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Haaaaaa! I finally can say that I have watched an English premiership team in live, not very up close and rather impersonal, but it was Chelsea FC vs Malaysia XI live, and I was in the flesh! All thanks to Heineken for sponsoring the tickets via the little contest I ran on this blog(results here).

Chelsea vs Malaysia
Audrey, Ringo, Wenqi, and Yours Truly

Well, we reached the stadium just as the game gets started. The atmosphere outside the stadium itself was already very exciting, with loud cheering sound coming from within the huge structure. We had a bit of a delay (an entire half actually) as some of us had to collect tickets from the super patient yee hou who was running around outside the stadium. It took that long mainly thanks to the total collapse of Maxis’ network under the huge load. SMS took over 15-20 minutes to get through, and I had zero luck trying to put a call through after trying for at least 50 times!

Chelsea vs Malaysia
Michael Yip was wearing an MU jersey hmph!

But the important thing was we got in eventually. The stadium was pretty packed at the section we were in, sea of blue with almost no one wearing a Malaysian jersey. I put on my one and only national football jersey albeit from a different country (but hey, Vietnam is in ASEAN as well, so..)

The game itself was pretty interesting, and we certainly enjoyed ourselves. Our boys did pretty decent (losing 0-2) and fared better than the other two teams that went up against Chelsea in their Asia Tour. The Star did a much better review of the game which I’m not going to repeat.

Chelsea vs Malaysia
Eri, Kenny, Audrey, Cindy, Ringo, Tim, Wenqi, KY, Icq

After the game we proceed to have a post-game gossip at McD in Subang. However, most of the gossips did not revolve around football at all. It was already past midnight when we called it a night.

It was Kim‘s 24th birthday last week, and Suan suggested that we celebrate the momentous occasion by heading to this seafood place at Klang. Cheesie, ST, Douglas, and I were most happy to forget about the fuel price and drive a bit further for some good seafood that night.

Looking back, I realize I’ve known Kim since before she could vote, and now she’s already an old hag who’s spent most of her two dozen years in Cheras. She’s put on weight, went on diet, lost the weight, rinse and repeat; but this was not a night Kim needs to worry about eating too much.

Hing Ket Grill House Seafood, Klang
most everything is grilled around here

Hing Ket Grilled House is pretty well hidden at the less populated part of Klang. Heading there isn’t too difficult though, just take a right turn at J. Kebun exit after Shah Alam toll and go straight till before the road bends, and the kopitiam style restaurant is on your left. We didn’t have much trouble finding the place.

Since Suan was the only one who’s been here, she was trusted to order food for everyone. This proved to be somewhat of a mistake as we ended up with too much crab (pun somewhat intended).

Hing Ket Grill House Seafood, Klang
lala meehun, fried vegetable, the difference sauces, grilled squid

The first dish of the night was lala meehun, something that has gained popularity at Klang in recent years. The sweetness of lala with the freshness of bean sprout is always a very good combination that makes a very good substitute for steamed rice in any seafood meal.

Then we have some fried vegetable to give us an illusion of having a balanced diet before digging in with some pretty awesome grilled squid. The squid was served on banana leaf and came with a blend of chili sauce that was pretty unique, not overly spicy yet packed a bit of a kick. There were 2 other types of chili sauce for our choosing too.

Hing Ket Grill House Seafood, Klang
crabs and lamb chop; cheesie’s wtf face looking at kim

Then came this rather big plate of grilled lamb chop. One of the must-order item around here. We each had a generous slab of lamb that was very tender and juicy. Even the fatty part was not chewy (which might be a bad thing as I ate all of them!). The mint sauce and lamb combination was better than the one I had at 6-10.

However, the crown jewel of the night was the grilled crab. 4 KG of crab grilled to perfection, without any additional seasonings. This would only work if the crab is very fresh, you can tell if the meat is still very juicy and still sticking to the shell (which makes it a bit harder to eat, but it’s all worth it).

The crab was really awesome, fat, juicy, and very sweet. Suan of course over ordered but we ended up finishing all nine crabs with Kim having 2.5 crabs all by herself.

Hing Ket Grill House Seafood, Klang
the shop is a fair bit of drive from the Jalan Kebun exit

The dinner ended up costing us just less than RM 45 per person with plenty of drinks (and a beer) included. The big ticket item was the crab at RM 120, but I think RM 30 per KG is a pretty good deal for what we got. Lamb was RM 45, squid RM 30, and meehun RM 20. All in all I think it was worth it. This wouldn’t be my last time there.

Lot 3569, Batu 3 1/4,
Kampung Jawa,
41000 Klang

GPS: 3.03185, 101.47775
Tel: 03-3371 3913

Ok ok, there’s actually 5+1 ways and maybe the whole “sexy” word is a bit of a misnomer to be used on me, but I am still going to show you the camwhore side of me with my new pair of sexy 501 from Levi’s. Below are some self portraits that might or might not blind your eyes, you have been warned.

#1: casual
Levi's 501

Anyone who’s worn a pair of jeans should know Levi’s, the brand synonymous with denim; and of all the different series from Levi’s, the iconic 501 is the most famous and recognizable. In fact, the very first pair of jeans in the world is a pair of 501.

#2: yoga style
yoga on Levi's 501

With the new fit has this “anti-fit” feature that lets the jeans sit on wearer’s body, so flexible you can even practice yoga in it. I could probably bring my knee to the navel level 10 years ago, but I’ve traded physical flexibility with the devil for a 1% increase in sex appeal.

