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How was your Labor Day holiday? A bunch of noobs and I went to Chamang falls, the Elephant sanctuary, and the deer park in Pahang on a tiring but very fulfilling day trip. Allow me to present you this awesome picture from yesterday.

Sun Bear has small penis!
Sun Bear has a really tiny one!

This was taken at the Deer Park, a place where you can pet and feed deers, ostriches, play with rabbits, hedgehogs, sugar gliders, and even bears. The trainer made this Sun Bear lay down on his back and fed him with some keropok. I can’t help but notice how small a wiener he has! Just slightly bigger than an elevator button!

No wonder sun bear penis and balls aren’t considered aphrodisiac by Chinese.

I shall post a detailed report about the trip soon. Cuti cuti Malaysia.

Discuss : KY saw – Sun Bears have really tiny wiener!

  1. KY miang… ahahahaha

  2. David,
    LOL you lah miang.

    hehahae 😀

  3. The sun bear filming some porn? His pose certainly looked like one! Haha. :p

  4. sotong

    This mean BIG size ppl doesn’t mean they have a BIG cock!!!

    Are you giving us a hint, KY? 😛 😛


  5. are you ready for a blow ky? LOL

  6. what is wrong with you??

  7. twosuperheroes,
    Naughy naughty! 😛

    Hahahha, correct! No hints. hehehe

    My mouth is too big for that. hahaha

    I am being me! Hehahehae 😀

  8. Suertes

    You think you so clever yah…

    Sun bear and his big big cousins come chasing you in your dreams then you know.. insult the spirit of powerful beasts heh heh..

  9. KY, i laughed not becoz of the weener..but coz of ur funny expression! LOL !

  10. ROTFLOL! winnar post!

    KY, the claws don’t look friendly at all leh. kudos to you man. -.-

  11. Suertes,
    This is the big cousin, there’s another small sun bear around in the park. 😀
    Just don’t bring in the polar bear!

    Hahahaha, damn it. hee-hee

    You should see the canine! A lot worse than the claws!

  12. Precious Pea

    Sun bears are tame? The bear has got a big tummy too! Too much keropok?

  13. That is before election. 😉

  14. mmmm…… too small…. nothing to see

  15. foodcrazee

    hello . . . .depa simpan dulu mah. . . . .out when necessary only . . . take a look at our friend the HORSES

  16. were you gonna TOUCH IT??!!! hahaha

  17. Precious Pea,
    Hahaha, maybe. But bears don’t have health problems if they are over weight though. No diabetes or heart problem unlike human. 😀

    Erection you mean? hehehe

    whateverthing inc,
    You actually like to see big ones? LOL

    Ooo you like horse wiener? 😛

    Hahhaa, no way!

  18. eat for fun can ah

  19. Dabido (Nuts Man)

    Does this mean Sun Bears need to buy Ferrari’s and Porsche???? 🙂

    Stop pointing at it, looks like you’re about to press the elevator button! 🙂
    Of course, if you press it, it might go UP for you! lol Better they have small ones so that they can only maul people in one way! 😉

  20. littlepolaris

    Oh my! KY u so notti la! pointing out his kukujiao like dat. ahaha.

  21. Remember the saying, size is not important, its what you can do with it that is important!

    And also sometimes the “before” and “after” can be quite different . . .

  22. nocturnale

    Look at the bright side, at least the testicles look virile.

  23. Luckly didn’t see the bear’s face if not later on how he gonne face the crowd. LOL

  24. wei,
    I don’t think I want to. lol

    I don’t want to know! lol

    Why is that wrong? 😛

    I think bears have only one style? hahah

    Hahahha, you have a point 😀

    That’d be the bear’s problem. hahaehae

  25. Lalabeng

    Chipet, why you think yours is bigger issit?LOL

  26. foodcrazee

    horses . . . . . .hehehehehehehehehe! go ask damien . . . .

  27. Hi again KY,

    So, it was mother nature you went for on your day off. Me too, but definitely not as lucky as you and your discovery here!

  28. Anston

    Fu Yoh~ u so berani standing behind tat bear ler! But the “thing” will grow up punya 😀

    Saw ur BIGMAC youtube clips, haha…

  29. David Chew

    It looks like you were having fun.

  30. Lalabeng,
    I don’t need to THINK. 😛

    No thanks. lol

    You can go there too. 😀

    Ooo my BigMac clip should be a secret!

    David Chew,
    We were! 😀

  31. kl_fatguy

    KY,you must have same feeling as the sun bear isn’t it??? :P..

  32. ashleighhhh

    lol radiance and i went to see them sunbears in zoo negara. they looked dead. i bet they have even smaller weenies.

  33. But his balls not that small, even bigger than mine actually

  34. ROTLMAO!
    Hmmm.. been to so many zoos but didn’t notice leh..

  35. kl_fatguy,
    Hahhaa, not really.

    LOL, teruk.

    But you don’t use the balls to pleasure the female, do you? lol

    You’ve been concentrating on the balls only? hahha

  36. Dabido (Turkey Slap)

    Well, if we follow Panda’s logic Sunbears are good at Turkey Slapping the females of their species!

  37. Junkgirl

    Your expression is a classic…

  38. Dabido,
    Hahhaha, I don’t want to know!

    Thanks! 😛

  39. asian man says: Rook at how big it is!!! OoO

  40. HALIFAX,

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