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What do you do during an emergency? An accident with injured parties laying on the floor, a fire with 3rd degree burn victims, a heart attack case, or when someone chokes trying to swallow a prune. What do you do other than calling the 999 emergency number and yell for help?

I would have done just that prior to the 2-day training on First Aid and CPR last week, but now, Haaaaaaaaaaa! I will be able to help (to a certain extend anyway).

First Aid and CPR training
meet little anne, baby anne, and choking charlie

Although I’ve had trainings on CPR more than 3 years ago while obtaining my Safety Offshore Passport for visiting oil and gas platform purposes, this training was much more comprehensive and concentrate more on rescuing others than personal safety alone.

In this training, I met a few celebrities in this field. Ladies and Gentlemen, I want you to meet Little Anne, Baby Anne, and Choking Charlie. These superstars let us blow and pump and whack and push to learn the art of CPR as well as the Heimlich Maneuver to clear the airway in a case of choking.

First Aid and CPR training
recovery position, neck brace, and securing a fracture victim

We also learn about stabilizing bone fractures, stopping excessive bleeding, handling amputation cases, the different degrees in burnt victims and how to calculate the percentage of burnt area in a human body (size of victim’s palm = 1%), treat a person in shock, mobilizing victim with suspected spinal cord injury, and so on. Very informative and rather interesting.

First Aid and CPR training
check out the fake bone petrution!

The theory and practical with little Anne and friends were informative, but the highlight of the session came in the second day when we split into 2 groups for the simulation exercise. We were the first group to be the emergency response unit that went to an accident scene. There’s a case of amputation (fake thumb), spinal injury, fracture, and a couple other victims with minor injuries. I managed to find the fake thumb. 😀

First Aid and CPR training
stabbed to the chest, and 3rd degree burn

When it was our turn to be victims, the scenario was slightly more interesting. A scene of carnage with me being the killer. I stabbed a guy with knife straight to the chest, another uncle with internal organ spillage, a few other with heavy wounds and a 3rd degree burnt victim. Check out the video below:

It was a fun and very informative 2 days of training that could prove to be invaluable if and when there is a situation that demands it. I hope I don’t ever have to use the knowledge gained.

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  1. Do you know how to prevent puking on your sofa during Christmas’s Eve party?

  2. Hahahha, this is to respond to crisis, not preventing crisis. 😀

  3. Dabido (Amputated Brain)

    Ah, you still use Heimlich Maneuver in Malaysia. When I did my Senior First Aid Certificate last year we were told not to use it any more. We were told to use something soft in order to dislodge the food / item from the persons airways. [Which might include using the fingers if required … and making sure you didn’t get them bitten off].
    Apparently the Heimlich isn’t as effective as just using something … but, after saying that, if Malaysia still uses Heimlich, then by all means use that in an emergency first, becasue if something goes wrong a court of law won’t understand you trying a method other than the one you were taught in first aid class.

    Now I feel safe on my next trip to KL as I’m not the only first aid person I know. 🙂

  4. Dabido,
    But I might not be able to use Heimlich Maneuver on you if you keep your waist line! 😛

  5. haaaaaa! that fella kena stabbed that 1 not bad ah..didn’t move at all..

  6. Dabido (Turkey Slap)

    You’ll just have to stick your fingers in my mouth to remove the obstruction then. Don’t worry, your fingers are safe, I’m a vegetarian. 🙂

  7. where did you attend the course? looks so interesting…mine was only basic CPR and choking first aid … no stabilizing the bones etc involved…

    did u sit for the theory paper?

  8. Yatz,
    All pro actors ok! 😛

    Ok I’ll get suan to do it!

    It was held privately, yes I did sit for the paper but the result is yet to come out. Hopefully I get the certificate. 😀

  9. looked real huh…the injuries… :p

  10. twosuperheroes,
    We had very good makeup artists. 😀

  11. so did they teach u the new alternative way of doing cpr as highlighted in my blog posting – ???

    i was trained with the old method when i got my lifeguard cert.

  12. BWahahahaha That lady laughed non stop, so funyyy!!!! LOLOLOL

  13. that was… fake?!!!!!!!!!

  14. Dabido (Oh NO!!!)

    Are you sure that’s a wise thing to do? I mean, you’re supposed to do first aid to save lives, not to sic Suanie onto people! 🙂

  15. johnny ong,
    Yah they did mention the new method. 🙂

    Hahaha she very drama!

    Everything fake! 😀


  16. aeroplane1234

    how does it feel like giving a blow job to a doll ah?

    at the end swallow or spit?


  17. aeroplane1234,
    why you so obscene! 😛

  18. Hahaa….Little Anne and Choking Charlie used to be my friend in secondary school. And still remembering using flour n colouring to stimulate those wounds too =D

  19. angel101,
    damn best right? 😀 😀

  20. hi

    i am looking for a CPR and first aid training. where cani enrol?? how much did it cost you?

  21. sreedhar

    i want the full details of first aid and techniques

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