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Quietly tucked in a row of shop houses at SS18 is the JM Bariani House that serves traditional Johor nasi briyani. My colleague and I went there on a particularly warm afternoon for lunch as this place is actually air conditioned. It was a wise decision, not only did we not have to sweat in a kopitiam, the food was so good it reminded me of the awesome Indian nasi briyani I had at Myanmar.

JM Bariani House at Subang Jaya
illustrated menu and a comfortable interior

JM Bariani House serves all but one item (mee bandung) that isn’t nasi briyani as main dish. There’s lamb, beef, chicken, fried chicken, and even just pure nasi briyani without any meat. They also serve nasi briyani gam ayam (chicken) every Wednesday and nasi briyani gam kambing (lamb) every Saturday.

I ordered a lamb briyani and my colleague had the chicken briyani, we also ordered a tauhu bakar (fried bean curd skin stuffed with mengkuang, cucumber, and sauce) to share.

JM Bariani House at Subang Jaya
chicken and lamb briyani, tauhu bakar

The rice used is the finer and smaller grain than usual, very soft and fragrant. The meat was so tender you can cut it with your spoon, they must be cooked for many hours. The taste was just right, not overly spicy, salty, nor sweet, but just a perfect harmony that was very satisfying. My colleague was very satisfied with the chicken briyani as well.

As for the tauhu bakar, I could say that I’ve had better. You would probably want to skip this item when you’re there.

map to JM Bariani House at Subang Jaya

The lamb briyani was RM 10.50 and chicken at RM 9.50. Not exactly economical but wouldn’t break your bank either. Some might justify it with air conditioning provided, but I’d say the awesome nasi briyani more than make up for the slightly higher price.

21 & 21A Jalan SS18/6,
Subang Jaya, Selangor

GPS: 3.064812, 101.585866
Tel: 03-5634 4660

Discuss : KY eats – Awesome Briyani at JM Bariani House, Subang Jaya

  1. batu pahat beryani ftw!

  2. isn’t finer and smaller grain rice the cheaper subsidised rice?

  3. foodcrazee

    heavy lunch bro. . . . . .ur body ok lar . . .if i makan, i’ll be bloated the whole day long

  4. suanie,
    Try this and tell me how close is this place to BP’s! 😀


    I am very sleepy now. -_-

  5. yeala, if the first wife approves me no need go Johor to makan ftw punya nasi beryani 😛

  6. Wonder whether you have tried this stall behind
    Bangkok Bank, Jalan Bandar, KL. by the name of
    “Southern Chicken”

    Used to eat there. The Nasi Beryani there is fabulous, the gravy awesome.

    If you have not, worth a try (if it is still there).

  7. chris tock,
    Yes, you bring her there to try first ok! Make sure you get the lamb.

    ooO, interesting, I should try it. 😀 Thanks for the tips.

  8. You can try the Anujas Nasi Briyani located at the 2nd floor right opposite the Pudu Raya bus station.They are serving the nasi briyani in banana leave style. The price is quite reasonable, if i’m not mistaken, should be around RM7-RM8 for nasi briyani ayam. The briyani rice and the side dishes are refillable. Do give it a try.

  9. wow ho jiak ho jiak xD
    nice to meet you too KY. Hope to see u soon =) JIAK JIAK JIAK JIAK~!!

  10. Lisan,
    oOO, that sounds good also. I know where to look for when I’m at that area next time. 😀

    Hahhaa nice to meet you. 🙂

  11. I still like the one i had in Klang.. but will remember this place.. and give it a try.. 😉

  12. never ajak!!!!

  13. KY .. makan makan kaki

  14. tom,
    Great! 😀

    Lunch time laaa with colleague.

    steph k,
    Best kan? 😉

  15. i think u meant to type sengkuang and not mengkuang? – mengkuang are those plants used to weave into tudung saji and such 😛

    anywho. i think i’ve tried the beriyani behind bangkok bank – back in the days when we were in dayabumi. if the stall is located in between building in the alley – then it should be the same stall.. mmg awesome. but we call that place by another name !

  16. Gem in Uptown also not bad.

  17. farah,
    mengkuang is the Hokkien version. 😀 Anyway I went there again and there’s no mengkuang or sengkuang, but bean sproud instead.

    Simon Seow,
    Oooo I see

  18. the Namaste in TTDI serves pretty good briyani too, and the other one is milchi or something in uptown, also equally good.

  19. aeroplane1234

    tis is one good spot serving halal food. nice place to bring muslim customers. just i dont like the parking at that area, at times gotta walk abit

    next few lots is the pordige steam boat, aint that bad too.

  20. Sharon N

    I have tried this one in Subang.

    I have tried Anuja’s (opp. Pudu)

    I have tried BP beryani.

    It’s still BP beryani that trumps the rest. 😀

    BP ftw! Hi-5 Suanie. Heheh

    p.s.: I like the Shah’s Beryani in BP (opp Putra Specialist Hospital)

  21. near my place…i mean not near…just neighbour…from puchong to subang is near…thanks for recommending this briyani food…looks yummy!

  22. xin,
    oOO interesting. Thanks!

    Parking isn’t that bad laa, you must be really lazy to walk. Petrol price increased, walk more ok! 😛

    You’re welcome. 😀

  23. lotsofcravings

    my boss took me here once, n i must say it was damn shiok! the fluffy rice and the well-cooked meat..if only i could take away another plate!

  24. That’s probably basmati rice. It’s thin and long, fluffy and fragrant. And also very expensive if it’s the good quality ones from the foots of the Himalayas 🙂

  25. lotsofcravings,
    Did your boss pay for it too? 😀

    Now that you mention, I think it probably is!

  26. aeroplane1234

    another thing i dont like about this row of shop is they are higher and gotta walk the steps. not sure why – maybe they have basement at the back gua.

    yes – i am lazy mofo.

  27. David Chew

    Looks like a Chinese restaurant from the outside.

  28. aeroplane1234,
    Hahaha, you like to complain too much!

    David Chew,
    Yeah, the color scheme is very typical of Chinese restaurants. 😉

  29. I’ve seen the restaurant many times when I passed by there, but didn’t know what it actually serves. The price is pretty steep though…

    Will try it one of these days and thanks for the review.

  30. Mun,
    Price is slightly on the higher side, but only comparable to a typical fast food meal, no? 😀

  31. Yatz,

    They use the proper fragrant basmati rice which is expensive, not the cheaper subsidised rice. Hehe 😉

  32. Irwin,
    Yah you’re right, basmati rice isn’t cheap at all.

  33. JM Bariani House is not as good as b4, 1998-2000. It was the best bariani in town. After few years, I came back from East Coast, I went there in January, urghh…it turned to the most terrible nasi bariani. I was questioned, it changed alots! ..I asked them whats happen to the recipe? 1 of the staff told me they changed the cooks. No wonder! Now I’m learning how to cook bariani myself.

  34. ben,
    Belanja la. LOL

  35. Lainie Yeoh

    you and gareth
    are evilz


  36. Lainie Yeoh,
    Time to learn how to cook nasi briyani 😛

  37. Thanks for sharing. I must try on my next visit to KL. We tried one at Ruz Aladdin here

    Guess yours is more worth it! Delicious too!
    I really need to learn how to make one 🙂

  38. Shirley,
    Awesome, make it happen 😀

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