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Like all the other eager bloggers, I too want to go to the Nuffnang pajama party, so here is my blog post to get an entry to the party. Lots and lots of Chipsters to help me sleep better. In fact, the Chipsters helped Kelvin, Dree, and Rachel sleep better too!

lots of Chipster
all these boxes of Chipsters, with Kelvin the camera man and Dree helping too

I started out by making 3 trips to the local hypermarkets to get all these Chipsters. After futsal at around 11pm, the actual work of trying to fit all these into a single picture frame begun. We tried several methods, finally figured that putting the Chipsters on a string to hang on the wall would be the fastest approach.

lots of Chipster
the girl is my house mate Rachel, Dree was the sticker man

More than 2 hours later, everything was done, and Kelvin took this photo of me with all these Chipsters. The whole exercise was more strenuous than playing futsal, and really made all of us sleep much better at night. I better win, since I’ve already reserved that left side of the sofa to put the Macbook!

lots of Chipster
I was so tired after arranging all these Chipsters!

Other picture sizes: Medium (700kb), Large (3mb)

Photos taken on Thursday night (Friday morning)

Discuss : How I sleep better with all these Chipsters

  1. pinksterz

    HOLY CHIPS! @_____________@

  2. W A H L A O E H H H H …. If you dont win, then they are either plain mean or stupid.

  3. davidlian

    Wah…I’m impressed. Okaylah, since you spent so much on Chipsters, I hope you actually win the darn Macbook. Hopefully both of us can win something eh?


  5. Duuuuuude!

    Now I know what’s going to be served at the Xmas Eve Party this year – apart from halal cured meat.


    just as crazy as your chap goh mei post..the one where you rowed your koi tank out into the lake… mad mad mad mad mad

  7. Sigh. I thought I had enough. Now I wasted RM400 plus. 🙁 You’re right in front of me in Starbucks now..sigh.

    Congrats in advance man.

  8. Chips, they are everywhere!!!!

  9. pegsywegsy

    you are MADDDD!!!!
    now its a race among bloggers with the most packs of chipster in a post!!! wtf!

  10. Wow, impressive. Although I might be anal about this, but I thought the topic was “I sleep better with Chipster”, not “How I sleep better with Chipster”, or “I’m going to sleep well after all this hard work”.

    I’m feeling the munchies now. *wanders off to get chips*

    chipster ftw lol

  11. Trying to corner the market to prevent others from finding Chipster bags to pose with?!?!


  12. pinksterz,

    I sure hope I win!

    Thanks thanks.

    Boss Stewie,

    Giant Sotong,
    Best kan? 😀

    Sometimes we have to do some crazy stuff. 😛

    Ops, why never come and say hi?


    Keeping my fingers crossed.

    Don’t ler anal. 😀

    Hahaha, I don’t have the financial power to do that. 😛

  13. Holy Shyt!

    The nuffnang team is sure gonna go KAPUT when they see this post in their email on Monday morning.

    Great Job there!

  14. OMG! How many packets of chipsters did you buy man?!

  15. And the winner of the ultimate crazy cow of the year goes to

    *drum rolls*

    ME, for definitely thinking that you will win for sure with all the frigging loads of Chipsters OMG!!!!!

    I sure hope that you will not suffer from eating all those bag of chipsters! haha

  16. How can? How come?

  17. omgwtfbbq boonage!

  18. 🙁




  19. arlo dude..why u didn’t follow my advice and go for 500 packs? *pats on back*

  20. Hey I think yours more la?

  21. Chris,
    Looks like winner might not be me.

    There’s someone else I think.

    Got other ppl ma.

    Oh well..

    Hahaha, no money for 500 packs.

    I doubt it.. we’ll see. 🙂

  22. OMG… i sacrifice lot for the Pajama Party~~
    But you sacrifice more than mine… Really madness. But it is absolutely sure u going to the Pajama Party!! Good work!! KY. Gambateh!

  23. Mine only 215 weiii

  24. Akira,
    I think got other ppl with more.

    I’m 300+ a bit

  25. Wah liao. If the Mac is not yours, then I don’t know who can beat you at this.

  26. So, now you’ll eat Chipster breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper?

  27. Simon Seow,
    I think there’s one person who has slightly more.

  28. kimberlycun

    pictures just don’t do justice to this chipster shrine!

  29. yipguseng

    still got somebody more than u?:O

    completely owned by u and the guy who had slightly more which u said above T_T

    damn i hope u get the quirkiest then he got the best PJ and i maybe got chance to get the mac ;;)

  30. omg

    now I know what those strange noises are that come out of your house in the middle of the night ;p

  31. kimberlycun,


    Hahaha, we shall see.

