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Every 4-5 years, we, Malaysians, will get to decide where the country is heading for the next term.

I am ashame to say that although I am a qualified voter since 2 terms ago, this is only the first time I am going to cast my ballot. I have SK to thank for bringing me to the Postal office for registration last September.

I was in the States and thus not able to vote on the 10th General Election. 4 years ago, there was the feel good factor, coupled with my laziness to register as a voter that prevented me from doing my part in this country. This year, I am doing it, and my vote will count.

I have slowly realized that the voting is not only a right, but a responsibility. A responsibility we shall honor for the sake of our countrymen and our motherland. Like it or not, I am born in this country and this is my home, I have a responsibility for her well being. I need to do my bit.

There are a few categories of people whom aren’t going to vote for one reasons or another. Some are too lazy, some don’t care, and some scared of the repercussions they might get if they vote against the power that be. Whatever your reason is, I respect your decision, but I might not be in agreement with you. It is sad to see people succumbed to the class bully, the scare tactic should not be effective in a democracy.

To those who will be voting, let our voice be heard.

Whoever you are going to vote for, vote wisely, vote for someone whom you think can give you a voice, can represent you, and can help move our country back to the right direction for I am saddened to see that she is veering a little off course now.

I will be very anxious this weekend.

remember remember, 8th of March
ballots, flyers, but no ink
to the casting stations let us rush
and let the real representative wins..

Discuss : The Power is in Your Hand this Saturday

  1. There is a magic in the air. An air of patriotism amongst the ordinary rakyat that they need to give their vote. Glad to hear that you are one of them!

    Hail democracy!

  2. Yes! Yes! Let us all vote (Am actually clouding my conscience here). hahaha!!!…do have a safe trip back to Penang, if you voting there.

  3. Remember the Dutch story about the boy who stuck his finger into the dikes that hold back the sea to save an entire nation from flooding? Sure, this is a legend but like the boy, you can do your small part to save the nation as well. This time around, almost everyone I know is fired up to do his/her part to make the change (even from within oneself to make the effort to fulfill his/her social responsibility).

  4. kimberlycun

    cool, i hope the voters get what they want too.

  5. Have a safe trip back. Hope the road back to Ipoh isn’t too clogged up 🙂

  6. For me I mean. Hope the road to Penang is clear as well…

  7. Reta,

    Very true, we can certainly feel it.

    I’ll be voting at PJ. 🙂

    Yeah, we have to put in our bits.

    Every vote that is casted counts.

    I’ll be voting at PJ. 🙂

  8. icic…so your are a full fledge resident of PJ….

  9. JL,
    Yes yes. 😀

  10. You traitor! You jump ship! LOL. Next time go Rembau lah!

  11. lilian,
    Too late to change, damn it. I’m on PJ Utara hoping to feast on meehun goreng

  12. Have another plate of fried meehoon on my behalf 😉

  13. hi ky, well said…. let’s hope the turnout of voters will be good

  14. pablopabla,
    I hope so I hope so. 😀

  15. I’m proud of you, KY!

  16. Let’s vote. Will be at the (P117 – Segambut) voting station in another one an a half hour after working the night shift.

  17. SK,
    Hahaha, just doing my part, no need to thank.

    Simon Seow,
    Good luck!

  18. Good luck to everyone. Its 8.30 in the morning. Time to go.

  19. JL,
    I went already. Casted my vote before 9 😀

  20. I voted too. Early this morning. Strangely, my former school which was the polling center looks eerily similar to the one in your pictures.

  21. david,
    Ohh, I don’t know which one is your former school. o.O

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