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Lala is of course, is most commonly associated with the description of female who dresses up in horrible fashion with matching technicolor hair from the wrong decade, the male version would be addressed as ahbeng. They also tend to speak in the most accurate manglish (0.5% English, 10% Malay, 50% Chinese dialects, the rest unknown). The whole subculture is so amusing I wonder why there isn’t any PhD thesis written on it.

However, the lala we’re talking about today doesn’t walk on two feet with 4″ platform shoes. We’re talking about the favorite Malaysian shell fish found at many food courts and seafood restaurant, so lest I digress..

Lala at Alisan, PJ SS4
fat lala in kam heong style = best

It just occurred to me that I haven’t blogged about the best lala place despite having been eating there since before the inception of this blog, until I went there again a couple of weeks ago with IQG for a yum cha session, and again 2 days ago with Tock for dinner.

At this place, lala is typically served in two methods of cooking, “kam heong” and “shiong thong”. “kam heong”, with curry leaves, plenty of garlic and spicy curry sauce, is by far my favorite. The latter is a slightly soupy version with a lot less kick but most suitable for those who can’t handle hot food.

Lala at Alisan, PJ SS4
this place is actually a mamak strip

The thing I love about this place is that the lala is always rather big. The “kam heong” sauce packs a punch and the shell fish not overly done so it retains most of the juice. Imagine the spicy sauce in your mouth, and that sweet lala juice exploding into the mix when you bite on it. Simply irresistible. I mean, just look at the dude’s expression in the photos below. The sauce was so good Tock actually “sapu” it clean with the “chai kueh” from the other stall.

Lala at Alisan, PJ SS4
tock can’t get enough of the sauce!

The medium plate of lala costs RM 15, probably slightly on the more expensive side. However, I rather have this once than the others twice due to the quality on both taste as well as the size of the shell fish served. Simply second to none. Give it a try!

Video taken on 26th July, 2013 on a separate visit

Lala at Alisan, PJ SS4
alisan is just behind Perodua showroom at SS4

Jalan SS 2/4A,
Petaling Jaya, Selangor
GPS: 3.111388, 101.611133

Question: How many football teams has the same name with an ex-US president’s daughter, rhymes with Cheesie, and a theme song that doesn’t bore a 10 year old?

Answer: One. Chelsea Chelsea!

Chelsea FC

Yes, I am not ashamed to say that I have been secretly wishing them to do well in the footballing world even before the ex manager Murinho propelled the team into a household name (we can just skip the whole Avant Grant era). I mean, this was the team of perpetual underdog among the bigger clubs in the premier league that had been trying so hard to get noticed until just a few years ago.

Lest I bore you with my geekness in football, the important bit is: Chelsea is coming to town to play against an all-star Malaysian team (fingers crossed), and Heineken gives me 5 tickets to be given away for you to attend this event and be a part of the Chelsea Asia Tour 2008.

The event falls on the 29th of July at 8:45pm, Shah Alam Stadium . There will also be an exclusive hospitality tent (Heineken House) where only invited people can hang out and have Heineken on the house. It isn’t very often that you get to watch a ballgame with a cold one in this part of the world.

One of my favorite beers with one of my favorite teams of any sports, I can’t wait.


So, to get your hands on a ticket, I want you to squeeze some creative juice and come submit a piece of your creative work (be it a drawing, photoshopped art, photo, or poem) to me. For graphics, it should be around 400 x 300 pixel, and poem (if anyone is crazy to do that) less than 100 words. The graphics & other creative word must have Chelsea FC and Heineken in it.

Submit it by emailing to ky[at] before midnight of 21/7/2008, I will publish your work in the next week and winners will be chosen by votes. You can have more than one submission, and each submission will have a chance to win you a ticket. So get it rolling already!

For graphic entries, you might want to draw your inspiration from the previous competition ran on this blog.

Good luck folks, and I will see you there!

After SeeTho brought us to the fantastic duck noodle place for our first meal at Krabi, I thought it’d be pretty difficult to follow up with an equally impressive dinner, but I guessed wrong. We spent some wet time at a hot spring waterfall and walked around Krabi town (more on those in upcoming posts) in the evening, then we were brought to this curious little place that looks more like a garden/forest reserve, which incidentally also serves as the entrance to Ruenmai Thai Restaurant.

Ruenmai Thai restuarant at Krabi, Thailand
beautiful garden setting

The restaurant is also a garden, with huge trees, small streams, little nicely decorated huts, and plenty of plants and flowers everywhere. Hidden among the vegetation were statues and antique objects, very nicely done. We were seated on one of the slightly elevated platforms right in the middle of the garden.

Ruenmai Thai restuarant at Krabi, Thailand
chicken with cashew nuts, ulam, and mango salad

Food was served by the friendly waitresses while we were busy snapping pictures of the beautiful place (and the food too, of course).

Appetizer was the classic mango salad with generous amount of lightly grilled cashew nuts. Then there’s also the Thai style ulam (salad) with cencaluk (preserved shrimp sauce). These two dishes definitely got our saliva flowing.

Ruenmai Thai restuarant at Krabi, Thailand
wild leave vegetable, siakap fish, clear tomyam soup

The main dishes were deep fried siakap fish (baramundi) with sweet and spicy Thai sauce and plenty of cilantro on top. The fish was very fresh and the sauce went well with fragrant steamed rice. There’s also stir fried chicken with onion, spring onion, and cashew nuts.

