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Last week Kerol came over and suggested that we should try the Sango Japanese Restaurant at Crystal Crown hotel as her colleague insisted that it is one of the bests around the area. Coincidentally, Jack appeared at the gate right at dinner time, so three of us went to this little known restaurant to validate the claims of Kerol’s colleague.

Sango Japanese Restaurant, Crystal Crown Hotel
38++ for all the teriyaki you can eat. Look at Kerol & Jack so happy!

I am a raw fish lover, my order at Japanese restaurants includes sashimi or sushi every 9 out of 10 times. However, as we were browsing the menu, we couldn’t help but be intrigued by the current offer – “Yakitori Tabe Hodai” (eat as much as you can) at RM 38++ that even includes a beer or juice. The offer includes all sorts of food on skewer, so we made the choice to skip raw fish for this round and took the offer (only valid till 15th April 2008). It was a wise choice.

Sango Japanese Restaurant, Crystal Crown Hotel
we had more than 18 types of food on skewer

From the 24 items on the menu, we tried probably around 20 of them (the pictures already show 18.) Most of the items were very delicious, I love the ginkgo nuts, lightly salted and skewered. Then there’s chicken with leek, with wasabi, chicken wing, and even chicken skin! So many choices you wish you have a bigger stomach.

Sango Japanese Restaurant, Crystal Crown Hotel
special meat ball – top left

If the chicken dishes were good, items involving beef were even better. the asparagus wrapped with beef was very delightful, but the absolute must-order item would be the “special meat ball”. The description could be better, it looked like an ice cream stick with beef instead of ice cream, and a raw quail’s egg accompanying the meat, very rich and yet very addictive. I need to have that again!

map to Crystal Crown Hotel
Crystal Crown is just a couple minutes off Federal Highway

Other than meat items, there are also skewed non-animal products. Mushroom, okra (lady fingers), ginkgo nuts, garlic, egg plants, and so forth. If you’re the more adventurous type, you can go for chicken liver, heart, or gizzards too.

Remember, the offer ends at 15th April, I think I need to go back there again soon.

12, Lorong Utara A, Off Jalan Utara,
46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

GPS: 3.109352, 101.643131
Tel: 03-7958 4422

Discuss : KY eats – Sango Japanese Restaurant at Crystal Crown Hotel

  1. wowwww… that was nice. Definitely must try.

  2. Mmmm.. I am not that keen on raw food.

  3. Hey KY, i have free tickets to Sunburst Festival tomorrow. Let me know if you want okay?

  4. surfnux,
    oooo do it!

    No raw food on this one maa. 😀

    I’m forwarding this to friends. I have ticket for myself already. 🙂

  5. thanks for the tip. looks lush… will try it out this wkd… maybe run 10km, 3X this week before we go.. lol

  6. ooh ! RM38++ is a real bargain for an eater like u BRO. . . .lolz

  7. Mama BoK

    Now .. if only i love meat as much.. 😉

  8. You forgot to mention the time for this promotion…

    ** Only available at 6:30pm until 10:30pm.

    p/s: I wanna go again… *slurps* 😉

  9. Mei,
    Hahahha, why have to run so far…

    I don’t eat that much la..

    Mama Bok,
    You can always try!

    You want to eat full 4 hours this time is it? 😀

  10. i’m sooo officially scouting your blog for gluttony trips with my bf. 😛

    this looks great man!!!!1

    but not fair that all good food is in PJ, damn! T.T

  11. yahui,
    I’m sure there are good food everywhere, just waiting to be discovered 😀

  12. KY, I’ve passed two tickets to your friend already. She gave me a 2GB thumb drive.That’s very nice of her.

  13. wahhh you look so ganas attacking the teriyaki stick

  14. sheryl,
    looks like a symbiosis! 😀

    Hahaha, very best maaa 😀

  15. Hey, when you go for the next round call me too, I also want the endless skewers.

  16. Simon Seow,
    But not very good for the diet… 😛

  17. Crystal Crown Hotel? I only know the one in Kepong, bcos ever stay over nite there.

  18. jong79,
    I didn’t know there’s on at Kepong. :S

  19. Ya, the Kepong Crystal Crown quite new, less than 2 year old. I stayed in the one in JB before.

  20. ky is it halaal

  21. Simon Seow,
    oOo I see.

    Yes, as far as I know it is halal. 🙂

  22. Wei, they are having buffet for RM 48++ until 30th of Sept

  23. Simon Seow,
    Thanks. 🙂

  24. Would like to share my two cents worth on Sango Japanese Restaurant at Crystal Crown Hotel, PJ; which I’ve came across reading reviews from food blogs and which had also appeared on TheSun newspaper lately. They are running the Friday & weekends buffets and buffets normally require reservation in advanced which is widely understood. Since the food reviews had mostly been positive, I called to make a reservation for Saturday lunch and mind you, the person whom answered my call confirmed the reservation and even asked me if I preferred smoking or nonsmoking seat – so far so good.

    Disaster strikes when my husband and I turned up at Sango – a tall, Chinese waiter said he couldn’t find my name on their reservation list – there are only TWO names on their reservation list for Saturday’s lunch and they can’t make way for another table for two persons because their reservation for the day is full (yes – you read it correctly, two names on the list and it’s full booking for the day; those two whom are on their list must have reserved for the whole village to eat). What amazed me is the attitude of the waiter, he checked his reservation list and when he couldn’t find my name on the list, he just disappeared back into the restaurant, leaving us standing on the front desk, it’s only when we kept standing at the counter that he actually ask when we called for reservation, etc. but still he insist that no name on the reservation list and sounded as though that it’s my fault for turning up without a reservation. I even showed him the restaurant’s phone number which is still on my mobile’s dial list – did I speak to a ghost who confirmed my reservation a few days ago? Didn’t the waiter realize that I’m actually paying for the food? Rather, he acted as though I’m begging for food instead and what about the hassle and time spent to traveling to the restaurant? For goodness sake, do show some courtesy or at least pretend to feel sorry wouldn’t hurt. The dumb waiter even went back into the restaurant and told his colleagues in Cantonese – “customers say they had reserved but name not on reservation list” – what kind of attitude is this? The most annoying part is that he made it looked that as though I’m trying to fake the reservation rather than the restaurant might have made a mistake and misplaced my reservation. Don’t I have better things to do on a Saturday afternoon than trying to fake a reservation? Besides, it’s not like they are the only Japanese restaurant in town!

    After the brief commotion with the waiter, the Japanese chef turned up and offered us a table; at least he had the courtesy to say sorry. In any case, I was already immensely disappointed and lost my appetite; my whole Saturday afternoon ended up in total disaster.

    We left without eating at Sango and offered the same two cents worth to the hotel management. The staff apologized and even tried to find out who took my call on 24 March 2010, precisely at 1:28pm but to no avail and according to the staff, since the restaurant is not directly under the hotel management, there’s nothing much that could be done.

    Hence, to those who are planning to dine at Sango, do think twice, besides there are plenty of restaurants that offer good Japanese food in KL. I for one will definitely opt for others in the future – sometimes it’s not just the food, customer service counts too to make up for a pleasant dining experience.

  25. DON,
    the service industry in Malaysia has a long long way to go..

  26. lai choon hwa

  27. lai choon hwa,

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