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Undoubted many of you agree that Penang offers the best hawker food in this country, the best char kueh teow, curry mee, prawn mee, and of course, laksa, can be found on the island. However, there are more than just these few offerings when it comes to Chinese hawker food, and there are certainly dishes that tastes better outside the favorite hawker food destination that is Penang.

Restaurant Chong Loy, wan tan mee
traditional set up with lots of combination of ingredients

When it comes to wantan noodle and various roasted/bbq meat items, some of the bests can be found right here in Klang Valley. One of my favorite places to have a cheap and good traditional wantan noodle would be Restaurant Choy Loy at PJS 10, situated just opposite Sunway Pyramid.

The first time I visited this place was actually in the previous decade when I used to stay at around the area. It was nice to see that the shop is still running and selling basically the same thing after I came back from the States.

Restaurant Chong Loy, beef  and char siu mee
roast pork & bbq pork, beef & innards, chicken feet & mushroom, roasted duck

The selling point at Chong Loy is the variety of traditional noodle and rice you can get. They have the classic wan tan mee with char siu (bbq pork), then there’s siu yoke (roasted pork), lap cheong (Chinese pork sausage), roasted duck, chicken, chicken feet with mushroom, and even beef including tripes. You can pick any combination to go with noodle in dry and soup version, or rice.

Restaurant Chong Loy, roast pork mee
look at the dude enjoying!

I have tried pretty much everything from this place over the years. While it might not carry the wow factor like siu yoke at Pudu or char siu at Aman Suria, everything do tastes pretty good and proper, just like how they should be. I particularly like the chicken feet with mushroom and the wan tan noodle with beef.

map to PJS 10, Sunway
This place is just behind Ah Foong bak kut teh

Jalan PJS 10/9
47800 Bandar Sunway

GPS: 3.076731, 101.603934

Discuss : KY eats – Traditional Wantan Noodle and such at Chong Loy, Sunway

  1. You drew the map? I can see there was a Caltex there =P Btw The WT mee looks nice, Ill go pay a visit =P

  2. Hey, KY..what do you mean by traditional wantan mee? To me, it has something to do with how the noodle is made, type soup, the wantan itself…etc. Noodle should be made using a bamboo stick to “massage” it so as to have the RIGHT texture. Wantan size and ingredients must be RIGHT too. Serving bowl should be RIGHT too. If too BIG, the remaining wantan noodle may differ as it may have been submerged in the hot soup for too long…

  3. sharoning

    I’m hungry, just the right time your post comes in.

    I’m going for lunch.

  4. Junkgirl

    Thanks for the informative map that you always provide with your food reviews. It is a great effort. I will be going back to Msia soon and will definitely go for a chicken feet & mushroom wantan mee at Chong Loy.

  5. Dude, looks more like charsiew, thung ku kai kiok mee to me. Where’s the wantan?

  6. Original wan tan mee that Hitam mention can be found here.

  7. Thanks email2me

    I like wantan noodle served with prickled chilli or prickled white turnip (pak law pak)


  8. adry azad

    i come from sitiawan.. got no nice food there.. i’m not from penang 🙁

  9. practically even a 1 tonne mee seller needs to be creative in dishing out new cooking methods

  10. Wannabe Economist,
    Yes yes, it’s always self drawn. 😀

    I doubt you could find the bamboo stick version here in Malaysia. 😀


    You’re welcome! 😀

    Wantan’s in the soup. 😛

    Oooo interesting!

    Yah pickled chili is a must!

    adry azad,
    But you have nice chili sauce 😛

    johnny ong,
    Hahaha just to stand out of the crowd? 😛

  11. Uish, macam ni kantoi lah identiti aku

  12. Adry Azad …. Sitiawan Kampung Koh Chili sauce rulez dude ….. same like Penang “PONG CHU” brand. Cap Tupai. 😀

    That mee however doesn’t call it wan than mee. I wonder why. Need to go there test one round first.

