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I was at KLCC during the PC Fair weekend. Instead of fighting with the crowd shooting those Tech Girls indoor, we went to the main entrance of KLCC to do some streets photography. It was just after rain and the sky was still gloomy. I thought since there lighting condition wasn’t suited for the more conventional streets photography, I’d do something different instead.

So here you go, a series of shoes @ KLCC. It is interesting how much two legs and a pair of shoes can tell now isn’t it?

shoes at KLCC
Rough Rider
shoes at KLCC
shoes at KLCC
The Angle
shoes at KLCC
shoes at KLCC
shoes at KLCC
A Conversation
shoes at KLCC
shoes at KLCC
shoes at KLCC
Decisions, Decisions
shoes at KLCC
shoes at KLCC
shoes at KLCC
shoes at KLCC
shoes at KLCC

By the way, there will be more postings on Bangkok trip shortly. Stay tuned!

Discuss : KY Pictures – Shoes @ KLCC

  1. hey that girl’s got a pair of onitsukas!

  2. Kelvin,

    Hee-hee 😛

  3. nice sets of pics!

  4. wow…KY, your pics are so “DEEP”. :p

  5. flirty look like she got nice toes and nicely pedicured(?) too.

  6. Amazing!

  7. rachel,
    OoO you’ve got sharp eyes!

    You’re too kind. lol

  8. some of the titles you put dont make sense at all

  9. denomination could also read “STALKER” … hehe… kidding 😛 … but really…

  10. oops! scratch that.. i meant, domination could also read, STALKER !

    there.. got it right this time..

  11. I like the concept of this.. nice. 🙂

  12. I think you should change Tired to Had Not Wash My Feet For 3 Days wtf.

  13. Didn’t know that you are taking photo of Shoes near KLCC last weekend… I should have paid a visit and wore my nice sporty Nike shoe, so you could take my shoes with my sexy hairy leg… LoL :->

  14. New Balance-s are nice to wear as they give me a nice feel of the clutch.

    My current one, not so; the old pair, wicked!

  15. MIchelle

    I never thought shoes could ‘speak’….

  16. Paul Tan,
    Make sense with me enough la 😛


    Thanks. 😀

    Simon Siew,
    LOL, some people have darker skin ok! 😛

    I’m not sure if I want to see those hairy legs. hahha

    Dr. Tan,

    So many fascinating things in life isn’t it? 😛

  17. Interesting. Haha. Do they realise u were taking pictures of their feet, btw? =D

  18. Julia,
    I don’t think they know. 😛

  19. pinksterz

    foot fetish wtf hahahaha

  20. pinksterz,
    You like or not? LOL

  21. Good description! 🙂

  22. icefish,
    Thanks. 🙂

  23. the ‘zebra’ is nice

  24. hwchua,
    Thanks! 😀

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