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A couple weeks ago three of us went to the much blogged Indonesian food outlet Waroeng Penyet at the Curve. For those who can’t read the Indonesian (or Malay) language, waroeng (or warong) is a traditional hut, while penyet translates to flattened. So I guess you can call it a flattened hut though the place doesn’t look exactly like a hut nor is it flattened.

Waroeng Penyet, the Curve
no frill fast food outlet setting

As their logo suggests, the signature dish at this outlet would be the ayam penyet (flattened chicken). We ordered 2 servings of that, a bawal bakar (black pomphret), udang penyet (flattened prawn), pete udang belado (prawn with petai), and a sayur asem (vegetable soup). Of course, we were not able to deny the temptation of the curious soda gembira (happy soda).

Just like Carl’s Jr., you get a number after you order, and the food is served to the table fresh and steaming.

Waroeng Penyet, the Curve
how do you like the soda gembira?

The chicken were absolutely stunning. Crispy on the outside and still juicy on the inside. The sambal was very flavorful, with the taste of fresh chili and a slight tangy sensation, it compliments all sorts of meat nicely. The prawn and pomphret were equally good as well. The soup though, it something I wouldn’t order again, it was a bit weird to me with the slightly sourly taste that is everything wrong between tomyam and chicken soup. I guess it might be an acquired taste… but perhaps not for me.

These dishes were served with rice, so you do get a proper traditional meal in a modern setting.

Waroeng Penyet, the Curve
flavorful, spicy, and absolutely delicious

If I remember correctly, each dishes were priced just under RM 10. The excellent sambal (3 types actually) can be refilled at will, and I will definitely go there again. Give it a try if you are one of those who love spicy flavorful food!

Waroeng Penyet is situated on the first floor near the bridge connecting Ikano Power Center to the Curve.

First Floor, Lot 1.32
The Curve
Mutiara Damansara
Petaling Jaya

GPS: 3.157699, 101.611540
Tel: 017-200 3988

Discuss : KY eats – Indonesian Food at Waroeng Penyet at the Curve

  1. i passed by there and observed the menu, in the end didn’t step it coz the food looked like they were going to sabo my diet badly. maybe i should just screw my diet and go ahead? hehe

  2. xin,
    Diet? what is diet? Just do it! 😀

  3. Did you feel happy after drinking that soda gembira? :p

  4. Indonesian food reminds me of babi guling Ibu Oka at Ubud, Bali. Maybe i can try this to cure my craving!:p

  5. I tried one of their penyet dish the last time I was in KL… namely the beef (I forgot the “official” name). Delicious, hot and I loved it!

    However, I was not too pleased with their avocado drink (bokat or something similar sounding). It tasted nice and chocolatey. However, the bitter aftertaste sticks in your throat.

  6. slurp. certainly gonna try this the next time i go to curve…

  7. Oh hey, I went to this place before! 😀
    Yummy, I also doubly prefer the signature dish, (like a unique kind of chicken chop). Now you made me miss it. Maybe I’ll lunch there this weekend. 😀

  8. twosuperheroes,
    Sure do! hahaha 😀

    Wahhh, I would love to try that babi guling!

    Ah, maybe I’ll try the beef next time around.

    Do it! 🙂

    Go! 😀

  9. Oh oh oh my ayam penyik! I love this place, what makes the food taste like heaven, . . . let me introduce . . . the sambal! oh makes the food so tasty, so original! compare to KFC chilli sauce which happens to be too sweet for my liking!

  10. so much petai in dat dish!!! i like… sighhh hvnt step in yet cos dun think they have non-spicy stuff for kid

  11. adryazad

    Hey KY, i don’t know why it took me so long to figure it out.. but i think “petai udang belado” is petai udang berlada.. lada meaning chilli.. i think la.. but i could be wrong.. jom lets go there again, i miss the crispy stuff on the chicken.. heh

  12. Big Boys Oven,
    Yeah, the sauce (sambal) is nice!

    Kids can always eat donuts. lol

    Yes, eat eat eat.

  13. the petai prawn looked delicious…

  14. surfnux,
    Yeah if you love petai like me, but the penyet prawn was actually even better!

  15. dude… ayam penyet.. there’s one restaurant in tmn dagang ampang (wong solo) which offers the same dish – just went there 2 weeks ago – it was yummy – a tad on the spicy side for my kids who tagged along – so ordered the normal ayam goreng for them

    i’ll have to try out the waroeng penyet version to make comparison

  16. panhandler

    But the portion was sooooooo small. I had the signature dish: the ayam penyet; the chicken piece was so tiny, it looks more like a baby chicken. 🙁 was so disappointed. Dun think i’ll ever go in again.

  17. Try the other restaurant ayam penyet from indonesia… which i prefer more than warung penyet. The restoran name is “Wong Solo” near ampang there… :p
    Got nice sambal oso…at least for me lor..

