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Haaaaaaaaaaa! It’s movie screening time again! I missed the last two Nuffnang movie screening due to various reasons, but I’m going to make it to the Madagascar Escape 2 Africa screening.

In fact, not only I am going to make it, I have 30 tickets to give away to 15 of you as well, and by the way, did you know that the island of Madagascar has both the biggest and smallest species of chameleon? Yes, I do have a lot of useless information in my brain partly thanks to the Discovery Channel.

Madagascar 2

Well firstly, the details of the premier screening:

  • When? 4th November 2008
  • Time? 9pm
  • Where? GSC Mid Valley Hall 3
  • Ticket Collection? 7:30pm till 8:15pm (don’t be late!)

Well how do I get a pair of tickets then?

Easy, just write an entry on your blog featuring the Madagascar Escape 2 Africa poster above, as well as a link to this blog. After that, leave a comment with the link to your Madagascar post and your correct email address on this post so you can be contacted to confirm your attendance.

The first 15 people to do that gets a pair of tickets each; and since I’m in such a great mood, whoever comes up with the best post will also walk away with a pair of Penguin speakers! (ok la the iPod is not included)

I need to compile the list of winners as soon as possible, so get going already! If I haven’t gotten 15 entries by 24th October, I might just randomly give the tickets away or something.

Madagascar 2

Judging from the success of previous Nuffnang movie premier screenings, I think this one’s going to be a blast! See you there!

Discuss : KY gives – Madagascar 2 Movie Screening Passes!

  1. i will only arrive at lcct on 4th Nov…7pm…
    can’t make it la 🙁

  2. 5nov will start my final examination..haha..njoy ur movies screenies later on..

  3. oO
    i like to move it move it
    he likes to move it move it
    we like to move it move it

  4. hahaha… KY.. so nice of you!! =D would love to meet up with you then but I’ll be somewhere in the middle of the sea fishing!! =D haha

  5. annant,
    So tragic!

    Start the revision earlier! 😛

    Do it!

    Bring back some sashimi for me! 😀

  6. Ceehhhh…only in KL…I missed the Nuffnang’s Mamma Mia screening in Penang and now got this one and it’s not in Penang…geez…guess I’ll stick to downloading movies from the net…

  7. the penguin speakers are to die for! so cuteeee

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  9. crappy booze

    Ohh…the so generous KY, i want tickets! lol.
    link to my post here –

    *crappy booze waiting greedily for his crappy-lovely movie tickets*

  10. OMG i wanna go but too bad i’m busy on that day

  11. dear generous KY,

    my blog :

    awaiting my 2 passes mate ! hehe 😛


  13. I did my part so now’s the time for you to do your part =)

    EZY will forever love you!

  14. Foong,
    Oi don’t pirate! 😀

    Ya be creative! 😛

    crappy booze,
    You are #1! 😀

    Make yourself unbusy!

    Alright, #2! 😀


    You got it, #3! 😀

    #4 is yours! 😀

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  17. I want!!!

  18. crappy booze

    hooray! I’m #1! Thanks KY! See’ya there!

    ps: how i’m going to redeem it?

  19. xin,
    Best, u’re #5!

    😀 😀 😀 😀

    James Wu,
    Make it happen!

    crayppy booze,
    There’ll be a counter, go early! 😀

    #6!!! 😀

  20. Any chance u can send 2 tickets to India?

  21. wooohoo
    just done with mine..

    Reposting the comment because I had some error with the 1st comment-posting. was doubting whether it went tru or not so heres my second try.
    thanks KY

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  23. if no one wants, *cough* you know *cough* what *cough* to do la 😛

  24. my fourth time trying -___-
    hope it passes through this time.

  25. 4th November eh…I just might make it there.

  26. Beware. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Read at your own risk.

  27. KY: tenkiu tenkiu!!!… now.. to plan on going to midvalley.. parking is gonna be a pain there! LOL

  28. clarisseteagen

    I think i grew out of the cartoon stage… Tell me how it was ok

  29. Melissa Hsu
  30. ming wei,
    Hahhaa you slowly wait. 😛

    sorry, was the auto spam detection. you got tickets! #7 😀

    James Wu,
    #8, young man!

    #9 is yours!

    #10 😀

    #11 pair. 😉


    Simon Seow,

    You got #14!

    Melissa Hsu,
    Congrats, you grabbed the last pair, #15! 😀

  31. OMG !! We are coming to KL for our honeymoon. I don’t have a blog but I would love to check out the movie and hang out with some cool KL people. Hook it up yo!(please) what do you say? lol

  32. sadlyyyy …. i gotta work booo

  33. TQ KY !

    who got d penguin speakers ar? hehe

    see u there!

  34. awwww… i wan go but… =(

  35. Tri,
    Ahhh, tickets finished! =(

    Work is overrated. 😛

    Hahaha I have yet to decide!

    but but but???

  36. woohoo cant wait to watch! been waiting for this 2 to come out

  37. Oh nooooo. No more tickets huh :/ Anyway, enjoy 🙂

  38. Thanks for the tickets. Hmm…now I wonder what happened to the speakers?!! Give it to someone who tortures you la. Baik kan?!

  39. Melissa Hsu

    Thank you KY !! 😀

  40. aeroplane1234

    can i get a real penguin meat? do they cook em?

  41. chia weng yan

    hey ky,
    i read your blog quite regularly. Do you have any recommendation which restaurant with nice ambience for 2 ppl?.. dont tell me go lafite at shang pls. 🙂

  42. woohoo… my wife has been bugging me about this movie… since she learnt there was a sequel… Thanks 😀

  43. xin,

    Aww sorry.

    Hahaha we shall see!

    Melissa Hsu,
    You’re welcome!

    Yes, zoo!

    chia weng yan,
    In that case you have a lot of choices, and it depends on what you like to eat too. one of my favorites is Zen at Subang SS15 for Japanese food

    James Wu,
    Best! 😀

  44. Yay! Thanks KY! 🙂

  45. Hey, i saw u at Kong Sai restaurant just now… so cool eh? Smoke after eat…

    initially wanna say hie but feel very weird lo…

  46. wuhoo~! thanks dude 🙂

  47. thanks so much dude XD

  48. Rachel,
    You’re welcome! 😀

    Haiyoh I don’t eat people wan, don’t worry ya. 😛

    You’re welcome.

    You’re welcome! 😀

  49. I wanna go but I’ll only be in KL on the 7th.. How ler? *LOL*

  50. THX for the tickets =D
    appreciate it very much dude~=)

  51. ahlost,
    Oh well…

    Best! 😀

  52. I Like To Move It, Move It with Madagascar 2! lol
    ugh.. i feel like i’m just spamming this place. lol

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