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Some of you might recall that I absolutely love the popiah at Melaka that comes with the very sinful fried lard. Well, now I have finally found one worthy Halal version here at PJ thanks to Kelvin.

Popiah basah at seksyen 14, petaling jaya
the very old school food court

This popiah stall is located at the wet market food court next to the PJ Digital Mall at Seksyen 14, for those who are a bit challenged geographically, it is one street behind the opposite of the new Jaya 33 mall.

According to Kelvin, the popiah stall has been in business more than some bloggers have been alive. Still with the same owner serving the same very best popiah basah (wet spring roll).

Popiah basah at seksyen 14, petaling jaya
ahh, glorious popiah!

At just RM 1.00 each, the popiah comes with the traditional ingredients of bean sprouts, tofu, and I believe Chinese turnip (mangkuang), kunyit and perhaps a few more ingredients I can’t name. A sweet brown sauce topped the roll and you can have chili paste according to taste as well. I usually love mine a bit spicier than normal, I think it goes very well with the brown sauce. The juiciness and the satisfaction from this traditional snack is something worth way more than the RM 1 you have to pay.

map to digital mall at seksyen 14, petaling jaya
now you know how to get there from Federal Highway

The stall is open on afternoons, give it a try especially if you find yourself at Digital Mall.

GPS: 3.109652, 101.635863

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  1. deeliano

    yum i’m drooling already!! would u know what is their opening hours like?? thanks.

  2. deeliano,
    I believe it’s from about lunch time to tea time. 😀

  3. Very cheap woh… I think even cheaper than the Malacca ones.. :p

  4. i think thats like a great find…. cheap and good popiah

  5. twosuperheroes,
    Probably, I forgot the Malacca’s price..

    Thanks. 😀 I’m hungry nowwww

  6. pinkpainter

    The Indian named as Ali and his uncle was the first who started the business since 1998. The stall start business from 3pm until sold out and the popiah is really ‘basah’ and of course, awesome!

  7. btw turnips is sengkuang. mengkuang is the leaves they use to weave mats.

  8. pinkpainter, i’ve eaten his popiah since 1993 at least so it’s definitely b4 1998 😉

  9. Ah, I read this in masak-masak too. They will also setup stall in TTDI i think during Ramadan.

  10. pinkpainter,
    Looks like you’re a regular customer there. 😀

    OoOo, thanks! but in Hokkien (Penang style) I thought we call it mengkuang.

    But you’re even more regular.. and old school. 😛

    Simon Seow,
    oOo I see. 😀

  11. adry azad

    looks familiar la this place.. macam pernah makan saja

  12. elfiejane

    another food blog! how nice. im bookmarking this for reference when i get back to malaysia.

  13. adry azad,
    I brought you before la noob

    ooO thanks. 😀

  14. foodcrazee

    mangkuang in Penang hokkien and bangkuang in Klang Hokkien . . .apa saja lar dude

  15. eh hungry time after futsal let’s go for popiah..LOL

  16. foodcrazee,
    Yah… different different versions of hokkien. 😀

    Hahahaha, the fella sleeping already by the time we are done with futsal.


  17. cibai, early morning breakfast also not yet eat see popiah damn hungry ady! grrr

  18. Robb,
    What cibai? You’re not interested in one also! 😛

  19. Hi
    Is this the foodcourt where Metrojaya used to be in Sec14? thanks.

  20. Dee,
    You are absolutely right!

  21. Did you guys also try the delicious lontong from the same food court? The stall is called Kedai Lontong Mak Yah.

  22. Wah.. Kuching’s costs me more than RM1.50 lar.. Why lar the food over there much cheaper? T.T

  23. wow! Rm1 is so cheap. usually pasar malam one also like rm2.

  24. foodcrazee

    dude . . . .in Marketing now and expect to be in VN year end . . . . .want anything from HCMC ?

  25. cy,
    Oooo, must try that one of these days!

    Hahaha kuching so expensive?

    True, true!

    Haaaa, I want pho, but tapao wouldn’t really work. too bad 🙁

  26. ky got no cbox .. ky!!! i wan my pics!!!! plssss

  27. steph k,
    Ok ok wait up! 😀


    then u may drop by klang Tmn eng ann hawker roadside court. U may find 2 non halal popiah stalls always ready satiates popiah kakis..

  29. pinkpainter

    Hi! Kelvin. I got the info from Ali, so not sure i heard wrongly.

    Hi! KY. I not have it often, but i like popiah so go everywhere as long as i know there is sign of this gooey.

  30. IGNATIO,
    Sounds great!


    oOo, I see I see. 😀

  31. pinkpainter, i think u heard wrongly. i was talking to the guy and told him i’ve been eating there since 1993 (and i’m not old enough to be senile just yet) because i was working in that area and sometimes tahpau his popiah for tea break. he of course agreed with me and said he started in the late 80s.

  32. pinkpainter

    Ok. Tx 4 ur info

  33. I wonder what’s the price like in the late 80s

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  35. i found another popiah basah stall in Bandar baru sentul (near apartment menara orkid) (near LRT sentul) ….wow…amazing popiah….so nice…i bet its more nice from PJ seksyen 14.. one mamak famouse ipoh popiah

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