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Lala is of course, is most commonly associated with the description of female who dresses up in horrible fashion with matching technicolor hair from the wrong decade, the male version would be addressed as ahbeng. They also tend to speak in the most accurate manglish (0.5% English, 10% Malay, 50% Chinese dialects, the rest unknown). The whole subculture is so amusing I wonder why there isn’t any PhD thesis written on it.

However, the lala we’re talking about today doesn’t walk on two feet with 4″ platform shoes. We’re talking about the favorite Malaysian shell fish found at many food courts and seafood restaurant, so lest I digress..

Lala at Alisan, PJ SS4
fat lala in kam heong style = best

It just occurred to me that I haven’t blogged about the best lala place despite having been eating there since before the inception of this blog, until I went there again a couple of weeks ago with IQG for a yum cha session, and again 2 days ago with Tock for dinner.

At this place, lala is typically served in two methods of cooking, “kam heong” and “shiong thong”. “kam heong”, with curry leaves, plenty of garlic and spicy curry sauce, is by far my favorite. The latter is a slightly soupy version with a lot less kick but most suitable for those who can’t handle hot food.

Lala at Alisan, PJ SS4
this place is actually a mamak strip

The thing I love about this place is that the lala is always rather big. The “kam heong” sauce packs a punch and the shell fish not overly done so it retains most of the juice. Imagine the spicy sauce in your mouth, and that sweet lala juice exploding into the mix when you bite on it. Simply irresistible. I mean, just look at the dude’s expression in the photos below. The sauce was so good Tock actually “sapu” it clean with the “chai kueh” from the other stall.

Lala at Alisan, PJ SS4
tock can’t get enough of the sauce!

The medium plate of lala costs RM 15, probably slightly on the more expensive side. However, I rather have this once than the others twice due to the quality on both taste as well as the size of the shell fish served. Simply second to none. Give it a try!

Video taken on 26th July, 2013 on a separate visit

Lala at Alisan, PJ SS4
alisan is just behind Perodua showroom at SS4

Jalan SS 2/4A,
Petaling Jaya, Selangor
GPS: 3.111388, 101.611133

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  1. cumi&ciki

    love my platforms.. say hi to a living, breathing LALA-MUI.. lol 😀 great shots.. makes we wanna whack the shells, it does.. too bad hubby (cumi) ain’t no fan of the lala.. lala -lee, lala-dum, lala-lee, lala-dum (know dat song? hurhur)

  2. Maybe you should write about the real lala human beings for the next post. Bet it’ll be interesting.

  3. cumi&ciki,
    oOO you can always go tapao without him. Hahaha

    Hahah, can you pose as my model? 😛

  4. the lala so damn big and fat that they must be like the Menteri Besars of the Lala Kingdom!

    Once bitten, all kinds of juice(y) things burst out 😛

  5. Well it depend$ on how much are you willing to pay me…

  6. chris tock,
    Not Prime Minister of Lala Kingdom?!

    A plate of lala, of course! 😛

  7. Crunchasarus Rex

    I want some of these lala too..!

  8. eijas jamil


    I dnt know how i stumbled upon ur blog but it’s super mega awesome man! Your words are great n ur ideas r brilliant, i hope these restaurants/stalls shud pay or start paying u for each of ur review.

    I really hope dat dis blog will nvr cease to exist.

    Jalan jalan makan makan bro!

  9. Big and juicy lala is best. Don’t like those thin lala.

  10. Yes, someone should do a PhD thesis on lala and ahbeng. Maybe you can do it? The food version of lala is delicious, at least from your pictures and description. May just head to SS4 this week!

