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Last Thursday I rushed to town right after work to attend the Made of Honor movie screening event, some of you might remember how I challenge Stewie on the fishing game (you owe me CKT, Stewie!) to get to this event. I was so excited for the 8 course meal at JW Marriot, and thought the movie was going to be a boring chick flick. However, the night didn’t quite turn out the way I expected.

Before I go any further, there are more pictures at facebook album here.

Made of Honor Event
Robb, sparkling wine/champaign?, Lorna

My long time friend Lorna accompanied me to the event, and as we walked in, the JW Marriot PR lady sort of assumed we are married. When we said no, she immediately made another mistake and tried to convince us to have a wedding dinner there.. oh well.

As with most events littered with bloggers (some 10 tables of nuffnangers), there were plenty of camwhore sessions even before the dinner starts. There were some friends like ST, Kim, Tim, Wenqi, Ringo, Yee Hou, Nicholas, FA & Bob, Skyler, Su Ann, Robb, Stephanie, Aronil; some familiar faces; and some blog friends I met for the first time such as Suet Li and Atrica. And again, I’ve forgotten many new names like I always do.

Made of Honor Event
Tim, Wenqi, Ringo, Kim, Suet Li, Nicholas, Bob, FA, Su Ann

The setup for the ballroom was excellent, better than most of the weddings I’ve attended. Flowers, candles, and everyone dressed up in suits and evening gowns. However, the food was rather disappointing. I only truly enjoy the soup from the eight course dinner, with the worst dish being the saffron risotto. I seriously didn’t know what the chef was thinking.

The champaign (or sparkling wine) with strawberry was excellent though. Lorna and I kept asking for more till the waiters gave us a funny look.

Made of Honor
Made of Honor

I was initially very hopeful for the dinner but didn’t care much about the movie. However, Made of Honor, despite getting a rather low rating from IMDB, was a very enjoyable movie. The show was funny and even touching in several moments. If you enjoy chick flicks (I think I’ve developed the taste for it, a cardinal sin for a guy maybe?), you’ll enjoy this one. I didn’t want to say this, but I’ve enjoyed it as much as I did with How to lose a guy in 10 days. Hee-hee.

Toyota MR2 out of fuel
48.5 liters plus a tin of petrol, thanks Lorna!

On the way back, I over estimated my petrol reserve by around 3km and got pwned by my car at Jalan Parliament. My car was hungry and refused to work without feeding her the new and improved RM 2.70/liter petrol. I was stranded.

Lucky Lorna drove as well, and I had to call her (who was in front) for help. My princess charming came back 20 minutes later with a tin of wholesome hydrocarbon (RM 5 for the can, 15 for the fuel) and revived the little MR2. Thanks Lorna, I owe you a dinner.

Well at least now I know my car runs 364 kilometers in the city before it’s too late.

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  2. KiraAkira

    Wao, what is the model of your car? look nice…

  3. hahaha shit.. my car better don’t die on my now..
    the petrol warning has been blinking since yesterday night!!

  4. *gasp* .. ky’s heroic car .. fainted! and refuse to wake up!

  5. hhahhahha kena pwned 😛 best la KY, BEST! eh yumcha?

  6. foodcrazee

    dasyat lu . . . . . . . .jln parlimen . . .no kiosk around . . lucky u ler

  7. Har?! Aiyoh, ran out of oil on the road ah?! Sure must be trying to avoid the first pump at the new prices, until end up having to pay more for the tin kosong…

  8. Just when I thought ok just wait till the petrol empty signal blinks then I’ll fill up, your entry just told me I shouldn’t do that. LOL I can’t imagine if my car just dies in the middle of Penang bridge. Wicked!

  9. Kuzco,
    Stim! 😀

    Ah, it’s a Toyota MR2 🙂

    Good luck, hahaha.

    steph k,
    What heroic? Hehehe

    chris tock,
    Come! 😀

    Yea, lucky me! 😉

    Hahhaha, yeah, kena pwned.

    You might get fined too. hahaha

  10. hi hi…

    great meeting u at the dinner… 🙂

    luckily u still remember my name… hehehe…

  11. KY drives a sport car. Cool.

  12. haha save the tin. it might come in handy next time *wink wink*

  13. hahaha..that’s why..dun rev up so much in the city 😛

  14. ky.. lorna is still so hot 🙂 hi lorna!! 😉

  15. it’s champagne… no ‘i’ but with ‘e’
    and running out of petrol?! you noob!

  16. I was in that situation recently.

    A friend made me waited almost an hour instead of the promised 15 minutes and tank dried out, had to wait another hour so a friend can bring a can of fuel

  17. UncleJosh

    hey hey hey~!

    so sorry about everything ya…. ^_^

  18. atrica,
    The feeling is mutual! 😀

    Simon Seow,
    Old car laa.

    I hope you don’t need it. lol

    Stuck in jam ok! Teruk.

    No doubt! 😀

    Spelling is not one of my strong points. Hehehe thanks.

    Asyraf Lee,
    Teruk. hahaha

    The Hulk gloves? Hahaha, enjoy! 😀

  19. Oohh i soo agree. The champagne was excellent. Wasn’t a smart move though to have too much with nothing in ones stomach lol

  20. Haha, not me KY. Maybe you will need it again! LOL

  21. u sud change it into a new sports car
    u see old car still use a lot of petrol
    new 1 also use quite the same amount of petrol 🙂

  22. aeroplane1234

    malu brother! lucky not stranded outside JW….. lagi lak seh..

  23. aronil,
    Sometimes you don’t have a choice. 😛


    steph k,
    No $$$ to change. hehe

    Hahhaa, true, true.

  24. 48liters for 364KM only? Company got provide petrol subsidy not? Hehe…

  25. wow…u r very lucky ler dat someone came to your rescue……

  26. Bryan,
    Hahaha, I WISH!

    No doubt, no doubt. 🙂

  27. princess charming.. haha..

  28. ahlost,
    Hahah, thank god!

  29. haiseh, make fun of our age and then forget that you saw me ah?

    dowan flen you. 🙁

  30. nyx,
    Of course I remember I saw you, young lady! 😛

  31. hey, i saw you there. in fact, you were seated at the table next to mine with fireangel. hehe

  32. Ohkulala,
    yes yes I did see you too! 😀

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