Of course, there is the rather delicious clear tomyam soup (similar with normal tomyam sans chili oil) laden with all sorts of seafood. However, the one dish that captured my attention was the stir fried “wild leave” that tasted very different from any other vegetable dishes. The leaves were slightly tougher to chew but carries a pretty unique ‘raw’ and authentic taste which I really like. You should try it if you have the chance.

Ruenmai Thai restuarant at Krabi, Thailand
Kim & myself, Nicole, Kel Li, Nigel

It was a really good Thai meal that ended with some mangosteen as dessert. SeeTho had it all planned out nicely, we got there just before sunset but half way during dinner, the sun retired for the day and the whole place was lit up with incandescent bulbs giving it a different and more romantic feel.

Ruenmai Thai restuarant at Krabi, Thailand

A more high end place, definitely costs a bit more than the duck noodle. Then again, it would be probably be half of what you’re expected to spend for an equivalent meal in Malaysia.

GPS: 8.07725, 98.90829
Tel: +6607 563 1797
Tel: 07 563 1797

“How come you could eat all those food and remain skinny?”

If I can get RM 2.70 every time I answer that question, I probably wouldn’t need to use my own money buying petrol for the car.

Firstly, although being known as a glutton, I usually prefer variety and quality over quantity when it comes to satisfying my stomach. Secondly, I do exercise quite regularly, playing futsal, badminton, and recently picking up ping pong (so I know what to do at PatPong next time!).

I always treat sports as a form of entertainment plus a little bit of competition. Running on a treadmill will never work for someone like me. I believe that to enjoy sports better, you have to at least be competitive to your peers. Talent and trainings get you to be more competitive, however, proper equipments play a big part too.

Nike Futsal Shoes
my well worn Nike futsal shoes

For many sports, staying light gives you a competitive advantage. When you are lighter, the power to weight ratio increases. This is the same in athletes as it is in sports cars. One of the ways to reduce weight is of course, lose the spare tires (for both human and cars too), but this is of course, easier said than done. The other way is to use lightweight equipments.

Nike Victory Plus
Nike victory plus

Realizing that weight is the worst enemy for athletes, Nike embarks on Project Lightweight, a competition to design lightweight products (apparel, footwear, or any equipments) for any sports.

Anyone can participate in this project, the submission can be in any format. Be it a CAD drawing, a prototype product, an idea, an installation, video, anything. However, each entry must be accompanied by rationale or explanations limited to 200 words.

The winner gets an all-expense paid trip to Nike�s World Headquarters in Portland, Oregon. I’ve never been there myself, but Oregon is famous for not having sales tax (something like VAT/GST). The trip also includes meeting the top designers in Nike at their “Kitchen” at the Nike Campus. That would be way cool for any aspiring designers.

Submissions must be made between 1-31 July on the Project Lightweight website at Visit the site for more information.

Will I compete? I think I have to brush up on my photoshop drawings a bit, we shall see!

Well well, finally here’s the first post for the FAM trip to Krabi, and yes, it is going to be a food entry. The trip was sponsored by SeeTho Holidays and organized by Nicole, thanks thanks!

The trip went much much better than I had expected, and the hospitality of Mr. See Tho himself was really overwhelming. Despite having 3 offices in South Thailand to run (Krabi, Phuket, and Hatyai), See Tho actually spent time with us pretty much the entire trip. His funny stories and friendly smiles will be missed. He also made sure we had the best foods during the trip, which is just mighty fine for someone like me. Look no further if you are planning a holiday to South Thailand.

Thai Duck Noodle at Krabi, Thailand
a classic dish, Thai style duck noodle soup

It was just after noon when we touched down at Krabi airport, we were greeted with fresh flowers around our neck. First agenda of the trip was lunch, we were very eager since none of us ordered anything from Air Asia’s in-flight kopitiam service.

We reached this curious little place after some 20-30 minutes drive from the airport. See Tho introduced it as the “raining duck noodle place” as they constantly have water showering from the roof (for cooling purposes). The restaurant is built on stilts over a small lake, very old school.

Thai Duck Noodle at Krabi, Thailand
the restaurant is built on a small lake

We ordered duck noodle soup for each of us, and patiently waits while sipping some bottled green Fanta that I haven’t drank since before puberty. Food did take a while to be served as it was a pretty busy afternoon, but boy it was worth the wait.

Thai Duck Noodle at Krabi, Thailand
two drum sticks with some flat noodle

The duck noodle soup came with two duck drumstick, flat noodle (hor fun), bean sprouts and some spring onion on top. The soup is darkish and reminds me of koay chap I had in Penang, only this one was better. Despite drumstick being dark meat, it was really tender and required almost no effort to peel off from the bone. They must have stewed it with some herbs, the taste was superb especially with a bit of chili powder. I emptied my bowl with great satisfaction.

Thai Duck Noodle at Krabi, Thailand
Mr. See Tho himself, and Kim enjoying the noodle

Since Krabi is still relatively underdeveloped and not overly commercialized as a tourist destination, each bowl only costs around 40 baht (RM 4), a very good deal don’t you think?

Thai Duck Noodle at Krabi, Thailand

If you think this is great, the food only gets better and better along the trip, stay tuned!

GPS: 8.10854, 98.90387