  11. Crunchasarus Rex,
    Do it, make it happen! 😀

    eijas jamil,
    ooo thanks for the vote of confidence! 😀

    Simon Seow,
    Now we know your taste. 😛

    You do it laa, I’m not a PhD student. hehe

  12. Precious Pea that how you describe female version of AhBeng?? Not Ah Lian meh??

  13. mimid3vils

    Ha!! I like lala too.. but scare some of those have sand inside…yucks.. ~.~

  14. Precious Pea,
    Ah, well, about that one.. lets not get into too much details. 😛

    Ohh, yeah especially if the vendor never clean them properly.

  15. Hey, I like ur blog very much… All about my favorite stuff… Travel, eat and photography… Mind me to link ur blog at my site???

  16. huahhhh now i is the craving

  17. Lesly,
    Sure, why not? 😀

    Jom! 😛


    Courier to me can?

  19. woahhooo .. my gawt … i came in and that plate of lala pop out right infront of my eyes

    air liur melilih ady 🙁

  20. Hah!!! Long time I didn’t eat there ledy.. I miss the porridge and Kedah asam laksa… :S

  21. Oohhh!!! Looks like my family just found a new place to have lala!

  22. allthingspurple

    hi, bloghopped from nuffnang. that lala sure looks good. that is going to nudge me into dropping by for dinner one of these nights. Thanks for sharing.

  23. ahlost,
    Gonna cost you! 😛

    steph k,
    Best right? 😀

    Come and eat laaa..


    You’re welcome! 😀

  24. Whoa! I used to be a regular at this stall until I started cutting back on outside food. The whole family calls me Boy (wtf?)

    Love their fried kueh teow too. And I do agree the lalas are tasty indeed!

  25. I will definately check this place out. There’s so many stalls there, what is the name of the stall? Located towards the front, middle or end? What time does it open? Apologies for 1,001 questions 🙂

  26. William Lee,
    Hahhaa, ah boy!

    It’s open at night and the stall is located close to the middle. 😀

  27. aeroplane1234

    i think i know. tepi longkang, between two shop lots. quite jam entering and leaving that place. sometimes if the back open carpark area is fulled, it will be a problem.

  28. u know.. there’s this thing similar to lala in kelantan which i was introduced to by a friends a couple of months ago… called etok (u can only find this in kelantan, not even terengganu)… which is marinated in herbs and salt then lightly “roated” over charcoal under hot sun….. it is relatively raw… hence the clams are not open.. have to pry open with your teeth to get to the juicy flesh (need some skills)…only RM1 a cupful…. very cheap and enjoyable snack… =)

  29. apparently in japan… etok (shijimi) is considered a highly prized commodity… added to miso shiru …=p

    ref –

  30. aeroplane1234,
    You’re right! 😀

    oOOo interesting!

  31. looks nice la..!!!

  32. Nick Chhan

    Wah! Them lala’s look scrumptious! I’ll have to find time to go this weekend.

  33. Lalabeng

  34. shun2u,
    Very! 😀

    Nick Chhan,
    Do it! 😀


  35. wow the lala!!!! so mouth-watering! i hate those lalas with run-away meat though

  36. xin,
    Me too!

  37. I went there last night about 8.30pm. The stall was closed, and so was the ‘other stall’. Do they close during the weekends or do they open later? The only stalls that were open were the mamak stalls, the porridge/mee stall and the wanton mee/yong tau foo stall.

  38. in,
    ooo, I think somehow they were closed last night. I’m not quite sure when is their rest day. =/

  39. Lala Girl

    I ate the wrong lala at Alison! I called the drunken lala instead and it was tasteless! What a disappointment. Anyway, you should try Boston Baru Restaurant in Klang (Opposite Mutiara Hotel). Their drunken lala is still the best among so many that I’ve tried. No joke. You must go!

    P/S: Be prepared to wait for at least 1 hour during weekends.

  40. Lala Girl,
    How unfortunate! Klang.. emm. I’ll have to remember that if I go to Klang. Thanks! 😀

  41. […] kam heong lala, while not as good as the one served up at Alisan SS4, still did the seafood justice. Slightly spicy and a bit stronger tasting than the previous type. […]

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