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Earlier this month I was invited to the Wild Rice restaurant at Mid Valley Boulevard hotel for a food review session courtesy of foodstreet. I looked through the list of my MSN and found a dinner partner in Ringo to go there with me. (you know, a fehmes blogger to increase my street cred.)

Wild Rice Restaurant at Mid Valley Boulevard Hotel
wild rice restaurant, with indoor and outdoor seatings

The wild rice restaurant is situated on the 9th floor with nice indoor seatings as well as the open terrace with a beautiful pool view.

We were greeted by the friendly communication manager Mr. Huang, and shortly after that the dishes started coming in. The good chef prepared eight dishes for just the three of us for the night. Other than their weekend buffet, Wild Rice restaurant serves Malaysian food as well as Western dishes.

Wild Rice Restaurant at Mid Valley Boulevard Hotel
clay pot chicken rice, char kueh teow, Penang seafood hor fun

Our first dish of the night was none other than Char Kueh Teow. I usually have my reservations when it comes to this dish, but the chef (who has a very strong Penang tie) actually pulled this off rather well. The good size prawns, chives, bean sprouts, and egg combined to deliver a dish that tasted pretty good.

Similarly, the Penang Hor Fun was very nice as well. I like the way the egg is done with the yolk still half cooked while the white spread over the flat noodle. The hor fun comes with prawns, squid, dory fish fillet, and vegetables.

The chef also prepared two versions of clay pot chicken rice for us, the more usual recipe with salted fish, and a version with century egg. Although I love century eggs, I think the combination is a little weird though, this little experiment from the chef didn’t turn out very great (the dish is not on the menu). Then again, I always applaud chefs who are willing to experiment.

Wild Rice Restaurant at Mid Valley Boulevard Hotel
Hainanese chicken chop, avocado burger, pan fried salmon, oxtail soup

Then there’s the very crispy and juicy Hainanese chicken chop that I wish I have a bigger stomach to eat more. The chicken chop consists of 1/4 quarter chicken with thigh and drumstick, fresh button mushroom in brown sauce with some mixed vegetables, and of course, fries. (I wonder if they have fries in Hainan, but lets not digress)

The pan fried salmon was good as well, but I think the most interesting dish for the day goes to the avocado burger. This vegetarian dish has beet root, cheese, butter, and a generous serving of sliced avocado. If you had California Roll, you know how avocado tastes like. The combination of avocado relish, and cheese in the bun was actually delicious.

Wild Rice Restaurant at Mid Valley Boulevard Hotel
the good chef and Ringo

Ringo’s favorite dish, if my memory serves me correct, was the Malaysian oxtail soup. It wasn’t too spicy nor tasted too strongly. The soup was just nice with the meat tender and the carrots soft, serving it in a clay pot does help by keeping the temperature.

map to Mid Valley Boulevard Hotel
Boulevard Hotel is situated at the North Court of Mid Valley City

The best thing about Wild Rice restaurant is the fact that it is open 24 hrs a day. To me this spells the end of mamak after midnight show especially if I’m at Mid Valley.

As for price, I think they are pretty reasonable for a hotel. Soup is RM15; the burger and other local dishes are around RM 18 to RM 22. Expect to pay slightly more for western dishes, but the portions are pretty big. The good news is that the prices are nett, no extra 10% or 5%. I like that.

Mid Valley City,
Lingkaran Syed Putra,
59200 Kuala Lumpur

GPS: 3.119262, 101.677802
Tel: 03-2295 8000

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  1. Perfect chinese goodness! Woah and how come it’s open 24 hours?

  2. Hmmm…damn you KY. I don’t see you bringing me out for food tasting 😛

  3. Ping Ping

    I was thinking, if I live in KL, I sure die die also want KY in my MSN list. =P That’s before I read that Ringo is a famous blogger, that’s our difference. =P

    Anyway, the food looks yum. Yes, the Penang Hor Fun looks very Penang. And the Char Koay Teow looks good too. I love Century Egg too but don’t think I’ll like it in claypot chicken rice. Century eggs belongs to porridge and pickled ginger.

  4. Wannabe Economist,
    Yes yes, 24 hours best! 😀

    Cos you’re a busy man with too big an appetite. 😛

    Ping Ping,
    Hhahaha yeah to increase my street cred. 😛

  5. DAMN NICE!! now i’m like so hungry.. i’ll just look at the pics bah.. ha

  6. dude did you do lotsa good deeds to deserve all these good treats !? *envious*

  7. joshuaongys,
    Lick the monitor faster! 😛

    Good karma? I don’t know, I’m scared of karma! hehee

  8. halal or not?

  9. Pah,
    ahh, yes yes this place is halal. Let me put it in proper category. 🙂

  10. why u always get free food :'(

  11. Your blog makes me hungry. Mind if i link?

  12. 24 hours wtfbrownsos?!

    but dun think i will eat char kuey teow in a hotel restaurant..western food looks more like it..

  13. chris tock,
    Not always ok! Once in a while only young man. 😛

    Of course I wouldn’t mind. 😀

    Yes yes 24 hrs!

  14. hmm.. your map looks like “Ultra man” or “Baja Hitam” hehehe… 😛

  15. Century egg claypot rice? Sounds a bit weird, i agree. I prefer the good old traditional claypot chicken with lapcheong and salted fish!

  16. sotong,
    You have some crazy imagination.

    Yeah, slightly odd. I still love the salted fish version more myself too. 😀

  17. Miss Qian

    Wahh, u so lucky lar, always got free fooe….i was thinking why i m not in ur msn list?! lol…

  18. yea man, i agree with sotong.. the map does looks like ultraman 😛

  19. Miss Qian,
    Heehee, once in a while only laa. 😀

    You’re as weird as sotong! 😛

  20. thanks a bunch KY. will drop by la.. the food looks yummy.. 🙂

  21. nocturnale

    KY: I love you, man! Thanks for the review!

  22. Pah, nocturnale,
    You’re welcome you’re welcome. 🙂

  23. aeroplane1234

    impressive, how u manage to persuade the chef to come out. normally these are shy bunch.

    btw. since u are at boulevard hotel, did u go level 3 for………….

  24. aeroplane1234,
    I don’t know what you’re talking about this level 3 thing.. lol

  25. Wow, I didn’t know they’re going to change the menu. Anyone wants to try the food there? I can take 9 people with me and we’ll eat at a discounted rate 😉

  26. so when are you taking me there to eat the Hainanese Chicken Chop? Looks good….

  27. how come u neva bring me 1?! .. so many nice food .. 🙁

  28. JC,
    10? that’s like a party! 😀

    Soon soon, jom!

    steph k,
    You can also make one of your web-husbands to bring you! 😛

  29. Yes KY. Like a party but I seldom have friends who are interested. The discount is pretty decent (x0% off) for all day dining except during special occasions like CNY, Raya, Xmas etc.

    Sometimes I take my lunch in the hotel too. It’s good value compared to eating at some of the restaurants in the malls. Besides, can enjoy the peaceful environment. 🙂

  30. JC,
    Oooo, So 10 person is 10% discount then? I didn’t know about it.
    Yeah I like the ambiance there too. 🙂

  31. KY,
    More than that. I dun dare to say here.
    You can email me and ask if u want.

  32. JC,
    Hahahah okay okay. 😀

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