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After casting my vote on that fateful election day that changed our history forever, I called up FA to go breakfast as her polling station is just a mere kilometer from mine. I took a very short drive to Sea Park (PJ Seksyen 21, not to be mistaken with Taman Sea) for some Ipoh Kueh Teow Soup at Soo Kee.

Soo Kee Ipoh Kueh Teow Soup at PJ Sea Park
master chef skillfully remove all bones from the chicken

For the two of us, we actually ordered up quite a feast. Two bowls of Ipoh Kueh Teow Soup (Ipoh Hor Fun), a bowl of prawn wan tan (with at least 8 wantans in there), and a pretty big portion of steamed chicken. I don’t get to eat early breakfast that often, so it is a feast when I get a chance.

Soo Kee Ipoh Kueh Teow Soup at PJ Sea Park
Ipoh kueh teow soup, prawn wantan, and really smooth chicken

While waiting for our food, we noticed that a lady next to our table took out a curiously looking newspaper wrapper, and out came roasted pork (siu yok). That certainly made us salivate, and after FA checked with the lady, I was sent to the wet market just opposite the restaurant on a mission. I came back with RM 5 worth of godsend.

Soo Kee Ipoh Kueh Teow Soup at PJ Sea Park
look at FA being so happy with the roasted pork

As it turned out, we really had too much food that morning. The kueh teow soup was actually very good and true to the traditional recipe. Some prawns, shredded chicken meat, spring onion, and a dash of chili oil that amplify the flavor. I particularly like the steamed chicken too, almost completely boneless (like Fatty Loh‘s style), with the meat very smooth and succulent. The wantan was pretty good too, if not a little bit on the saltier side for my taste.

The addition of roasted pork was certainly the highlight of the day. The crunchiness of the skin on roasted pork was a stark contrast to the smoothness of chicken and the kueh teow, the contrasting taste and texture made the breakfast awesome. We had our stomach completely filled.

Soo Kee Ipoh Kueh Teow Soup at PJ Sea Park
Soo Kee is located just a stone’s throw away from the Sea Park Shell station

I don’t remember exactly how much each bowl of kueh teow costs, but the entirely meal was more than RM 20. Certainly expensive for breakfast, but with the amount of chicken and prawn wan tan we had, I think it was still reasonable.

33 Jalan 21/17,
46300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

GPS: 3.109781, 101.622012
Tel: 03-7876 7736

Discuss : KY eats – Soo Kee Ipoh Kueh Teow Soup at PJ Sea Park

  1. I believe the red colour in the broth of the ipoh kuay teow is from the boiling of the prawn heads and not from chili oil (according to some Ipohans).

  2. Kelvin,
    Possibly, but it does have a slight spicy taste.

  3. Hmm..prawn wantan, hard to find good one this days. I like the part “I was sent to the wet market…” sounds like you’ve been ordered by FA to do her biddings.

  4. instead of potentially spreading misinformation, i suggest u ask the vendor and confirm

  5. the reddish oil is from the prawn head – fried with lil oil till fragrant. . . . .trust me . . . lolz

  6. Gorlworld

    Thanks your info…
    Will try it soon…

  7. David Chew

    The place looks familiar.

  8. Can’t believe you manage to get a parking lot in that area on a Saturday morning. Why don’t I have such luck?

  9. KY, is it only open for breakfast?

  10. My family calls the place “Mo Tai Mo Sai” because apparently they only have one size for servings of kuey teow. I prefer dry. The chicken’s real secret is in the oyster sauce mix.

  11. argh..hungry Park and Taman Sea different?

  12. bloody hell why must put the picture which showcases my high forehead!!!!

  13. mike,
    Ahh, thanks, learned something new everyday!

    Yah, do that! πŸ˜€

    David Chew,
    Well it is at seapark..

    Why not? You just have to have a little luck. πŸ˜€

    Lunch as well, I don’t think they’re open for dinner though.

    Yeah, the chicken was really good.