    I hope I didn’t keep you awake. :/

  32. Wah, you freaking hardcore la wei. Haha. Hope you win. =p

  33. nah, you didn’t.

    just kidding you.

    hope you win!

  34. Wow…*ahem* So KY, going home with the Macbook already heh. Remember to prepare your winning speech ar. Congrats man! haha.. :p

  35. KY I feel for you =(

    Anyways sell to me I want to eat

  36. pamsong,
    Hahaha, thanks, but I think I’m not.

    hehehe. Okay okay.

    I doubt it, we shall see. 🙂

    How many do you wanna buy? 😛

  37. wow..damn..You the man!

  38. falcon,
    Thanks. 😀

  39. aww. you stole my fren’s mac ;X oh wells. gd job anw ;P omfg chips on the wall too @.@

  40. wahahaha! good job yo~! i am thoroughly amazed by the insane number of packets and the idea to hang them all tgt!

    *pats on the back*

  41. WHO got more??! Boonage oso less than you. Arghhh

  42. nik,
    I think I am not the one who stole the mac. lol.

    Hahaha, but I am not at the top!

    Soon you will know, soon. 😀

  43. ok. now, whoever wants to win that macbook, just count how many Chipster packs KY has in that last picture, then go out and buy that same amount PLUS ONE MORE PACK, and then take a picture with YOUR pile. haha.

  44. good idea there eyeris, but isn’t the contest closed already? Don’t want to mislead ppl into spending money on countless packs of Chipster for nothing.

  45. eyeris,
    Hahha before closing I think someone already had more. 🙂

    Hahha, true true.

  46. adryazad

    its’ sad that you didn’t add more to your chipster count. oh my hard earned effort! oh..

    and dooood….. give me back my chin lar… UR PICTURE MAKES ME LOOK LIKE I HAVE NO CHIN

  47. adryazad,
    I didn’t add more is due to principle laa.., chill. 😀

  48. omg… that’s a lot of chipsters.
    Hope you win =D

  49. shit. did u spend almost 1K on this or you got them half-sponsored because you are THE

  50. Bee Nee,
    Thanks but it might be too late already. hahaha

    No laa less than that. No sponsorship ok.

  51. i tabik u lah ky. though i can afford to buy those chipsters but dont think can put up those efforts like what u have done…..

  52. johnny ong,
    I have good friends who helped. 😀

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  54. Dabido (Has own Hockey Stick)

    Hi Dree, Hi Rachel!

    Hey Rachel, tell me if you need to be picked up New Years Night this year! 🙂

    Wow! KY! Why a second entry when the LOTChipsters entry was so good????

  55. All the best! I got my inspiration from you!

  56. orh? i was told so ;X

  57. Dabido,
    Becoming a forum? 2nd entry is for another category 😀

    Thanks thanks!~ 😀

    What to do..

  58. adryazad

    😀 dabidoooo.. when coming down again….~~!!@!

  59. I saw edi..dudeeee..we have some crazy ppl here in malaysia, man.

  60. WOW! *speechless*

  61. Dabido (Has own Hockey Stick)

    Dree – no holidays till next year. I might try to make it for New Years Night again! 🙂

    [Yes, Rachel. Be afraid! Be very afraid … of being lifted up in public again. Okay, not that scarey lah!] 🙂

  62. adryazad,
    You miss him heh?

    No kidding!


    OooO sounds scary! 😀

  63. O_O
    oh man..

    All the best in winning eh!

  64. thirteen,
    Thanks thanks hopefully there’s still something. 😀

  65. He got 400 plus weiiii don’t play play

  66. Avril,
    I think something like that, it’s ridiculous. lol

  67. Yeah he told me 🙁 Why no 2nd 3rd 4th prize wan..*whine*

  68. Avril,
    True also, a bit too big a gamble lor that way. Nvm you can always eat the Chipsters 😛

  69. what you guys intend to do with your chipsters?

  70. seraphangel,
    I’m going to donate to orphanages. 🙂

  71. Eat until breakout kao kao edi lor. Everytime I see a pic of a pack, I open one of mine. SIGH.

  72. KY -I’m donating too. To a foundation so that they can spread it among the orphanages or sell them to raise funds.

  73. Avril,
    Great, lets convince others to do the same. 😀

  74. cindyluv

    u crazy person!! =P
    hoping to see u at the pj party! please don’t run away when i wanna take a picture with u. =P

  75. cindyluv,
    See you there! 😀

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