  17. Simon Seow,
    Of course, not cheap tho.:)

    Hahahaha, well, if only I have the membership….

    Oh most definitely! 😀

  18. adui KY, you really ate those 1 by 1 slowly? Sien la, those restaurant food are like for kids la. A few bites and that’s the end. I guess I’m more into eating like an animal! =P

  19. hahah!! congratz on your krabi island trip bro!! and your updates are already in my blog!! wakakak…. let me know if you wan any photos.. =D

  20. when you wanna go to mandarin oriental 😛

  21. hi there, how do u apply for membership? can you pass me the details? love your blog!

  22. hurleyz,
    Hahaha, would be a sight to see!

    Thanks! 😀

    I did, buka puasa. 😛

    Just call Shangri-la! 😀

  23. lotsofcravings

    cant wait for a 2hr lunch weekday to try this out..its seriously good value for money hor..

  24. wah….the scallops! *drool drool*

    i have been dreaming about scallops!

  25. Is it just the photos you took or is the food really that mini?

  26. lotsofcravings,
    Hahha, have fun!

    ooo I love scallops too. 😀

    Portions are mini but there were a lot of dishes. We had 4-5 appetizers, the main, and the 5 mini desserts. It was really filling.

  27. aeroplane1234

    very very well decorated food. feel so sayang to eat em neh!

  28. hey KY….wah…u went to shangri la hotel too….i was there yesterday at lemon garden c….we both really got the similar mind since after the pantai seafood. ngam ngam posted my lemon garden cafe experience.

    LAFITE…one of the most expensive and fine dining restaurant in town.

  29. lorna,
    Yes! 😀

    Hahaha, true also.

    I’m not sure if it’s the most expensive, the lunch deal is pretty good though. As for dinner, well.. hehe

  30. All those ravings from your readers about Lafite – must have been my lucky day. Nyehehe. I’m glad I stole your book.

  31. GraZie,
    I have more books! 😛

  32. fie the elf

    ive been there. not a big fan of their mini cuisine thingo tho =/

    but yeah thats like a super good deal for lafite. once my friend took his date there and paid 600 bux for two hahaha

  33. fie the elf,
    oOoo 600 bux, you have some rich friends. 😛

  34. Lafite is the most expensive in Malaysia, has been and is still. They store more than 1K varieties of wine and bubbly. It would be nice to just sit and enjoy the ambience. Someone thought me a trick some time back, if you can’t afford the meal just have a dessert and sit there to enjoy what ppl are paying a lot for and they will still treat you the same way as everyone else. If not make a complain and get a free meal….Cheers Mate…

  35. WOW!! Looks nice!! May i know when the promotion ends??

  36. Nicholas,
    Well if you compare menu to menu it might still be tough to say which is exactly the “most expensive”, but I can see your point too. 🙂

    I think it’s been going on forever. 😀

  37. Hi KY,

    I would like to know that how is the price look like for dinner please?


  38. KK Cheah,
    I believe if you have some wine to go with it the bill could go up to 3-500 bucks.

  39. […] so sour it practically cleaned my tongue anew, an experience not dissimilar from the lunch I had at Lafite. The taste of strawberry with powdered green tea and macha dumpling with the renewed taste buds was […]

  40. Just booked the showcase lunch on Marh 18,2009. The price has now increased to Rm84++ per head! Well, we are members are will be paying half price.

    Hope the servings are enough to fill us up as the main course really looks like an appetizer instead of the normal full size serving.

  41. ferarri,
    Sounds good! Good luck. 😉

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