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Instead of being indulged in buying plenty of new cloths, shoes, and *ahem, handbags to greet Chinese New Year, I have decided to get myself something that lasts a bit longer: my very first automatic watch, the Seiko SKX781, affectionately dubbed the Orange Monster.

For the uninitiated, automatic watches do not run on battery. Instead, they harness the kinetic energy from the wearer’s movements to wind a spring that powers the watch. There is no battery and no electronic parts, this thing will practically survive a nuclear war. To some, only an automatic is considered a real watch, others are electronic gadgets that keeps time.

Seiko Orange Monster Wine Tasting
wine tasting session

I’ve always dread changing watch batteries (I have 3 watches that needs new battery as of now), the previous watch I bought was the beautiful and more civilized Citizen Nighthawk with Eco-Drive, a solar-powered contraption that still needs a battery that never needs to be changed. From full power, the Orange Monster will lasts about 42 hours without wearing before it stops, the Citizen, on the other hand, have a 6 month power reserve.

Seiko Orange Monster in the wild
Orange Monster spotted in the wild

The Orange Monster is a dive watch and thus rated at 200M water resistance. It has beautiful bezel that clicks in a very sure and purposeful way to the counter clockwise direction. The screw-on crown is positioned at 4 o’clock to minimize hindrance to wrist movement especially while diving. I got the watch with bracelet instead of rubber strap as it matches the watch very well with the half matte and half polished finishing. The bracelet even has a quick extension for wearing over wet suit.

Industrialised Orange Monster
Industrialized Monster

One of the most important thing about a dive watch is it’s visibility underwater. Doxa was the company that did a research and found that an orange dial serves best in this condition, and this watch uses the bright orange dial for the same purpose. The Orange Monster also spots one of the brightest lume of anything that I came across. It simply screams at you in darkness.

Seiko Orange Monster lume
Orange Monster’s beautiful and very bright lume

For those who are interested, there is a very lengthy and excellent review on the movement of this watch at thePurists where this watch is dissembled and every minute detail explained. The 7s26 movement used in this watch includes day and date function that comes handy for people like me who sometimes tend to forget what day it is. The second hand moves at about 4 beats per second, I like the smoothness of an automatic over the 1 jump per second for digital watches when it comes to the motion.

The Orange Monster is a lot of watch for the price, a great value and certainly something I will keep for many years to come. It’s my first “Real” watch after all. 😀

My flickr Orange Monster set has a few more pictures on this baby.

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  1. i thought it’s gonna be a post to make me hungry.. but ur chicken below looks really yummy. i hate u for making me hungry ky.

  2. kimberlycun

    very nice watch! love the pictures, but if there’s no reflection of some cloths dangling off a window on the 1st one it would be better!

  3. Cool…i have one too..recommended by lanatir.. they have yellow monsters now ?

  4. yo bro.. so nice the watch.. ( -_- )

    how much the exact amount? who knows I can afford that 😀 ..

  5. wow…very nice..

  6. yeah pokemon… i remember u have the OM too.

    click one minute off the bezel… hahahahahaha…

  7. wah now u collecting watch is it?

  8. wenqi,
    But you can have siu yoke in KL!

    Yeah, I only noticed that after uploaded to PC, will fix that next time. 😀

    Yeah, but very limited, with cyclops. I still prefer the Orange tho.

    superhero W,
    It should be around 600 with bracelet, of slightly less with rubber strap.

    Thanks! 😀

    Don’t click!

    No la, have to have different types for different dress ma 😛

  9. eh u need to take a photo of the OM swimming in your washing machine

  10. Kelvin,
    Can I borrow you Omega for that shot? Need European brand as my washing machine also from the same continent. 😀

  11. ehh… nice watch there…

    I’m also looking at this seiko chronograph, would probably get it soon when the shop down at my work place get it from the supplier…

    any comment on this one??

  12. dreckker,
    Though personally I favor kinetic or automatic, that chrono looks wicked. 😀

  13. Welcome to the 7s26 club !!! Was wondering what took you so long.
    Next I want to see you with a ETA 2892 or 3135.

  14. there are some really nice german made automatics and hand-wound watches….which can rival these japanese made (in terms of quality and price)……and they’re more unique also.

    i have to disagree with your comment “…this thing will practically survive a nuclear war. To some, only an automatic is considered a real watch, others are electronic gadgets that keeps time.”

    these are delicate machines which requires delicate care……so might be that tough-built.

    Nowadays automatics are more of men’s accessories…think men’s jewellery. Quartz are more accurate with keeping time.

  15. kaikong,
    Don’t be nuts, it’ll probably take a 6R15 before moving up to that sort of stuff.

    I agree that quartz are more accurate. The comment about nuclear war is the unavailability of batteries. 😛
    German watches are really of good value (such as Sinn), but I am more attracted to automatics than hand-wound watches at the moment.

  16. should buy orange monster paint for MR2

  17. Nice watch! At 600 I believe it’s well worth the money spent 🙂

  18. the watch taukeh just called and say the seiko chrono has arrived…. will probably go get it next week… 😛

  19. I bought the watch already. liked it so much larr…

    I was actually choosing between that and the Tissot PRC 200 (the black dial one), and eventually I got the Seiko.

  20. myhorng,
    NO $$$$ okk…

    Yeah, definitely! 😀

    Nice purchase!

  21. Dude!
    Am buying a new watch for my man. thinking of a seiko?

    whats the name of the shop in Pertama complex ar?

  22. zaza,
    Pusat Jam Pertama is the one I go. 🙂

  23. […] right? Now my trusted Orange Monster and Nighthawk will be getting a little less wrist time to make way for the Riseman Tags: […]

  24. Brian J. McClure

    This armored diving piece is awesome. Seiko’s craftmanship is so admirable, they can offer us high-quality watches at affordable prices. Their dive watches are all ISO-certified

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