  13. GO WANTAN MEE!!! my fav since a small kid haha

  14. May Zhee

    Haha you see you see how to not relate you with the four letter F word only!!

  15. Precious Pea

    Looks good..i would be in dilemma if am there. I would have a hard time deciding which topping I want.

  16. Asyraf Lee,
    What identity? LoL

    Yeah the squirrel brand is good!

    Slurps! 😀

    May Zhee,
    Don’t type cast me don’tttt!

    Precious Pea,
    Yeah, very difficult, like choosing toppings for pancakes!

  17. how do u define traditional?
    last time my uncle sell wantan mee in Brickfields..the best wantan mee moved to puchong..

  18. hehe no more projet alredi le there. now is shell petrol station… 🙂

  19. Where’s the chilli sauce? :p

  20. Wow… It looks nice, should goto try out then~

    Wantan mee looks like easy but not all can cooks it well~

  21. One of my favourite wantan mee is in Section 17.

  22. aeroplane1234

    ah i love this place. used to work around the area and eat here very often. one thing i like also is they always got newspaper for me to read there. (value added). parking also free and under the tree shade.

    the next door’s HAKKA rice also not too bad geh. cheap shits.

  23. Yatz,
    Uncle’s stall, like mom’s cooking, is always best! 😛

    Ahhh, you’re right!

    Look at the beef noodle 😛


    Simon Seow,
    Ooo I see

    Yeah, cheap and good, I should try the hakka rice.

  24. foodcrazee

    still prefer mine dry with no left over of sauce . . . . .thats traditional bro

  25. i think i went there once. really so nice meh?!!

  26. fish fish

    That four wantan mee photos, I have never craving so much for wantan mee like now. *drool*

  27. foodcrazee,
    oOOO, interesting. 😀

    Lotsa choices, pretty good food, and rather inexpensive. 😉

    fish fish,
    Hahhaa, great! 😛

  28. I need this wantan mee and that freaking Aman Suria char siew. Because I’m depressed. Because cafeteria food sucks and because today is Friday – I need to be rewarded.

  29. my boss eats wantan mee everywhere he goes, early morning before Tee off also must have wantan mee leh.. according to him, Breakfast of Champions.. wakakakaka

  30. Cool selections for the Wan Than Mee. I should have check where are the good places to eat over here as I was over there last week. Anyway, certain food in your area certainly tasted better than Penang. In fact, I have found a few hidden ones that are truly unique.

    Nice site you have here. I’ll be hopping in more often now 🙂

  31. Ching,
    Hahaha. I think you’ll love the char siu there!

    Ooo interesting philosophy. lol

    Criz Lai,
    Thanks for the vote of confidence! 😀

  32. You can still find traditional made from bamboo stick wantan noodles here in Malaysia, but you gotta travel all the way to Kota Bharu in Kelantan, look for Kedai Mee How Kee, the owner Mr. Foong makes his own noodles and wantan skin using a bamboo stick. He told me that he will probably only run his shop for another 5-6 years as all his daughters are in Singapore. So its a dying art 🙁

  33. cupnoodles,
    Yah, how unfortunate. Kelantan is the only state I haven’t stepped foot on though.

  34. KY… you should go la… my impression used to be nothing there, but when I went there mid this year, I was surprised, full of good food 😉

  35. cupnoodles,
    Interesting, yah I should go there one of these days. My younger brother’s studying there too. 🙂

  36. I went to this shop few days ago during office hour, the queue was so long..
    although that time was office hour, but many ppl still willing to queue and wait for a sit..
    but it does not let me take much time for getting a sit as the stuff there were trying their best to sit me..
    erm.. i have tried their siu yok with char siu wan tan mee… it was so yummy… and my colleague say that their mushroom chicken feet not bad too…
    although there got no air-conditioner, and the place might been enough, bt their food quaility can be proven by look at the queue XD

  37. […] and rice based dishes that is often associated with restaurants like this (another place would be Chong Loy at Sunway). They have wantan, dumpling, char siew (bbq pork), siu yok (roast pork), roast duck, […]

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