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KY eats – OREO!

August 12, 2008 47 Comments

I remember when I went to the States to study close to 10 years ago, one of the things that I look forward to was OREO! At the time this favorite cookie hasn’t hit the local market, but I’ve already heard quite a bit about it. OREO was among my first purchases from a supermarket at the States, together with essentials like pillow and toothpaste.

OREO doublestuf
oOOo I especially love the doublestuf OREO!

OREO actually did play an integral part of my university life. I used to have it while watching ball games with friends on tv, while studying for exams and feeling hungry late at night, or whenever I was too lazy to go to the canteen. It was the perfect meal replacement that is actually tasty and doesn’t even require a microwave!

So you can imagine how glad I was when I found out that they have brought OREO to Malaysia when I came back from my sojourn to the West. To me, it’s almost like coming home and finding it in your mailbox!

OREO doublestuf

And you know there’s something that is even better than OREO? Doublestuf OREO!

I can’t speak for everyone, but to me, the best thing about OREO has always been the stuffing. Before the head chef at Nabisco figured out the double stuffing thing, I used to always pick out the stuffing and stack them up together. That way I get to have one double stuffed OREO, and one without any stuffing. But with the Doublestuf, every cookie comes with extra thick layer of stuffing, it’s like having 6 prawns instead of 3 in a char kueh teow, genius!

OREO doublestuf
of course, good things must be shared

I usually have my OREO as is. However, if I can find a glass of milk (good milk is so difficult to have here in Malaysia), I’d do the famous twist and dunk method too. The wholesomeness of milk mixes rather well with the slightly salty cookie, makes for pretty good breakfast, and breakfast is not that many hours away as I’m writing this. I think I’m going to Cold Storage to get some OREOs tomorrow and have it at my office, bye!

Discuss : KY eats – OREO!

  1. KY! I just realized something! You are a bimbo blogger! 😀

  2. I miss OREO! Why do you get it in Malaysia but we don’t get it in Denmark? That’s not fair!

  3. christmas

    good milk is hard to find in msia? what is a good brand of milk then?

  4. you look like a dickhead bro! eat like a sampat fucker only. nway, nice food…but fucked up face…hahaha

  5. May Zhee,
    Thanks! 😀

    Aww that sucks, but you get fresh seafood!

    I don’t know, might need to go to organic stores to find those good ones. 🙂

    Thanks, the feeling is mutual. 😀

  6. whats with the facial expressions?

  7. I just had oreo’s on monday morning for breakfast because rushing for work…. lol

  8. The advertiser for oreo’s must appoint you to be their model in their next advertisement lor… so much expression.
    Hmm… wonder how would I look like eating my oreo’s???

  9. Paul Tan,
    Sun was really bright ok!

    ming wei,
    Hahah, best! 😀

    ck lam,
    Take some pics then, hahaha.

  10. WELL DONE 🙂 Nice write-up … Always love the write-ups on ‘ordinary items’ such as OREOS!! Cool!

  11. you look so .. horny

  12. According to my science tuition teacher, he said the best milk brand is susu cap gantung.

  13. Be careful…overstuffing yourself on Oreas may result in an overstuffed look!

    By the way, I prefer the peanut butter stuffing anytime!

  14. Haih…I mean OREOS…ceh, typo lar the first comment.

  15. tinytapir

    you can get ‘good’ milk at most cold storage – choose the Australian brand (it comes in pink and blue packaging). Malaysian milk tastes too watery. bleach.

  16. nyum nyum~

    wait, that’s another snack. haha

  17. malaysian milk got vanilla flavour

  18. hahah.. then you must have loce McD’s McFlurry with Oreo then:)

  19. hehe….i used to sneak Oreos into the uni’s library to study last time. :p

    Never got caught….hehehehehe

  20. Where got people drink milk with wine glasses? you’ve mixed it all up!

  21. Julian Si,
    Thanks! 😀

    melvin, foong,
    hahaha your eyes is flawed!!! 😛

    oOO interesting.

    Hahaha, luckily I haven’t got that kinda problems yet. 😀

    Ooo I’ll keep note of that.


    Ya, so many ingredients if you care to check!

    Ooo that one quite good. 😀

    Hahaha, so hardworking spent so much time in library huh?

    I don’t have other glasses, I very high class ok? 😛

  22. not easy to be a blogger… all sort of comments on you, your face expression, your look when you’re not even blogging about yourself.

  23. hmm, negative comments r a good thing!
    it shows that ur blog is growing…

    i use to always pick out the stuffing too….but to feed the ants…too sweet for me.

  24. OREO with milk… oh no! how much workout i need to do to get rid of the calories gained from OREO + Milk… hehehe Anyway, it’s a good combination/mix… only things is… that’s fattening :-p

  25. haha “i’m happy and contagious”!!

  26. oreo only…… but u can post til make me so hungry… *sob*

  27. nikegal,
    Oh well, what to do. lol.

    But the stuffing is good! 😀

    Don’t eat the whole pack maa..

    Heheh, best! 😀

    Eat! 😀

  28. You’re losing your American Accent! 🙂

  29. i find the fillings too sweet. i always eat it without the fillings. so sanfu to korek the fillings u know. sumore when it’s harden ( after u put it into the fridge) lagi sanfu kns. while eat while curse!! haiyaa

  30. Wah! Hungry!
    But as said, doublestuf is just a bit too much. If only they have doublestuf kurang manis, then it would be HEAVENLY!

  31. i like oreo too

  32. Aiyo, now u make me crave for Oreo cupcakes!!!

  33. Dabido,
    No, I’m picking up Malaysian Accent! 😀

    Then you should remove them before putting in the fridge! 😛

    ooO kurang manis, now that’s an idea.


    Make me some! 😛

  34. wow.. long time nv have OREO. this remind of my those day whereby i addicted to it.. i should get myself one today..

  35. what happened to your other entry!

  36. Aaahhh Oreos… one of my favourite biscuits/cookies/whatever you call it. I won’t take it with milk (lactose intolerant) but definitely coffee. Yummm…

  37. Hahha…I like the Surgeon’s Warning! First time commenting on this blog 🙂

  38. Joanne C,
    Hahhaa, great!

    Oh wait, wait! 😛

    Coffee? Black on black.. emmm.

    My Bug Life,
    Hahha, thanks. Don’t make it the last time. 😀

  39. aeroplane1234

    OREO on Bak Kut Teh soup leh? u say wanna try?!

  40. hey u must one of the first guyblogger pimping oreos… way to go dude !

  41. where is the remaining oreo?! I want it!! I told you the other day! =)

  42. Hi there KY,

    Do you know something? They should really take you to advertise OREO. Reminiscing about how you stumbled upon it and the memories as you grew with it can really sell, you know.

    By the way, mind exhanging links?

  43. aeroplane1234,
    Oh that.. well.. :/

    Thanks thanks. 😀

    I finished it. :X

    Well this is an advertorial. 😛

  44. write bcos nothing to write or write bcos wanted to attract more sponsors? lame…….

  45. unknown,
    I’ll leave that up to you to imagine. Lame perhaps, but at least most of us dare to put a face to the name instead of being an “unkonwn”. Thanks for commenting though. 🙂

  46. Hi KY,

    I think any brand of milk compliments the taste of Oreos nicely, depending on one’s taste. Most Chinese would have issues of lactose intolerance, tho. Got friends who can’t even drink a half cup of HL Milk w/o feeling the urge to break wind soon after. Hardly see any locals swigging milk either. Same problem, perhaps?

  47. Artur,
    Yah, I think you are right. That and the fact that milk here doesn’t taste that great to begin with..

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