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It’s been almost 4 years since I moved into this house at PJ (evident from the number of x’mas parties that has been held). For the first year, I had no TV, going to mamak watching football was a bit of a ritual on big game weekends. A buddy of mine loaned me his 21″ tube for the next year, but it wasn’t until a couple of years ago that I bought a relatively cheap 29″ CRT TV and installed Astro to satisfy my weekly dosage of sports, news, and discovery channels.

LG Scarlet LCD TV
traditional CRT TV is such a bore nowadays

Now if you are tracking the progression, I am a year overdue in upgrading that corner of my living room, don’t you think so?

I did a little photoshopping work and plastered the good looking LG Scarlet LCD TV where my TV currently sits, and it sure looks beautiful. Ahhh, 37″ of liquid crystal goodness, it has the thinnest profile of any LCD TV at 45mm too. It’s going to be just like a giant photo frame on the wall with proper 16:9 format. *drools*

LG Scarlet LCD TV
ohhh scarlet come to me!

Since I’ve spent most of my money on food and transportation to hunt for food, getting myself an LCD TV the normal way would take quite a bit of savings. Which bring us to the message I am trying to send to you today: VOTE FOR MY VIDEO!!

Be a fan and vote for my LG Scarlet video! Ok ok, you can also be a director and create your own Scarlet video online and be my competitor, but I’m only going to say you’re pretty and hot and cute if and only if you vote for me!

LG Scarlet LCD TV
vote for me ok when you see my videos here! Please pretty please!

Other than the 37″ LCD TV grand prize, there is also the weekly prize, the FB163 Hi-Fi system that is also a DVD player. It’ll be so perfect with the LCD TV don’t you think? Vote for me already!!!

you like my video or not?

Two ways of winning ya, you can read more on Scarlet’s howto page here, but do remember to vote (for me) as well! Thanks! 😀

Discuss : Oh Scarlet Please Come to Me!

  1. Dabido (Gravity King)

    37″ TV!! My computer monitor is 32″. My TV is 40″. I think I vote CHeesie so she loves me more. 😉

  2. i wan scarlet too!!

  3. Dabido,
    Oi not fair!

    Hahaha, good luck! 😛

  4. aiyah! so big for what?

    14″ enough lar.

  5. Wow… sure very BIG hole when watching the porns… hahaha… 😛

  6. nyx,
    I have small eyes, hence I need big screen!

    Hahaha, you’re nuts!

  7. Sotong has nuts? Ewwwwww! 🙂

  8. Kekeke, funny. Voted.

  9. Dabido,

    Simon Seow,
    Thanks! 😀

  10. Hey, gimme some credit la if you copy my content =P Plagiarism is bad

  11. garfield

    i can see lots of ppl is trying to get that TV

  12. Klux Chan

    No way that I vote for u to get a new TV!

  13. hurleyz,
    I saw the 2 videos done by you in the system and they were different. This video is created by myself laa honest. 😀

    YES! Get it for meeee

    Klux Chan,
    Damnnn youuuu. 😛

  14. power8003

    Do not worry i will vote for you as i already have a LCD TV at home 🙂

  15. power8003,
    oOOo Envy!

  16. okla, sorry for accusing you then =X

  17. UncleJosh

    been seeing you a couple of times but still unable to actually know you properly… 🙂

  18. Oi! I want the TV at home too! So chun! I’m going to vote for u now! Hahaha… Boss Stewie is in it!

  19. hurleyz,
    No worries. 🙂

    Yah you stole the green gloves. Hahhahahaa. 😛

    Faster vote, yes best!

  20. aeroplane1234

    hey i helping u . if u win give me a cut. ( iwant the remote control only).

  21. aeroplane1234,
    OK i give you a few remote controls!

  22. If I were you I would just buy a BENQ projector to watch TV, that way Ur TV is as big as the wall itself , with or without Scarlet.

  23. kahyeec,
    Haaa, there’s this whole problem of watching shows in the afternoon, the resolution, heat and noise generation. I’ve used projector a few times before, they’re great, but not for everyday use though. 🙂

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