    Sea Park and Taman Sea are a few kilometers away from each other.

    Cute maa πŸ˜›

  14. That roast pork looks yummy…

  15. David Chew

    For RM5 now most of the food price is almost the same but if the food is nice then is worth and the food does look tasty.

  16. yummy, my favurite food

  17. Hmm.. Seems to be a good lunch place for tomoro! Thanks KY!

  18. angel101,
    Yeah, roast pork’s always good. πŸ˜€

    David Chew,
    Still pretty reasonably priced.

    orang cina,

    oOoo, I was going to go there this afternoon but stomach acting up. :S

  19. Ya I ate there too once – the chicken was very smooth and nice πŸ™‚

  20. 5 bucks for the roast pork is a bargain . . . depending on which part of the pork u r having dude . . . . .

    Belly cost much more . . .but its more DELISH . . . .droooooooling

  21. adryazad

    i don’t eat pork!!! but can we go makan the kuey teow anyway?

  22. santaanatrail

    Next time I head to M’sia, I am so going to consult your blog for all my culinary schedules. This blog is the shiznit!

  23. Julian,
    Yeah, very good chicken.

    True, it was not the best quality, but still pretty delicious!

    Lets do it!

    Hahaha, thanks thanks!

  24. wah i live at seapark also dunno got this place here. πŸ™‚
    tks for the very useful map again! hehehe.

  25. immi,
    You’re welcome!

  26. I’ve been going to this shop for ages, since I was introduced to it by my uncle.

    Nowadays, I try to get at least 2 mates to go, so 3 of us will be able to share one whole chicken, which feels just right. I used to say that having the chicken and hor fun here feels better than sex! LOL

  27. Kenny,
    While I must refrain myself from commenting on your sex life, I gotta say that 3 person for a chicken is quite a feast!

  28. Kenny, i dunno who you have been having sex with…

  29. I Absolutely Missssssssssssssss ipoh hor fun *cries*

  30. Jess,
    Come back la then! πŸ˜€

  31. kl_fatguy

    Actually today few of my collegue ask me where to eat for our lunch,so I decide go to your websites and see anything good and nearby which my office located at Amcorp mall.After brainstroming for awhile,we decided go to Soo Kee Ipoh Kueh Teow Soup at PJ Sea Park which we saw from your blog.We really excited want to try something new in KL which normally we can eat at Ipoh only.

    After reached there,we ordered half chicken and 7 bowls of kueh teow soup,taugeh and wan tan plus 3 chinese tea and 1 warm water.(explain later).

    As the foods come all of us target on the chicken,you know what after take the chicken,all of our face really dissapointed.The chicken is really cold ( like frozen chicken ) and with oyster sauce,wahhhh.Actually this combination is good BUT not for Soo Kee because the chicken is really cold and the oyster sauce automatically become sweet.Really dissapointed on the chicken ler.

    I think this shop,the only worth to eat is the kuey teow soup and others,haii~~~~~ dissapointed.Maybe you will say me bad luck again like what I take Ming Tien BKT,ahahahha.

    Let’s comeback to the order and come to conclusion,you know how much.WalauEhhh,never expected.RM57.80,for half chicken,7 bowls and 2 bowls is kosong,1 small taugeh,1 wantan,3 chinese tea and 1 warm water..Never expecting this price,really fell like kena potong kaw kaw.You know how much they charge for 1 chinese tea,RM 1.00.The mosts expensive chinese tea I ever had in normall food shops.

    I think you need to reconsider on this shop for your blog ler…

  32. kl_fatguy,
    Looks like your experience was rather unpleasant. I do agree that this place is on the expensive side but didn’t know they charge RM1 for Chinese tea!

    I think the prawn wantan is not cheap either.

    However, I do like the chicken despite it being not warm. I believe there is a cooking method where the chicken is rinsed in cold water to gain certain texture.

    You are right in parts though, I should warn people about the price.

    Thanks! πŸ™‚

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