#3: tighter bum
Levi's 501

Of course, the new 501 also features a tighter bum. I guess it might not work for everyone, but I look pretty ok in it don’t I? Girls should dig guys with a cute butt… or something.

p/s: This not an invitation for Robbery

#4: one hand in my pocket
hand in my pocket, Levi's 501

I’ve got one hand in my pocket, and the other one’s .. having a thumb in the pocket. Heh.

#5: unbutton
Levi's 501 unbutton

Then there’s this Live Unbuttoned, no I’m not talking about me unbuttoning my jeans for your viewing (dis)pleasure, but Levi’s is also launching little button covers for you to customize your 501 jeans. You know, self expression and all that. RM 20 for a set of 5 buttons when you buy the new 501 jeans, I’ve seen the designs, some are cute, some are pretty interesting, I think I’m going to get some myself when it comes out. These buttons are designed by some famous people, and a lot of them are limited too.

#5+1: the new Levi’s 501 jeans
new Levi's 501 Jeans

This is actually my 3rd pair of Levi’s but the first pair of 501 jeans. The 501 jeans exclusively uses XX Cone Denim since 1920s, the fabric is produced only at the Cone Mills in US. Very comfortable, soft, and molds to your body, nice.

Levis Launch Party

There’s also a LIVE UNBUTTONED launch party with quite a number of famous local artists including Hujan, Point Blanc, Joe Tribe, Bee of Phobia Klik, etc on the 23rd August 2008 from 7pm at Ruums KL. Check out for invites! I think I might be able to get some of you guys invites, but first you have to say I’m sexy in this jeans. 😛

Being a true blue Malaysian, I love my nasi lemak. When my futsal buddy decided that we should head down to Kampung Baru from PJ after our game at 11pm on a weekday, I didn’t think it was a bad idea at all. I will happily trade a little bit of sleep for a good session of nasi lemak anytime.

There are several famous nasi lemak places around the area. The nasi lemak RA few hundred meters away, and nasi lemak antarabangsa that is even closer (I’ve yet to try) to this nasi lemak CT Garden situated right at Kampung Baru.

Nasi Lemak CT Garden at Kampung Baru
plenty off add-ons to go with your nasi lemak

The actual nasi lemak packets are rather small and pretty basic. A quarter of an egg, a small cup of rice, and plenty of very tasty sambal. The difference at this place is the availability of the huge variety of lauk (side dishes). Chicken cooked in half a dozen methods, fish, eggs, vegetable, squid, cuttle fish, cockles, beef, lamb, liver, lung, and more.

Nasi Lemak CT Garden at Kampung Baru
we didn’t leave anything behind

We had 2-3 packets of nasi lemak (RM 1) per person to go with some ayam madu (honey chicken), cockles, potato, and cuttle fish. Chicken and cockles were pretty good, but the cuttle fish was the one that caught my attention. The texture was just right, a little bit like biting down well cooked cartilage and went very well with the sambal. Personally I am not a huge fan of spicy soggy potato chips, but the other two dudes seemed to love it though.

Nasi Lemak CT Garden at Kampung Baru

The nasi lemak with lauk and drinks costs us about RM 6-8 per person. I guess nasi lemak isn’t exactly the cheapest meal these days, but it was worth it at this place though.

Nasi lemak CT Garden opens from 6pm to around 5am, parking is not too difficult. The place is also pretty clean and comfortable. Now I’ll have to try antarabangsa and see what the fuss is all about.

Jalan Dewan Sultan Sulaiman
Kampung Baru, Kuala Lumpur

GPS: 3.16246, 101.70113


Ladies and gentlemen, here are the winners for Chelsea vs Malaysia tickets sponsored by Heineken! Since there are five participants altogether, we can just skip the whole voting process and I’ll award each person a ticket to the event. Congratulations!

The contest was previously posted here. I will contact you (the winner) when I found out how to collect the winning tickets. For now, please pray hard for the local players! Must support Malaysia too ok!


Entry #1: a poem by YngLyn (the only person I know whose name doesn’t have a vowel)

Although I want to watch Chelsea for Free
I actually hope they drown in pee
Thats because I am a big Gunner frenzy
But I am malaysian, hence more greedy than Thee.


Entry #2: photo by Tocklet

Chelsea Tock


Entry #3: A post by XimpliXity. Read it here. Very hardworking ok!


Entry #4: Shiang with this concoction, pak leong kam!

Chelsea Shiang


Entry #5: Yap Thomas with this overly long poem (kinda like his body length)

Nuffnangers are lucky lots..
Because they get to win free tickets..
To go watch the up and coming hottest game in town..
Its Malaysia VS Chelsea at Shah Alam Stadium..

Everyone is cheering all over town…
Because Chelsea is coming to town…
Many are waiting for Chelsea to bring Malaysia down..
But I want to to see Malaysia to bring Chelsea down..

Let me just give you a story of how Malaysia will win..
It will be the biggest historic win..
Never in history Malaysia beat an EPL team that bad..
And this is how Malaysia will beat EPL more than bad..

All thanks to Heineken for the main sponsor,
Now, I know why Malaysia strictly ban most beer sponsors,
Because they do not want these to happen,
All the flying kung fu kicks I mean…

Thank you everyone for reading,
This has to be the lousiest poem ever written,
But, it is all for the pleasure for winning a ticket,
Chelvea Vs Malaysia match ticket it is…

Match time is 8:45pm 29/7/08, see you guys at Shah Alam Stadium, go Malaysia!