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With the blessing of the great lady luck, I had the chance to go to the Emperor Chinese Restaurant at Sheraton Subang Hotel for the second time. The first was an appreciation dinner from a vendor (which I didn’t manage to capture any photos), and this time it was an invitation arranged by foodstreets for a food review. Excellent (and free) Chinese food within the span of a couple months, what more could I ask for?

Note: This is now Grand Dorsett Hotel, though the name of the restaurant remains the same (13/7/2013)

Emperor Chinese Restaurant at Sheraton Subang
the friendly Chef Michael Wong and his creations

I arrived at Sheraton during dinner time and was greeted by the friendly PR person Bel, who introduced me to the Executive Chinese Chef Michael Wong. Chef Michael has been with the hotel from 97 to 2000 and recently joined back to lead the kitchen team. For this “exercise”, the good chef prepared a total of six dishes and a dessert to satisfy our taste buds.

Emperor Chinese Restaurant at Sheraton Subang
double boiled soup, assorted vegetable, and cold chicken roll

First on the table was the double boiled fish maw with dried scallop and vegetable soup, it was seriously the best soup I’ve had so far. Scallop, mussel, and fish maw together with Silkie (black skinned) chicken really gave the soup a very distinct sweetness that is so delicious. I was still thinking about it for days after the session.

Then it was the cold dish, cold chicken roll with jelly fish. This dish is traditionally made with pork, but as the Emperor Chinese Restaurant serves halal food, chicken is used instead. Chef Michael explained to me the tedious process of preparing the chicken (slicing, steaming, rolling up) to create a texture consistent with the traditional ingredient. I must say he did a very good job and the substitute meat did not disappoint.

Emperor Chinese Restaurant at Sheraton Subang
baked cod fish, butter prawn, and dancing fried rice

As for the cod fish, instead of the more orthodox steaming or deep frying cooking method, the good chef baked the generous slice of cod steak in an oven with garlic sauce. It was done just nice and not over cooked, a relatively simple dish that came out just right.

Butter prawn and assorted vegetable were both good as well. However, the other interesting dish would be the “dancing fried rice”, the fried rice is topped with tobiko (flying fish roe) and decorated with katsuobushi (the topping for takoyaki) on the side that seems to ‘dance’. A very visually captivating dish that tastes as good as it looks.

Emperor Chinese Restaurant at Sheraton Subang
avocado apple juice and lemon grass pudding with mint ice cream

To round it off, we had the lemon grass pudding with mint ice cream as dessert. A nice way to cool down and refresh after the rather heavy meal. Bel also ordered us an the unique apple and avocado juice, a thick concoction that combines the sweetness of the two fruits that tasted surprisingly good!

map to Sheraton Subang
Sheraton Subang Hotel is right next to SJMC at SS12

It was a very good meal and needless to say I was very satisfied. If you’re looking for a high class Chinese restaurant (serving halal food), you should definitely consider this place.

Jalan SS12/1
47500 Subang Jaya

GPS: 3.078841, 101.598945
Tel: 03-5031 6060

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  1. Crunchasarus Rex

    How come leh.. only Malaysian food bloggers get invited for food review leh..?? so jealous..!

  2. Crunchasarus Rex,
    You’ll have to ask Lady Luck for that. 😀

  3. Ooooh, that mint chocolate chip ice cream is irresistible!

  4. Wow…dining at this restaurant must be expensive huh.. *sweats*

  5. hcfoo,
    Yeah, it was niceee!

    Lucky me I didn’t have to pay. High class hotel restaurants are of course a bit more pricey, but you do get what you paid for. 🙂

  6. Oooo… i love the sounds of dancing fried rice and flyin fish roe! Dance and fly right into my mouth puhleese… ;P

  7. Can’t imagine how flavorful the boiled soup until you think of it for days 🙂

  8. cimidanciki(mei),
    Hahaha, I’m sure you’ll appreciate it!

    Yeah, you should have joined us! 😀

  9. Oh, I see FoodStreet is inviting a few prominent food blogger nowdays for food review. I should have started blogging 4 years back, sigh.

  10. simon, even if u started 4 years ago you may not have the BEST factor required la hahahha!!

    ehhhhhh KY shaddup la, everyday hear u talk about your double-boiled soup until hao sui ok!

  11. Simon Seow,
    Never too late. 😀

    chris tock,
    Hahaha you’re a joker!

  12. just-tin

    eh ky,u eat so much but yet so thin.. not bad uh. by the wayhave u tried the dim-sum in sheraton imperior kl?? it’s really good!!

  13. just-tin,
    Well if you change your name to Just-Thin then you will be okay too! 😀 I haven’t tried the dim sum, but it sure sounds good.

  14. ur pic always make me drool~..

  15. d2z,
    Hehehe, thanks. 😀

  16. i’m going to kl next week..maybe gonna start a lil bit on food blog..wanna find great sis wanna treat me..

  17. d2z,
    You’re lucky!

  18. The dim sum there is good as well. I somehow prefer chicken dim sum, can’t stand the pork fat taste coz I will feel pukey after my 4th piece. Is it because of the preparation method, KY?

  19. S-Kay,
    Hahaha, I, on the other way, likes pork 😛
    I think it’s a personal preference rather than the method of preperation

  20. uhh….nice, i like the scallop 😛
    i remember the dimsum was nice too.

  21. Lorna,
    Scallop’s one of my favorites too! 😀

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