  18. panhandler,
    Smaller, yah, but I think the taste’s pretty good. 🙂

    Ah, Ampang, but where at Ampang exactly?

  19. kl_fatguy

    I think your blog is quite interested and I also want to salute you because you dare to take the 2C from us ( Compliment and Complain ).I think mosts of your food intro is quite nice and some so so bxx,ahahha but really salute you again bec. you will take time to read our comment and reply us,sometimes.

    Actually I went to Waroeng Penyet on last friday nite after read your blog again.After dissapointment on Soo Kee chicken rice and try this Waroeng Penyet which is totally 360 degree opposite.

    One word to descripe this Rest. foods is “ng chor woh” means good.Totally unexpected because I thought another dissapoinment but the taste is quite nice.

    I have order the ikan bakar,think bec of some herbs been added and bakar with some special sauce,the taste really make me high high abit,ahaha.I think the chicken penyet is quite nice,crispy at outside and juicy in inside,yeah this is what you tell us.I also order for the kankung and the taste not bad at all and one special information,if u all unable to take spicy,pls don’t order.So so spicy neh…For the soup,the taste is abit weird lar but still not bad,maybe some of us not use to it bec of the weird taste but overall is Nice.I will give 6 stars out of 10.The 4 points is bec of the portion is quite small and also so so expensive neh…

    Surely will go another times to try other dishes overthere…

  20. kl_fatguy,
    Thanks thanks. Surely everyone is not perfect and I welcome C&C. 😉

  21. dude, the soup is nice laa… thats why its called ‘ sayur asem’! meaning sour veg soup…

    and yes, avocado juice does have a bitter after-taste! big deal! coz its nice!

  22. KY, the Indo restaurant one in Ampang called ‘ Wong Solo’ is recommended. the exact location is simple. Do you know where Galaxie Ampang is?

    Just follow Jalan Ampang ( from town heading back to Ampang ) all the way until you pass Ampang Point. After the traffic light you keep on going but just stick to your right until you see the Shell petrol station. Then you turn right ( its a traffic light anyways) and you follow the road & you turn right again. Then when you see a mall on your left & Balai Polis Ampang on your right you just follow the road a bit then find a parking to your left at the shop houses next to the mall.

    The restaurant Wong Solo is situated there. Happy finding & eating!

  23. Adam,
    Ooo, interesting. Thanks for the direction. That sounds like it is quite close to the Ampang Yong Tau Foo place. 🙂

  24. so have you been there yet? just want to correct a mistake with the direction on how to get there.

    instead of the 2nd traffic light I mentioned after you passed by Ampang Point ( when you’re coming from Jln Ampang ) its actually the 1st traffic light ok? then you turn right.. and turn right again when you see the Ampang Police Station. from there you just go straight then you see a row of shoplots to your left. its there.

  25. Adam,
    I haven’t got the chance to go there yet. 🙂

  26. gasoline

    this was not too exciting for me. soup was terrible i agree. tasted weird. maybe indon diff taste bud? fried chic and grill fish were not as good as malay ones my oppinion.

  27. gasoline

    ops one good thing was the bandung soda!

  28. gasoline,
    Yah soda gembira! 😀
    I do like their chicken though.

  29. […] of my favorite restaurants at the Curve is Waroeng Penyet that serves the pretty unique ayam penyet (flattened fried chicken) that was completely new to me […]

  30. how to get the waroeng penyet branch?

  31. ziela,
    I guess it’s best to talk to them. :/

  32. ayam penyet emang enak tapi disini karyawannya kurang senyum dan kurang ranmah melayani pelanggan..

  33. masakan indo emang bener uenakkkkk karna banyak yang suka dan senang tapi harap managernya mengontrol karyawan yang menjaga di waroeng penyet the curve karna semua karyawan sana kurang senyum, kurang sopan santun dalam melayani pelanggan yang datang dan masih menunggu, malahan pelanggan banyak dicuekin, mungkin mereka memandang suku yang datang makan. harap di kontrol lebih bagus seupaya pelanggan yang belon mendapet tempat duduk harap karyawannya bisa ramah dan mengatur tempat duduk ato antrian yang ada… mohon perhatian dan pengertiannya, trim’s…

  34. ssn,
    Very good feedbacks, thanks. 🙂

  35. Ayam Penyet AP at Sunway Mentari, PJ | Ayam Penyet AP

    […] of my favorite restaurants at the Curve is Waroeng Penyet that serves the pretty unique ayam penyet (flattened fried chicken) that was completely new to me […]

  36. Ayam penyet taste really good!

  37. […] of my favorite restaurants at the Curve is Waroeng Penyet that serves the pretty unique ayam penyet (flattened fried chicken) that was completely new to me […]

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